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Welcome to the Wave Patrol walkthroughs.

This page features the walkthroughs for Season 2. Click here if you are looking for walkthroughs for other seasons.

This book is complete.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is an episode-by-episode guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the plot. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most choices you make for the Main Character in this book influence the following variables: you can follow the path of Daring ⚔️ or the path of the Caution ✋ which in turn increase your Reputation score 👑. These choices change the story, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthroughs.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS: Depending on your choices, this season might contain a scene with a murder.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.

Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in these walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.

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In this season you will need:

18 Reputation 👑 points
for Episode 1
28 Caution ✋ points
or 28 Daring ⚔️ points
for Episode 7

S2, Ep 1: No Rest for the Wicked

Something's off again in Miami.

Note: Season 2 features a hidden stress level system. Depending on your choices you can either gain or loose a reputation point in Ep. 4. Your stress level might be reduced by resting, taking intimate scenes with your Love Interest and being honest about difficulties when talking to Jake and Kayla.

Choice: "The job was..."

  • Interesting. (You liked being a lifeguard.)
  • Boring. (You did not like being a lifeguard.) (Note: This choice will give you the opportunity to gain an extra Reputation point later.)

Choice: I think...

  • We'll kick their butts!
  • We can play.

Choice: "I hope I can remember how it's done."

  • (Play aggressively.) (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • (Play carefully.) (+1 Caution ✋)

If you are in a relationship with Jake at the end of Season 1, you get the following choices:

Jake Route Choice: Hmm...

  • (Share.)
  • (Eat it by yourself.)

Jake Route Choice: Okay.

  • I'll walk you to it. (💎18) (Your relationship with Jake grew more intimate.)
  • Be seeing you.

Jake Gem Choice: I'm worried about...

  • The future.
  • The haste.

Jake Gem Choice: We'll see...

  • Explore his torso.
  • Explore the bottom part of his body.

If you are not in a relationship with Jake, you speak with Kayla:

Choice: Oh, Kayla...

  • (Say nothing.) (You could not bring yourself to tell Kayla the truth. Your relationship hasn't deteriorated... Yet.)
  • (Tell her.) (Kayla did not appreciate the truth. Your relationship worsened.) (Next choice)

Choice: "Will she feel better if I tell her?"

  • (Wave it off.)
  • (Answer seriously.)

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Bold plaid (💎18)
  • Bright accent (💎33)
  • Pure black

Choice: Choose your makeup

  • Graphic eye lines (💎11)
  • Expressive lips (💎18)
  • Pastel tones

Choice: Wait. What makes you think...

  • He's here?
  • It's a man?

Choice: "What do I ask about?"

  • (Visionaire.)
  • (Darknet.)

Choice: "Could he need a partner?"

  • (Impress George with your story.) (Requires 18 Reputation 👑) (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • (Let Michael tell it.)

If you didn't tell Kayla about Alek, she calls you.

Choice: "How do I say this."

  • (Calm Kayla down.)
  • (Interrupt her.)

Choice: "I should probably call her."

  • (Call Shelly.)
  • (Sleep.)

Choice: "The best way to do it would be..."

  • Print some posters.
  • Call hospitals.
  • Report to the police.

S2, Ep 2: Another Clue

Innocence is the best alibi.

Choice: I'd like...

  • To see the pictures. (💎23) (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • To go through the general data.

Gem Choice: I understand.

  • What's his modus operandi?
  • How many bodies were found?

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Bando (💎23)
  • Monokini (💎26)
  • Mayo

Jake Route Choice: I am...

  • Totally fine. (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • Not okay. (+1 Caution ✋)
  • Unsure.

Choice: I haven't seen them in a while.

  • How are they?
  • Do they know about me?

If you have made the right choices on the Kayla route, she will go with you to talk to the Angelenos and you get the prompt (You have a warm relationship with Kayla.)

Choice: "What now?"

  • (Knock.) (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • (Look around.) (+1 Caution ✋)

Choice: "Carl's staying on the beach..."

  • (Talk to Carl.) (💎26)
  • (Catch some waves.) (+1 Reputation 👑)

Gem Choice: "Where do I start?"

  • (Surfing.) (+2 Reputation 👑)
  • (Photography.) (+2 Reputation 👑)

Choice: "I should..."

  • Defuse the tension.
  • Learn about yesterday.

S2, Ep 3: Pineapples in Champagne

Sometimes you have to use the time-honored methods.

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Tasseled dress (💎20)
  • Sequin dress (💎30)
  • Animal print dress (Jake says this dress reminds him of one his mother had.)

Choice: Choose a hairstyle

  • Gathered hair (💎10)
  • Soft waves (💎20)
  • Ponytails

If you are not dating Jake, you get the following choice.

Choice: "Question is, how do I get to them?"

  • (Find the office on your own.) (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • (Ask an employee.) (+1 Caution ✋)

Jake Route Choice: Can you...

  • Get me the tapes?
  • Introduce me to the manager?

Jake Route Choice: "Hmmm..."

  • (Accept.) (💎30) (Jake's affection for you grows.)
  • (Insist that the case is more important)

Choice: "So insistent."

  • (Shoot him down.)
  • (Decline politely.)

Choice: I...

  • Wouldn't mind some help. (+1 Caution ✋) (Next choice)
  • Can deal with this on my own. (+1 Daring ⚔️) (Skip next two choices)

Choice: "But I will lose time then. On the other hand, I'm not of much use right now."

  • (Give into temptation.) (Next choice)
  • (Keep working.) (Skip next choice)

Choice: I think it's...

  • A good idea. (💎30) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)
  • A bad idea. (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

Choice: "Where am I most likely to see Shelly?"

  • (Restroom corridor.)
  • (Dance floor.)
  • (Club entrance.) (+1 Reputation 👑)

Choice: I'd bet on...

  • Los Angeles visitors.
  • A local photographer.
  • The stranger Shelly left with.

Choice: I...

  • Want to know more about serial killers. (💎10)
  • Need some rest.

S2, Ep 4: Dead Ends

All the doors are locked, and you don't have a key.

Choice: Choose makeup.

  • Minimalistic (💎9)
  • Golden glow (💎21)
  • Nice and clean

Choice: Choose a hairstyle.

  • Pastel bob (💎9)
  • Ginger frizz (💎21)
  • Balayage

Choice: "Hm. He's..."

  • Cute. (You accepted Charles' offer.)
  • Annoying.

Stress level check:

If your stress level is low, you will be calm and focused during the interrogation.

If your stress level is high, you will think about Shelly and feel something tighten in your chest.

Choice: "Why doesn't he want to talk? What is he hiding?"

  • (Intervene.) (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • (Hold back.) (+1 Caution ✋)

Choice: "Hm..." (Note: There are are different ways to conduct the interrogation successfully. Choosing the last option first will end the conversation immediately. It is recommended to ask the questions in the following order.)

  • Was this your first time meeting her? 1️⃣
    • (Press him.) 2️⃣
    • (Return to other questions.) 2️⃣
  • What did she do after you ended the conversation? 3️⃣
    • Can you describe the car? 4️⃣
    • Have you noticed anything unusual?
  • What did you do after you spoke with Shelly? 5️⃣

If you choose the right order: (+1 Reputation 👑)

Choice: "I'm not sure myself."

  • Absolutely. (Note: This choice might help if your stress level is low and you were focused during the interrogation.)
  • Definitely not. (Note: This choice might help if your stress level is high and you thought about Shelly during the interrogation.)

Choice: I...

  • Would like that. (💎21) (You have a very close relationship with Kayla.) or (You are good friends with Kayla.)
  • Should get some sleep.

Kayla Gem Choice: "How do I really feel?"

  • (Accept Kayla's feelings.) (You accepted Kayla's feelings.) (Next choice)
  • (Softly refuse.) (You refused Kayla's feelings.) (Skip next choice)

Kayla Gem Choice: Hmmm...

  • (Tease Kayla.)
  • (Enjoy the view.)

Kayla Gem Choice: Hey, listen... (only if you are good friends with Kayla)

  • Why the lighthouse?
  • How are the Sharks?

Stress level check:

If your stress level is low and you conducted the interrogation successfully, you will stay calm while talking to George. (+1 Reputation 👑) (Your relationship with George improved.)

If your stress level is high or if you failed at the interrogation, you will burst into tears while talking to George. (-1 Reputation 👑) (Your relationship with George worsened.)

Choice: George, do you have...

  • Info on the last victim?
  • Plan on what to do next?

Choice: We need some more details...

  • What beach would she go to?
  • When was that?

Choice: Ruby...

  • Could you show us your conversation with Paula? (💎9)
  • We'll do everything we can to find Paula.

S2, Ep 5: Escalation

So many questions, so little answers.

Choice: I think we should ask about... (You get to ask all the questions)

  • Why he left the car.
  • Where it happened.
  • When it happened.
  • When he was seen again afterward.

Choice: How do we double-check...

  • Eve's story?
  • Carl's story?

Choice: I think...

  • It's plausible.(+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • Something's fishy. (+1 Caution ✋)
  • We're missing something. (+1 Reputation 👑)

Choice: "Wow, he's going straight for it."

  • (Yank your hand away.)
  • (Leave everything as is.) (Charles is into you.)

Charles Route Choice: "So, [MC], what do you want?"

  • (Give in to your desires.) (💎18)
  • (Crush his hopes.)

Choice: Will you let me guess?

  • Are they connected through social networks? (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • Is this about Ashley's job?
  • Is Paula gay?

Choose an outfit:

  • Blouse and culottes (💎18)
  • Linen dress (💎32)
  • Turtleneck and jeans

Choice: "...Should I start a conversation?"

  • I've never been to this part of the city. (💎5)
  • (Stay silent.)

Choice: "There's Becky."

  • (Talk to Becky.) (Jake is grateful.)
  • (Ignore the birthday girl.) (Jake did not like that.)

Jake Route Choice: "Hm..."

  • Will you show me your room? (💎32) (Jake is crazy about you.)
  • Will you introduce me to everyone? (next choice)

Choice: "Here we go..." (This choice appears if Jake is not your LI or if you ask him to introduce you to everyone.)

  • (Play along.) (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • (Escape.) (+1 Caution ✋)

S2, Ep 6: Blind Cat

As the stakes rise, time runs out.

Choice: "That's funny..."

  • (Tell the truth) (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • (Offer some well-known spots) (+1 Caution ✋)

If your relationship with Charles isn't good enough you will have to wait for the result.

Charles Route Choice: "Hm..."

  • Of course I like you.
  • I'm not in the mood.

Charles Route Choice: "He probably knows what he's doing..."

  • Let's go. (💎32)
  • I don't want to leave here.

Charles Diamond Choice: Ummmm... Sounds good. (You had a great time with Charles.)

  • (Wait for him to continue.) (+1 Caution ✋)
  • (Take matters into your hands.) (+1 Daring ⚔️)

Depending on your relationships with other characters, you might get the following prompts:

(You cheated on Kayla.) or (You cheated on Jake.)

Choice: "What could be proof..." (You get all options, you choose the order.)

  • (People.)
  • (Backgrounds.)
  • (Repeating elements.)

High Reputation Path: MC recognizes the photos taken in a warehouse or factory, something industrial.

Choice: Then...

  • Who took the picture?
  • What next?

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Windbreaker (💎23)
  • Cardigan (💎27)
  • Denim jacket

Choice: "I just have to walk in..."

  • Confidently. (+1 Daring ⚔️)
  • Stealthily. (+1 Caution ✋)
  • By the book. (+1 Reputation 👑)

Caution path: Choice: "So which office was it again?"

  • (One hundred and one.)
  • (One hundred and eleven.) ✅ (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • (One hundred and ten.)

Path A: If you chose that the lifeguard job was interesting in Ep 1: (You liked working as a lifeguard, and you ask your former colleagues for help.)

Jake Route Choice: Let Jake drive you there (I...)

  • Okay. (💎10) (Jake doesn't know about your job.) or (Jake knows about your job source.)
  • I don't want to bother you.
  • I don't need your help. (Jake is offended.)

Path B: If you chose that the lifeguard job was boring in Ep 1: (You didn't like working as a lifeguard, so you ask the surfers for help.)

Kayla Route Choice: "Oh, Kayla..."

  • I wouldn't mind. (💎23) (Kayla loves you.)
  • I should go.

You will meet your old boss Michael in the FBI building. Choice: "It's..."

  • Perfectly fine.
  • Not going well. (+1 Reputation 👑)

S2, Ep 7: The Factory

Who can you save?

Low Reputation Path: MC tries to call George but he doesn't pick up. She sends him a message instead.

High Reputation Path: Phillips picks up right away and says he is coming to you with backup ASAP.

Choice: "I could try to pick it... Or should I just break the lock?"

  • (Pick the lock.) (💎11) (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • (Break the lock.)

Choice: "Where could I find leads?"

  • (In the toilets.) (You've spent 5 minutes examining the toilets.)
  • (In the office.) (You've spent 3 minutes examining the office.)
  • (In the warehouse.) (You've spent 10 minutes examining the warehouse)

Choice: "Maybe I'll be able to find something..."

  • (In the assembly line.) (You've spent 4 minutes examining the assembly line.)
  • (In the cafeteria.) (You've spent 6 minutes examining the cafeteria.)
  • (In the shower room.) (You've 7 seven minutes examining the showers.)
  • (In the locker rooms.) (You've spent 1 minute examining the door to the locker room.)

Choice: "What do I do now?"

  • (Try to pick the lock.) (💎11) (+1 Reputation 👑) (You're on time.)
  • (Find another way.) (You spent 4 minutes looking for the door.)

If you took too much time: (You took your time. Olivia didn't make it.)

If you were fast enough: (You have a chance to save everyone.)


Choice: "Dammit! Where to?!" (⏰ Rapidly timed choice ⏰)

  • Behind the forklift! ✅
  • Behind the whole storage stand!
  • Behind some junk!

Path of Daring Choice: "I can..."

  • Throw something away from myself. (28 Daring points required ⚔️) ✅ (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • Shoot him. (You died. Try again.)
  • Run to the exit. ✅

Path of Caution Choice: "I can..."

  • Stay low. (28 Caution points required ✋) ✅ (+1 Reputation 👑)
  • Attack Carl.
  • Slip into the hallway. ✅

Path of Daring/Caution Choice (If you reached 28 Daring or Caution points): "What do I do? How do i lead them out?"

  • (Through the main entrance.) (Olivia might die)
  • (Through the cafeteria.)
  • (Through the office.) (Paula is dead.)

Prompt: You couldn't save Paula.

NOTE: Choosing through the main entrance is the fastest way to get out but also is the dangerous one and it's the right past warehouse. Choosing through the cafeteria is the best way to get out, so everyone would saved.


Choice: "Damn!"

  • (Open quietly.) (💎11)
  • (Break the door.)

Choice: "Okay..."

  • (Negotiate with him.)

Correct if you're in CAUTION path.

❌Wrong if you're in Daring Path: (You've lost the killer) (Shelly is dead.)

  • (Assault him.)

Correct if you're in DARING path.

❌Wrong if you're in Caution Path: (You've lost the killer) (Shelly is dead.)

Path of Daring Choice: "Well then, I can do this..."

  • Shoot through Shelly. (28 Daring points required. ⚔️) ✅ (+1 Reputation 👑) (The killer is dead.)
  • Throw the gun to the killer.

Path of Caution Choice: "Now!"

  • (Rush him.)
  • (Neutralize him.) (28 Caution points required. ✋) ✅ (+1 Reputation 👑) (The killer is dead.)

If you choose correctly: (The killer is under arrest.)

If you save everyone: (Everyone is alright.)

Low Reputation Path: You ask for a few days off and George agrees.

High Reputation Path (at least 30 Reputation 👑): You say that you want to continue working with George.

S2, Ep 8: Epilogue

Make the most of your last days in Miami!


Choice: "Shelly..."

  • What happened to your hair?!
  • That's cool!


Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Black suit (💎21)
  • Black dress (💎30)
  • Black T-shirt

Choice: "I should"

  • "Run away."
  • "Pretend I'm someone else."
  • "Express condelences."

Low reputation path: (It's time to finish the Miami assignments and wait for the next case.)

High reputation path: (Your high reputation allows you to stay in Miami and keep working with agents Philips and Stewart.)

JAKE ROUTE CHOICE (You have a good relationship with Jake and you can spend time together.)

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Romantic (💎21)
  • Seductive (💎30)
  • Reserved

Choice: "Silly"

  • Yeah!
  • Nope.
  • I love you.

Path A - High Reputation: You get a happy ending with Jake in Miami.

Path B - Low Reputation: You leave Miami without Jake.

Path C - If you chose to romance Jake and Charles at the same time (instead of the "Silly" choice):

Choice: What now?

  • (Follow him.) (💎6)
  • Leave everything as is. (Jake breaks up with you)

If you take the diamond choice, you get:

  • Caution path prompt: Jake loves you very much.
  • Daring path prompt: Jake couldn't forgive you.

KAYLA ROUTE CHOICE (You have a good relationship with Kayla and you can spend time together.)

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Romantic (💎21)
  • Out of this world (💎30)
  • Reserved

Path A - High Reputation: You stay in Miami but Kayla leaves the city.

Path B - Low Reputation: You get reassigned and Kayla tells you that she wants to leave Miami.

Choice: "I'm leaving, too."

  • (Offer Kayla to leave together.) (💎6)
  • (Support Kayla.)

Path C - If you chose to romance Kayla and Charles at the same time:

  • I can explain.
  • It's not what you think!
  • We're not dating.

Then Kayla and Charles both break up with MC and she ends up alone.

Path D - If you chose to romance Kayla and Jake at the same time:

  • I can explain.
  • It's not what you think!
  • I care about you both.

Then Kayla and Jake both break up with MC and she ends up alone.

CHARLES ROUTE CHOICE (You have a good relationship with Charles and you can spend time together.)

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Romantic (💎21)
  • Elegant (💎30)
  • Reserved

High Reputation Path: You stay in Miami and Charles asks you to move in together.

Choice: "But living with Charles..."

  • (Agree.) (💎)
  • (Refuse.)

Low Reputation Path: You get reassigned and Charles offers to come with you.

Choice: You know...

  • That's a good idea. (💎6)
  • Don't.

⏰ Rapidly timed choice ⏰: "What?!"

  • Dodge
  • Freeze
  • Trip her

Congratulations on completing Wave Patrol! 🌊