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Shadows of Saintfour is the fifth book released in the mobile game Romance Club.

Book Summary

This book follows a girl who goes back to her hometown of Saintfour to attend the funeral of an old acquaintance. She sees her high school friends that she hasn't seen in ten years, and this makes her think about her past and the terrible, magical things that occurred. 

This book is completed

Gameplay features

In this story, events unfold in different time periods of past and present. Whenever the timeline changes a banner will notify you.

Most choices you make for your Main Character in this book influence one of three variables: you can follow the paths of Courage ✊ or Caution ⚠️, while also earning points for your Image ⭐. Starting in Book Three you can choose to Starve Your Inner Demon 👿 or Feed Your Inner Demon 😈.

These choices significantly change the story, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

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⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Walkthroughs are very likely to reveal significant plot points! So read at your own risk!

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Episodes' summaries

⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · Mysterious Letter
March 2019
Ten years after graduation, a company of former best friends reunite to remember the strange things haunting their small town during high school years
Ep 2 · Welcome to Saintfour
April 2019
Immersed in the memories, you will have to relive everything again, even if you don't want to remember at all...
Ep 3 · Sam
April 2019
You and Luke are brought in for interrogation. relationships are heating up at school.
Ep 4 · The Chase
April 2019
Danger awaits at every corner in Saintfour.
Ep 5 · Candy
April 2019
One more person is missing. What will happen next?
Ep 6 · School Days
May 2019
You're losing your mind. Or is it all real?
Ep 7 · 'Pisadeira
May 2019
Mrs. Hill will reveal to you the secret of the terrible doll...
Ep 8 · Raking the Past
May 2019
Stephanie will help you figure our who Pisadeira is.
Ep 9 · Bit by Bit
May 2019
Even ghosts have a past...
Ep 10 · Mystery Revealed
June 2019
Finally, you will get to know the secret of Pisadeira.
Ep 11 · The Last Fight
June 2019
Your meeting was inevitable, but who will come out alive: you or Pisadeira?
Ep 12 · The School Party
June 2019
You have coped with Pisadeira, but will you cope with your heart's calling?

Season 2

Ep 1 · New Faces, Old Problems
June 2019
All nightmares are finally over.. Or are they?
Ep 2 · The knife to the throat
August 2019
Where's Bobby gone?
Ep 3 · Purple Flower
August 2019
Sometimes, one has to get to know the past in order to understand the present.
Ep 4 · The Museum
August 2019
One way to learn the history of manking is through art
Ep 5 · The Search
August 2019
The search for Bobby is going full steam ahead. But what awaits you?
Ep 6 · Bizarre School Days
September 2019
You try to solve the mystery of the needle. Hopefully, it's not too late...
Ep 7 · Two sides of the Same Coin
September 2019
It's time to let the masks slip and face the living nightmare of the forest king.
Ep 8 · Game Over
September 2019
The Faun seems invincible. Will your battle end with revelling or the complete darkness?

Season 3

Ep 1 · The first Show
September 2019
A traveling circus arrives in Saintfour, while you are hanging out with the Black Dragons.
Ep 2 · Behind The Red Curtain
October 2019
Could your mom really abandon you? What will come out of it?
Ep 3 · Scarlet Dinner
October 2019
Your life will never be the same. Are you ready?
Ep 4 · Cherry Robbery
October 2019
Who stole the painting and why? This is just the beginning.
Ep 5 · The beginning of the End
October 2019
Altlatonin is your mother. You won't leave it at that!
Ep 6 · The Pinnacle of Pain
December 2019
This day will be sealed into your memory like a scorching flame and leave a scar.
Ep 7 · The Brim of Teenage Memories
December 2019
Your walk dowon memory lane is coming to an end.
Ep 8 · Behind the Veil of Mystery
December 2019
It's time to learn more about the shadows of Saintfour
Ep 9 · Call of the Heart
December 2019
Your heart needs to be calm to beat the evil.
Ep 10 · The butterfly Effect
January 2020
The last step: to the abyss or to the top?

Special Episode

Ep 1 · A Member of the Circus Family
May 2021
How would the story go if you joined the Masked Man? Could you become part of their "family"?