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Sandra is the female love interest in Dracula: A Love Story. Please note that she has significantly less screen time and romantic interactions with Laia/Lale, the main character you play as, compared to the two main male love interests.

Please note: this book is ongoing so this page is constantly updated as we learn more about this character.

About Sandra

Sandra appears as a character in two different timelines: as an adult in present-day Romania and the United States, and as her past life, a young woman in the 15th century, however while the other two main Love Interests in this story, Vlad and Leo, have significant screen time at the time of the 15th-century Ottoman Empire, Sandra so far only appears briefly in a scene set in the Cold Forest and does not feature in the scenes set at the Osmanian court in Season 1 and 2.

Present-day Laia, the main character you play as in this book, meets Sandra in Bucharest, Romania, where she had travelled first on holiday with her sister, and the two become friends. Sandra's past life is only be revealed when she and Laia travel to the past together during a ritual in Season 2, Episode 6.

Pursuing a relationship with Sandra will affect romantic relationships with other characters. If you decide to romance her, certain scenes/options with Leo/Aslan and Vlad might be affected, or not be available.

Please note: Sandra's look changes in Season 2 and you can't change her back to her original look.


Sandra is a Romanian woman who lives in Bucharest. It's not specified what job she does. Her parents have died so she was adopted by some distant relatives, Mihai and Ilinca, who now she consider her father and sister. The two of them live in the Cold village, the nearest settlement to the Cold forest.

The writer of this book shared more information about Sandra's past in a post on the Romance Club official Facebook page: A girl from a small Romanian village, daughter of a miller and a housewife, Sandra has always been ruthless to herself when it came to her studies. It had proven fruitful. Numerous diplomas, praises from teachers and a prestigious foreign internship in her last university year. There, the talented and tenacious girl was also noticed. They decided not to let her go, and upon completion of the internship, she was offered a job. She stayed to the delight of her colleagues who already loved her for her light and cheerful disposition. But Sandra didn't feel proud. Somewhere deep inside her, a cold, distant voice still echoed, so similar to the voice of her father: "This is all meaningless, you've achieved nothing, Alexandra."

Sandra mentions in the book how she hates being called by her full name because her father would call her this way when he was angry.

In Season 2, Episode 6, Laia and Sandra travel together to the past thanks to a magic ritual to travel over what they call The Threshold. They see the Cold Forest in the 15th century and Sandra standing next to a bonfire together with her father Simion. He tells her that once the Master rises to find the Mistress, Sandra's duty is to serve them both, protect them from calamity and warn them about dangers. (We know from the end of Season 1 that Vlad is the Master, and Laia is the Mistress.) In this scene we also learn that to protect Sandra from possible attackers, her magical powers had been temporarily transferred to Ilinca, but during the battle against the imps in Season 1, Episode 12, these powers have been returned back to Sandra. Simion is worried about his daughter, but Sandra reassures him that this is what she wants. It is also revealed that Simon was saved by Vlad so he served him out of gratitude.

In Season 2, Episode 8, during a phone call between MC, Sandra and Ilinca, we learn more about Sandra and the ritual. Ilinca explains that during their time travel, MC and Sandra witnessed some powerful magic ritual. She describes it as 'the calling to the threads of fate' as Sandra's father Simion and Sandra asked them to change Sandra's life path. The threads of fate use the energy of the elements to rewrite someone's destiny, and time to time these energies make events happen to make sure that the person stays on the path they are fated to be on. As such, Ilinca explains that many of the negative events that happened to Sandra in the past are due to these energies interfering in her life to make sure she doesn't stray away from her predetermined path. An example is the death of Sandra's parents in a sudden and mysterious fire, which meant that Sandra had to go live with Mihai and Ilinca, and familiarise herself by growing next to the supernatural gift that was destined to be hers one day. Another event influenced by the threads of fate was the fact that when Sandra was living abroad, she had an issue at work and had to return to Romania, just in time for Vlad's awakening and MC learning of her past life. The elements don't have the concept of good or bad, they just have a duty, which is to make sure the person who was bound by a specific destiny reaches their goal, as it was asked of them during the ritual.

Ilinca then reveals that Sandra's fate is only tied to MC, not to Vlad. Her connection to Vlad is due to the fact that she voluntarily agreed to take upon herself her kin's debt. But MC's fate is connected to Leo and Vlad by the threads of fate. This bound was not created by a magic ritual but it was born on its own due to the deep devotion between the three of them.

In the same episode, in a diamond scene after this phone call, Sandra tells MC more about what happened while she was living and working abroad. (A series of CGs are unlocked: you can see them below in the gallery) (⚠️Trigger warning: verbal description of sexual misconduct towards a minor) She reveals that she worked as a policewoman with the New Jersey police for three years. At first she was very happy and got along well with both her co-workers and her boss. She worked long hours but she enjoyed it, because ever since she was young, she hated injustice, so she loved being able to fight it in her daily life. When her captain retired, a new one was sent in his place who was obnoxious and haughty. Sandra tried to bear with it but one day she saw him harassing a 17yo orphan girl from an immigrant background. The young girl was living with her brother, and when he got himself arrested, she went to the precinct to visit him. The captain took a liking of her and started being suddenly interested in the case. One night Sandra saw the captain's car parked in a shabby neighbourhood, and thinking it was odd, went to investigate. She witnessed him getting handsy with the girl and blackmailing her due to the fact that her brother was in jail. Sandra took out her gun with the intention of scaring him, but a bullet misfired and her captain was hurt on his leg. Sandra was not punished because it was proven that the gun was defective, but the captain got away with it because the girl was too scared to testify against him. Sandra was dismissed from her job and returned to Romania, the girl's brother was freed and he and the girl were repatriated to their home country.

The story is ongoing.


Sandra is a strong, resilient, cheerful woman who can take care of herself. If you are in a romantic relationship with her, she can be very flirty. She loves animals in the book we see her taking care of a wounded deer. She also cares deeply about her family and friends.

The revelations about her past have left her quite shocked but she seems determined to do what was asked of her and protect the Master and Mistress in the best way she can. She considers Laia a friend even if she is not romantically involved with her.


Present day:

  • Laia: Friend/Love interest
  • Ilinca: Adoptive sister and distant relative
  • Mihai: Adoptive father and distant relative
  • Leo: Friend
  • Vlad: Master

15th century:

  • Simion; Father


  • Zodiac sign: Gemini ♊
  • Dos: Justice, her job and world music.
  • Dont's: Hypocrisy, cleaning and weekends

Interactions with Sandra

All interactions that improve your relationship with Sandra have been clearly marked on the walkthrough, but here is a summary. Note: some options will only be available to you if you have chosen previous romantic scenes with Sandra or if your relationship with her is good enough.

  • Season 1, Episode 1:
    • Waiting for mine to arrive. [Note: This choice doesn't affect stats but gives you an extra brief scene with Sandra in the taxi, compared to the other choice where Sandra is left behind]
  • Season 1, Episode 2:
    • See you again. [Your Relationship with Sandra improved!]
    • Like it. [Your relationship with Sandra improved!]
  • Season 1, Episode 3:
    • Can you fix my robe?  [Your Relationship with Sandra improved!] [Diamond choice unlocked: Touch me again. (20💎) (❤️Touching scene only)
  • Season 1, Episode 4:
    • Ask Sandra [Sandra picks dare.] [Your relationship with Sandra improved!]
  • Season 1, Episode 5:
    • Choose Sandra [Your relationship with Sandra has improved!]
    • We can stay here if you want to. [You were ready to cancel your plans for Sandra. She appreciates it!]
  • Season 1, Episode 8:
    • I don't mind at all. [The relationship with Sandra has improved!] [Diamond choice unlocked: Give in to my feelings (30💎)[❤️Sex scene]
    • Queen of Cups [Your relationship with Sandra has improved!] [More tarot cards related to Sandra become available]
  • Season 1, Episode 9:
    • I'll hug her. [Your relationship with Sandra has improved!]
    • So that Sandra would feel calmer. [Your relationship with Sandra has improved!]
    • More than friendship [You let Sandra know you can have a relationship.]
  • Season 1, Episode 12:
    • I don't know what's happening with Sandra! [You revealed that Sandra was the dearest to you!]
  • Season 2, Episode 4:
    • To be closer to Sandra. [Your relationship with Sandra improved!]
    • Sandra, I'm here! [Your Relationship with Sandra improved!]
  • Season 2, Episode 8:
    • It does. (30💎) [❤️Your relationship with Sandra grew even closer!] [CG unlocked] [❤️Sex scene]
  • Season 2, Episode 11
    • You were trying really hard. [You are supporting Sandra. Your relationship has improved!]
    • (Approached me.) (💎20) [❤️Your relationship with Sandra has improved!]


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