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Shino-Odori is one of the main characters and potential love interest in Legend of the Willow. She first appears in Season 1 Episode 7 as a yokai.


Shino-Odori lives in the cave near the shinobi village. Mei (default name of the main character) first met her when she was traveling with Kazu. At that time Shino-Odori only appeared in front of Mei and was hoping for Mei to help her but when she found out Mei only has one tail, she became upset and left. Mei met her again when she was assigned by Takao to help the shinobi clan and they bounded more when Mei helped her to retrieve her magic comb. She is very distrustful toward human, however she doesn't seem to categorize the shinobi and Masamune in the same category as other humans; telling Mei that they are similar to her and Mei. Depending on the player's choices, Mei can have good relationship and even romantic relationship with her.


Shino-Odori is very straightforward and always says what she thinks. She often calls Mei cute fox and she is protective toward her as she sees Mei as a lone yokai in human world. She likes food a lot. She is very touched when Mei regards her as a friend even though she claims she doesn't understand her own reaction to that statement. If you romance someone else, she will be supportive and inquisitive toward that relationship.


  • Mei (MC): They first met when Mei passed the cave with Kazu to leave shinobi village. Shino-Odori wanted to ask Mei's help but decided not to when she found out Mei only has one tail. Over the time Mei and her develop trust and she even decided to join Mei to the capital to help her.
  • Takao: Takao as the head of the shinobi clan has mutual respect and support with the yokai living near shinobi village, including Shino-Odori. When Takao found out that Shino-Odori helped Mei preventing Azumi from killing herself, he came bringing mochi and apple as gesture of gratitude that Shino-Odori claimed 'to ate them all'. He then struck an agreement with her to help Mei.
  • Kazu: They know each other but don't seem to have communicated before Shino-Odori joined the group to to capital.
  • Masamune. Masamune seems to be wary of Shino-Odori due to her nature as yokai but as they spend more times together, they become comfortable with each others.


Interactions with Shino-Odori

S2, Ep. 9:

  • (Stop.) "This choice influenced negatively Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori"

S2, Ep 10:

  • I will be very glad "This choice influenced Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori"

S3, Ep 1

  • I’m glad to have you with us. “This choice influenced Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori”
  • “It’s true.” “This choice affected Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori”

S3, EP2

  • Although, I don't like it here either. “This choice effected Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori.”
  • I agree. (💎 17)  “This choice affected Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori.”
  • (Stay.) (💎 17)  “This choice affected Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori.” (Mei gets stuck in a barrel and Shino Odori helps tip the barrel over to get her out)

S3, EP4

  • As you wish. "This choice influenced Mei's relationship with Shino-Odori"

S3, EP6

  • What was that for? (💎 33) "This choice influenced Mei’s relationship with Shino-Odori"