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Wave Patrol was the sixth book released on the mobile game Romance Club in July 2019. This book has 18 episodes - the shortest book on RC so far - and was completed in June 2020. The author of this book is Alexandra K., who is now writing Path of the Valkyrie.

Plot Summary

The story follows the adventures of a biochemistry graduate who has recently completed training as an FBI agent. While on vacation to visit her old college roommate in Miami, the Main Character (default name Kim) stumbles across mysterious drug overdoses, disappearances, and murders affecting the beachgoers of Miami. She is tasked to go undercover to discover who is behind these crimes.

Gameplay features

Most choices you make for your Main Character in this book influence one of three variables: you can follow the paths of Daring ⚔️ or Caution ✋, which in turn affect your Reputation 👑score.

These choices significantly change the story, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

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⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Walkthroughs will reveal significant plot points, so read at your own risk!

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  • Romance Club launched a Wave Patrol Free play mode special event on the weekend on 10 April, 2021. "The new unique event will take place this weekend. You can play the Wave Patrol story absolutely for free! Tanned bodies, bikinis, surfing, and, of course, romance will wait for you on the golden beaches of sunny Miami."
  • A second Wave Patrol free play event launched on 17 September 2021 and lasted 36 hours.
  • Kim makes a cameo appearance in Season 2, Episode 1 of the book Sophie's Ten Wishes. In this crossover you can choose her appearance and her endgame Love Interest, and you get a CG image with her surfing. This episode was released in August 22, 2021.






Episodes' summaries

⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · Vacation
July 22nd, 2019
Even FBI agents need vacations - but there's no guarantee a vacation won't turn into a case.
Ep 2 · The Assignment
July 22nd, 2019
Vacation gone awry - work on the beach?!
Ep 3 · Secrets
August 3th, 2019
Everybody has secrets, but not everybody keeps them.
Ep 4 · Rescue
August 3th, 2019
New acquaintances, new complications.
Ep 5 · Tracing The Source
August 3th, 2019
Making the best of a bad spot.
Ep 6 · Catching The Wave
September 13th, 2019
The best surfer out in the water is the one having the most fun.
Ep 7 · The Picnic
September 13th, 2019
Seaside barbecue, while a storm approaches.
Ep 8 · Getting Closer
October 25th, 2019
Crouching surfer, stalking agent.
Ep 9 · Tension in the Water
October 25th, 2019
If you're afraid of sharks, don't go into the water.
Ep 10 · The Proof
December 7th, 2019
Don't believe the still water.

Season 2

Ep 1 · No Rest for the Wicked
December 7th, 2019
Something's off again in Miami.
Ep 2 · Another Clue
January 22nd, 2020
Innocence is the best alibi.
Ep 3 · Pineapples in Champagne
January 22nd, 2020
Sometimes you have to use the time-honored methods.
Ep 4 · Dead Ends
March 17th, 2020
All the doors are locked, and you don't have a key.
Ep 5 · Escalation
March 17th, 2020
So many questions, so little answers.
Ep 6 · Blind Cat
May 3rd, 2020
As the stakes rise, time runs out.
Ep 7 · The Factory
May 3rd, 2020
Who can you save?
Ep 8 · Epilogue
June 19th, 2020
Make the most of your last days in Miami!