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Although we tried our best to keep spoilers to a minimum, this page is likely to reveal significant plot points and future story developments, so read at your own risk!.

Main characters

Irene (MC)

This is the main character of Sins of London. Her default name is Irene but the player can change her name and appearances. Irene (MC) is a thief who grew up in the streets of London. For more information on her, click here.

Sherlock holmes headshot.jpg
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock was a detective until he encountered supernatural, then he dedicated his deduction and time to solve supernatural cases in London. He is an excellent swordsman and boxer. For more information, please click here.

Gray headshot.jpg

First name unknown. He used to live in India before recently returning to London. He lives in Beverly Street 32. He is flirty and often annoys people with his remarks. For more information on him, please click here.

Abigail headshot.jpg

She lives in a grand house with Master Evans who appears to be her legal guardian. She is a medium and has ability to conduct seance and shows up in dream. For more information on her, please click here.

Other characters

Leslie head.JPG

She works as a waiter in a bar called Rock Bottom Moon where Gray is a frequent guest. She is nice and flirty; openly expresses her interest in MC. Depending on the player, MC can have casual romantic relationship with her.

Master evans headshot.jpg
Mister Evans

He lives in a grand house with Abigail who is under his protection. He appears very calm and never shows his emotion, however when he is upset he isn't afraid to show it.

El head.JPG
El Mirah

El is an doctor/mechanic who designed and installed MC's new arm. He is also a weapon enthusiast and has a lot of weapons collection. He is a bisexual as it is alluded that he has casual romantic relationship with Noah, but is open to flirt with MC.

Noah head.JPG

Noah works as a bouncer for fighting ring in Red Bottom Moon. His left arm is mechanical; having lost his arm in a fighting ring when he was just arrived in London. It is alluded that he has casual romantic relationship with El Mirah and will treat MC with jealousy whenever MC is with El.

Fagin headshot.jpg

He meet MC when she was still a kid in a prison and saved her from possible death. Then he took MC under his wings and taught her how to survive by stealing.