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Welcome to the Wave Patrol walkthroughs.

This page features the walkthroughs for Season 1. Click here if you are looking for walkthroughs for other seasons.

This book is complete.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is an episode-by-episode guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the plot. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most choices you make for the Main Character in this book influence the following variables: you can follow the path of Daring βš”οΈ or the path of the Caution βœ‹ which in turn increase your Reputation score πŸ‘‘. These choices change the story, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthroughs.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a πŸ’Ž diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.

Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in these walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.

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In this season you will need:

18 Caution βœ‹ points
or 18 Daring βš”οΈ points
for Episode 10

S1, Ep 1: Vacation!

Even FBI agents need vacations - but there's no guarantee a vacation won't turn into a case.

Enter your name.

Default: Kim

I look...

Great. Let's begin.

Alright but I want to look at the additional outfits.

  • Current outfit (free)
  • Short jumpsuit (πŸ’Ž22)
  • Open-shoulder top (πŸ’Ž27)

Alright but I want to look at the additional hairstyles.

  • Current hairstyle (free)
  • Double braids (πŸ’Ž9)
  • Pixie with curly bangs (πŸ’Ž9)
  • Two Buns (πŸ’Ž22)
  • Mermaid (πŸ’Ž22)

Choice: Shelly you're a hurricane.

  • Let me get a word in!
  • I must smell horrible after the flight!

Choice: (What do I tell her?)

  • (Mysteriously tell her that it's top secret.)
  • (Retell a story as your own.)
  • (Don't show off.)

Choose an outfit.

  • Classical bikini
  • Elegant plunge suit

Choice: You know, Shelly...

  • I'm mostly interested in warm water right now.
  • I haven't seen people out of uniform in ages.

Choice: How do I answer?

  • (I'm on a vacation!) (+1 Caution βœ‹)
  • (I'll easily catch up with you!) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)

Choice: "How do I get through to her?"

  • (Yell.)
  • (Slap.)

⏰ Timed Choice: What's the right order?

  • Check for pulse. 4️⃣ (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Call 911. 2️⃣
  • Check for breathing. 3️⃣
  • Check for consciousness. 1️⃣

Choice: Now I must...

  • (Open his airways.) 1️⃣
  • (Begin chest compressions.) 2️⃣ (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Choice: Dammit, how often?

  • 60-80 compressions per minute.
  • 100-120 compressions per minute. βœ… (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • 120-140 compressions per minute.

Choice: Answer Jake

  • Comment sarcastically. (+1 Daring βš”οΈ) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Silently step away. (+1 Caution βœ‹) (Note: If you want to romance Jake, choosing this option will get you a special scene with him at the end of the season, but it's is not required to get a happy ending with him.)

If you performed CPR in the correct order: (Your actions have impressed Jake.)

Choice: Well...

  • Resuscitation is hard.
  • This is not how I imagined the first day of my vacation.

Choose an outfit.

  • Cute dress
  • Thin t-shirt and denim shorts

Choose a meal.

  • Fruit salad
  • Fish
  • Meat

Choice: Well, I chose that path because...

  • I wanted to contribute to society.
  • I wanted to live an interesting life.

S1, Ep 2: The Assignment

Vacation gone awry - work on the beach?!

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Jacket and trousers (πŸ’Ž17)
  • Office dress (πŸ’Ž34)
  • Shirt and pencil skirt (free)

Choice: (Which office was it?)

  • (The one on the left.)
  • (The one on the right.) βœ…
  • (The one in the middle.)

If you performed CPR correctly in Ep 1: (Your actions impressed your supervisor.)

Choice: (What do I say?)

  • I do.
  • I don't.

Choice: (What do I ask?)

  • Why am I the one on this assignment?
  • Do we know anything else?

Choice: (What do I tell her?)

  • (The truth.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ) (Your relationship with Shelly improved.)
  • (Lie.) (+1 Caution βœ‹) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘) (You chose to lie to Shelly, this will have consequences.)

Choice: (How do I answer?)

  • (Boldly.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • (Politely.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Choice: (What do I do?)

  • (Rise to the surface.)
  • (Continue.)

⏰ Timed Choice: (How do I escape?)

  • (Dive down and spread her arms.) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • (Punch Jake in the ribs.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • (Try to free your arms.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Choice: (What do I do?)

  • (Listen in.) (πŸ’Ž17) (Your actions impressed Jake.)
  • (Get a towel.)

You performed CPR correctly in Ep 1: You get news that the victim survived and woke up.

If you didn't perform CPR correctly: You are told the victim died.

S1, Ep 3: Secrets

Everybody has secrets, but not everybody keeps them.

Choice: (What do I say?)

  • Get lost! (Note: Gives you a choice for one more Reputation point in Ep 7 for path of DARING ONLY)
  • I'd rather not. (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Sure, why not. (You angered Shelly.)

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • See-through top and distressed jeans (πŸ’Ž20)
  • Bandage dress (πŸ’Ž30)
  • Tropical romper (free)

Choice: "Shelly..."

  • What are you sighing about?
  • Who was that guy?

Choice: "I..." (If you didn't tell Shelly about your assignment in Ep 2)

  • Got an assignment. 
  • I went out for a walk.

Choice: "What do I do?" (If you told Shelly about your assignment in Ep 2 or if you told her you got an assignment in the last choice)

  • Tell her everything. (If you lied to Shelly: "Your relationship with Shelly improved")
  • Describe the general picture. (If you told shelly the truth: "Your relationship with Shelly improved.")
  • Don't disclose anything.
    • (Run after her.) (Your relationship with Shelly improved.)
    • (Leave her be.) (Your relationship with Shelly worsened.)

Choice: "But I'm so sleepy right now"

  • Prepare for tomorrow. (πŸ’Ž10) (Note: You get a hint for an upcoming choice.)
  • Sleep.

Choice: (What do I do?)

  • (Find the meeting by yourself.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • (Wait for someone at the entrance.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)

⏰ Timed Choice: This is easy...

  • Green, yellow, red, red with a crossed-out swimmer: ❌ (Your relationship with Jake worsened.)
  • Red with a crossed-out swimmer, yellow, red, green. ❌ (Your relationship with Jake worsened.)
  • Red with a crossed-out swimmer, red, yellow, green. βœ… (Your relationship with Jake improved & Your relationship with Chloe worsened.)

Choice: (What do I do?)

  • (Rummage through the table.) (πŸ’Ž10) (+1 Caution βœ‹) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • (Look around.)

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Swimming suit and hoodie (πŸ’Ž20)
  • One-piece swimming suit (πŸ’Ž30)
  • Lifeguard top and shorts (free)

Choice: (What do I do?)

  • (Call Shelly.)
  • (Don't call Shelly.)

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • See-through top and distressed jeans (πŸ’Ž20)
  • Bandage dress (πŸ’Ž30) (Picking this dress now will get you an extra Daring/Caution point in the next episode and an improved relationship with Kayla)
  • Tropical romper (free)

Choice: "How do I handle this?"

  • (Ask the dancer for an autograph.)
  • (Pretend to be drunk.)

Choice: (What do I do?)

  • (Look around.)
  • (Walk a bit.)

Choice: (How to recruit Jake?)

  • (Talk him into it.) (+1 Caution βœ‹) (Jake feels something for you.)
  • (Force him to cooperate.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)

S1, Ep 4: Rescue

New acquaintances, new complications.

Choice: "Zoey mentioned this before..."

  • What's dangerous about it?
  • What do we do with it?

Choice: "There might be nothing."

  • (Look away.)
  • (Keep looking.) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Choice: "What do I do?"

  • (Swim straight for the shore.)
  • (Let the current carry us.)
  • (Swim along the shore.) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Choice: (What do I do?) (If you met Kayla at the bar in Ep 3.)

  • (Rebuke.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)
  • (Be polite.) (+1 Caution βœ‹) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)
  • (Flirt.) (Kayla likes you.)

Choice: This is unexpected... (If you are meeting Kayla for the first time.)

  • You're very hot, too. (Kayla likes you.)
  • It really must be the adrenaline.

Path of Daring: MC stands up for Kayla. (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

Path of Caution: Kayla introduces MC to the surfers. (The surfers will remember you.)

Choice: Zoey...

  • Can I do it? (+1 Daring βš”οΈ) (Path A)
  • Just don't take long. (+1 Caution βœ‹) (Path B)

Path A Choice: (What do I ask?)

  • What happened here? (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Are you okay? (Your relationship with Caleb improved.)

Path A Choice: Listen...

  • Do you want my help with Zoey? (πŸ’Ž19) (Your choice will impact the story.)
  • I'd better get back to my tower.

Path B Choice: "What happened there?"

  • (Ask what happened.) (πŸ’Ž19) (Your choice will impact the story.)
  • (This is none of my business.)

Choice: Choose a make-up style.

  • Eye Accent (πŸ’Ž19)
  • Tropical (πŸ’Ž31)
  • Nude (free)

Good Relationship with Jake Choice: It's...

  • Amazing!
  • Weird.

Bad Relationship with Jake Choice: "Is this his way of praising me?!"

  • Do you hate me?
  • Is it that hard to say "good job"?

Choice: Jake...

  • What are you doing?
  • Why did Steve just let you in?

Choice: "I'm nauseous..."

  • Jake, don't leave me... (πŸ’Ž31) (Jake worries about you.)
  • Water...

S1, Ep 5: Tracing The Source

Making the best of a bad spot.

Jake Gem Choice: "And why does my arm hurt?"

  • (Look at the arm.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)
  • (Move the arm.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)

Jake Gem Choice: What...

  • What happened?
  • What are you doing here?

Choice: (What do I say?)

  • I've been worse. (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • What's happened to me? (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Choice: "That's a good idea..."

  • (Call Shelly.)
  • (Call Michael.) (Note: You will get one more Reputation point if you choose "Listen in." on the next scene.)
  • (Don't call anyone.)

Choice: "Wait. Why am I even angry?"

  • (Because of Shelly.)
  • (Because of Jake.) (Your relationship with Jake improved.)
  • (Because of the illness.)

Shelly Route Choice: "...I haven't felt this good since I got asked to the prom in high school."

  • (Adjust Shelly's hair.) (Shelly noticed your attention.)
  • (Share your feelings for Shelly.) (Your relationship with Shelly improved.)

Choice: "So loud..."

  • (Listen in.) (πŸ’Ž8) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘ if you chose "Call Michael." earlier.)
  • (Keep sleeping.)

Choice: That's... good.

  • But what does that have to do with me?
  • How is it being distributed?

Choice: Choose a hairstyle.

  • Messy hair with kerchief (πŸ’Ž8)
  • Long hair with twisted braids (πŸ’Ž22)
  • Fishtail braid (free)

Choice: You can help me with what you know.

  • Take me to the ice cream guy. (πŸ’Ž28) (Path A)
  • Tell me more about the ice cream guy. (Path B)

Path A Choice: Hmm...

  • (Move aside.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)
  • (Knock on the door.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)

Path A Choice: "Sure feels good to be right." (Path of Daring)

  • (Push on Steve.)
  • (Soften Steve.)

Path A Choice: "I've been trained for this, I'll manage." (Path of Caution)

  • (Answer directly.) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • (Obfuscate.)

Path A Choice: "Should I say something...?"

  • (Stay silent.)
  • (Thank him for his help.) (Your relationship with Jake improved.)

Path B Choice: What would that be?

  • Is Steve taking drugs?
  • Does Steve know chemistry?

Path B Choice: Who can know anything about that?

  • Eclair.
  • Jake.
  • Kayla. βœ…

Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Loose dress (πŸ’Ž22)
  • Net dress (πŸ’Ž28)
  • T-shirt with a rose print and jeans (free)

Choice: Let's start...

  • By snacking.
  • By swimming.

Choice: (What do I say?)

  • (I want to try.) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • (I want to be closer to you.) (Kayla likes you flirting)
  • (I'm in love with the ocean.) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

S1, Ep 6: Catching The Wave

The best surfer out in the water is the one having the most fun.

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Rash vest and wetsuit shorts (πŸ’Ž17)
  • Complete wetsuit (πŸ’Ž33)
  • Short wetsuit (free)

Choice: Okay...

  • What do I look for?
  • But you're close by.

Choice: I think...

  • Our conversation took a wrong turn.
  • You're exaggerating.

Choice: "Well..."

  • Not really. Your hands are very warm. (πŸ’Ž17) (There's chemistry between you and Kayla.)
  • I don't like being touched.

Choice: "It's so boring, just paddling along..."

  • Do you have any other advice?
  • Do you know any of those surfers?

Choice: "Here I go..."

  • Start paddling. βœ… (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Wait.
  • Take the correct stance.

Choice: Yeah...

  • I'm fine.
  • I'm tired.

Choice: "What's got his panties in a bunch?"

  • (Greet Jake.)
  • (Keep walking.)

Choice: Then...

  • Will you teach me? (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • Care to share your wisdom? (+1 Caution βœ‹)
  • Will you kiss me? (Your relationship with Alek improved.)

Choice: Well...

  • Kayla?
  • The one on the biggest wave?
  • The one who catches the most waves?

Path of Caution Choice: "Let's go."

  • (Find the spot.) βœ…
  • (Match the wave's speed.)
  • (Watch the waves.)

Path of Daring Choice: "Alright... What did Kayla teach me?"

  • (Look at the shore.) βœ…
  • (Look at the wave.)
  • (Wait.)

Choice: Choose a board.

  • Fishboard (πŸ’Ž10)
  • Funboard (πŸ’Ž17)
  • Wooden board (πŸ’Ž33) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Exclusive board (πŸ’Ž97) (+2 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • Longboard (free)

Choice: Huh...

  • Sure thing! (πŸ’Ž33)
  • I'm way too tired.

Gem Choice: "He could know something. On the other hand, I can spend time with someone I already know."

  • (Help Salty.) (Your reputation with the Sharks increased.)
  • (Have a drink with Kayla.) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)
  • (Talk to Alek.) (Your relationship with Alek improved.)

S1, Ep 7: The Picnic

Seaside barbecue, while a storm approaches.

Choice: I...

  • Am totally fine! (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • Am almost completely well. (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Choice: "So that's the problem?"

  • What's it to you?
  • I feel better.

Choice: "What was the channel?"

  • (First.)
  • (Third.) βœ… (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • (Eight.)

Choice: You were talking about drinks... We could pick a place to go, over.

  • I know several places. (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • Do you all have a favorite spot? (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Choice: "Weeeell..."

  • Jake, come with us. (πŸ’Ž20) (You chose to invite Jake.) & (Your relationship with Jake improved.)
  • Only if he wants to.

Choice: Huh... If you have a poor relationship with Jake

  • What are you warning me of?
  • Why?

Jake Route Choice: "Where does that tension come from?"

  • Get to the point. (Your relationship with Jake improved.)
  • Kittens can scratch, too.

Jake Route Choice: [MC] suddenly felt defenseless.

  • (Hug him.) (πŸ’Ž20) (You managed to find a way through to Jake.)
  • (Move away.)
  • (Defend yourself.)

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Wide linen pants and top (πŸ’Ž20)
  • Tunic and leggings (πŸ’Ž26)
  • Denim mini-skirt (free)

Choice: Choose a hat.

  • Boater hat (πŸ’Ž9)
  • Colored straw hat (πŸ’Ž9)
  • Wide-brimmed hat (πŸ’Ž26)
  • Straw hat (free)

Choice: Alek...

  • Which wax do I use?
  • Do you mind my company?


If Remi remembers you from Ep 3: Storm saves you by throwing sand in Remi's face.

If Remi doesn't remember you:

Choice: "I should distract them from fighting. What if I..."

  • (Yell "Police!") (-1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)
  • (Put on some weird music.) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘) (Your relationship with Storm improved.)


If Remi remembers you from Ep. 3:

Choice: "What the hell!"

  • (Dodge to your right.)
  • (Dodge to his right.) βœ…
  • (Jump back.)

Choice: "I can..."

  • (Counter attack.) βœ… (+2 Reputation πŸ‘‘) (Your relationship with Storm improved.)
  • (Lose myself in the crowd.)
  • (Stay in place.)

If Remi doesn't remember you:

Choice: "I should do something!"

  • Attack the Squids. βœ… (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘) (Your relationship with Alek improved.)
  • Call for help.
  • Let Alek manage on his own.

Choice: Listen...

  • Maybe there's place enough for everyone here?
  • Can we just walk away from this?

S1, Ep 8: Getting Closer

Crouching surfer, stalking agent.

Choice: "Good question..."

  • I'm with the Sharks. (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • I'm on my own. (Storm likes your confidence.)
  • "I'd better stay silent." (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Path of Daring: You speak to Kayla and get food. If you have a close relationship with Alek, you still get the next scene with him, otherwise it's skipped.

Path of Caution Choice: I came...

  • To ask something of you.
  • To ask what you've decided.

Alek Route Choice: "Do I want this?"

  • (Yes!) (πŸ’Ž30) (Your relationship with Alek improved.)
  • (Not today, not now.)

Alek Gem Choice: Show me what you've got...

  • (Undress Alek.)
  • (Wait until he undresses.)

Choice: Well...

  • What do you think of the competition?
  • What are the competition's rules?

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Glittering shawl (πŸ’Ž19)
  • Lace bodice (πŸ’Ž30)
  • Short top (free)

Choice: Choose a jewelry piece.

  • Stylish earrings (πŸ’Ž12)
  • Long earrings (πŸ’Ž19)
  • Simple earrings (free)

Choice: Hmm...

  • Dare.
  • Truth.

If you didn't help Zoey or Caleb in Ep 4: Oof... This is awkward.

  • Comfort Chloe (πŸ’Ž12) (Your relationship with Chloe improved)
  • Stay at the table.

Jake Gem Choice: "Well, since we're both here..."

  • I expect apologies.
  • How are you doing?

Jake Gem Choice: "This is..."

  • (Cute.)
  • (Weird.)

Choice: "Perfect!"

  • (Make a few strong strokes.) βœ… (Your relationship with Alek improved. Your reputation with the Sharks grew.)
  • (Stop paddling.)
  • (Stand on the board.)

Choice: "Where can I hide?"

  • (Behind a car.)
  • (Behind a trash can.)

S1, Ep 9: Tension in the Water

If you're afraid of sharks, don't go into the water.

Choice: The day after tomorrow?

  • We don't have enough time! (+1 Caution βœ‹)
  • Why the day after tomorrow? (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)

Choice: "Alek and Jake? I thought they weren't too keen on talking to each other."

  • (Join the conversation.) (πŸ’Ž22) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ) (Path A)
  • (Listen in.) (+1 Caution βœ‹) (Path C)

Path A Choice: This did not make the lifeguard happier.

  • (Support Alek.) (Your relationship with Alek improved. Alek trusts you.)
  • (Support Jake.) (Your relationship with Jake improved.) (Path B)

Path B Choice: [MC] felt his breath on her hair.

  • (Kiss Jake.)
  • (Escape his hands.)

Path C Choice: Well...

  • I'm running in that competition.
  • It should help me with the investigation.

Choice: I think...

  • The waves are too high. (+1 Caution βœ‹)
  • I'll do my best. (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)

Choice: This is sudden...

  • With pleasure. (πŸ’Ž29) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)
  • I'll pass.

Kayla Gem Choice: "Someone hurt you, badly. What do I do..."

  • (Kiss her.)
  • (Hug her.)
  • (Get her to talk.)

⏰ Timed Choice: She quickly reached a decision and turned...

  • (Right.)
  • (Left.) βœ… (You caught this wave. One wave left.)
  • (Straight ahead.)

⏰ Timed Choice: "What now?"

  • (Go right.) βœ… (You cuaght this wave.)
  • (Go left.)
  • (Skip this wave.)

If you chose the correct choices: (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘ ) (Your actions ensured the Sharks' victory.) & (You're a Shark now.)

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Sport clothing (πŸ’Ž22)
  • Military (πŸ’Ž29)
  • Street style (free)

Choice: Choose a pair of glasses.

  • Monolens glasses (πŸ’Ž10)
  • Cat's Eye glasses (πŸ’Ž22)
  • Rectangular glasses (free)

Path of Caution βœ‹: MC sneaks on the yacht that Alek and Dude are arguing on and attaches a tracker to the anchor unseen.

Path of Daring βš”οΈ: MC approaches Alek and Dude directly, pretending to have dropped her phone in the car. With good relationship with Alek, MC can attach a tracker to his clothes. Otherwise, she manages to get one on the scuba gear.

S1, Ep 10: The Proof

Don't believe the still water.

Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Thick wetsuit (πŸ’Ž17)
  • Expensive wetsuit (πŸ’Ž32)
  • Thin wetsuit (free)

Choice: Choose a mask.

  • Panoramic mask (πŸ’Ž11)
  • Full-face mask (πŸ’Ž17)
  • Simple mask (free)

If you have a poor relationship with Jake, he refuses to help and you get the next choice.

Choice: "...And I don't even know how long I'll have to spend underwater."

  • (Show him your badge.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • (Promise him money.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)

If you have a good relationship with Jake, he agrees to help and you get the following choices.

Jake Route Choice: I need it to...

  • Check something.
  • Do some diving.

Jake Route Choice: "It's not like I have anything better to do."

  • Show me.
  • Explain.

Jake Route Choice: "Good question..."

  • Undress. (Note: Pick this choice to get an intimate scene with Jake.)
  • I'll manage.

Jake Route Choice: "Do I want to be in a relationship with Jake? Do I see him as more than a seaside fling?"

  • I really like you. (πŸ’Ž32) (You slept with Jake. You are in a relationship with him.)
  • I don't want a relationship.

Jake Gem Choice: Now...

  • Please me.
  • Don't move.

⏰ Timed Choice: "What do I do?"

  • Freeze.
  • Get to the surface.
  • Look bigger. βœ… (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Path of Daring Choice: "Time to go back."

  • (Return to the surface.)
  • (Take a package.) (requires 18 Daring βš”οΈ) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Path of Caution Choice: "Time to get back to the surface."

  • (Return to the surface.)
  • (Take a photo.) (requires 18 Caution βœ‹) (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Choice: Go, go, go!

  • (Go first.) (+1 Daring βš”οΈ)
  • (Cover the back.) (+1 Caution βœ‹)

Choice: "Damn it!"

  • (Intercept Alek.)
  • (Shoot.)

Alek Route Choice: "Is that a trick question?"

  • (Calm Alek down.) (πŸ’Ž17) (You helped Alek. He will never forget this.)
  • (Accuse Alek.)


Path A: If your relationship with Jake is good and you chose to silently step away in Ep 1 and to support him in Ep 9, you will meet up at the bar.

Jake Route Choice: "Hmm..."

  • I can tell you. (Your relationship with Jake improved.)
  • I can't.  (+1 Reputation πŸ‘‘)

Note: Jake will give you a pendant no matter which option you choose.

Path B: If your relationship with Kayla is good, you will meet her at the bar instead. She may give you a bracelet if you have a high reputation with the Sharks.

Path C: If you're not dating Kayla or Jake (or do not meet the requirements listed for path A), you will go to the club with Shelly.

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