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Welcome to the Sails in the Fog walkthroughs.

This page features the walkthroughs for Season 4. Click here if you are looking for walkthroughs for other seasons.

This book is complete.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is an episode-by-episode guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the plot. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most choices you make for the Main Character in this book influence the following variables: you can follow the path of Diplomacy ⚖️ or Strength 💪 and you can follow the path of White Magic 🔮 or Black Magic 🔥. Your choices can also influence your Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️ and your Ship condition ⚓. These choices change (quite significantly) the story, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthroughs.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

Your 💗romantic choices also have a significant impact on the story. If you choose to romance a character, romantic scenes with other characters might be cut short or not be available at all. Some characters might be romanced at the same time, but others are available only if you have made specific romantic choices in the story.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.

Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in these walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.

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In this season you will need:

74 Strength 💪 points
and/or 70 Diplomacy ⚖️ points
for Episode 11

S4, Ep 1: The Odyssey Begins

The battle for Tortuga is over. Ahead is the beginning of a long journey, to the end of the world...


  • Fine.... (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • Awful... (+1 Black Magic 🔥)


  • Okay... We'll figure it out. (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • What?! You set me up! (+1 Black Magic 🔥)

TIMED CHOICE⏰: A giant sea serpent attacks the ship. You will have to determine which side it is attacking from in order to decide how to avoid it. You will gain +1 Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️️ for dodging at least 2 moves correctly.

  • Attack from the port (left) side
    • Freeze in horror. ❌
    • Dodge left. ❌
    • Dodge to the right.
  • It's body sweeps across the deck
    • Freeze in horror. ❌
    • Jump to the side. ❌
    • Jump over it. ❌
    • Roll back.
  • It dives straight towards Adelaide
    • Freeze in horror. ❌
    • Dodge left. ❌
    • Dodge to the right. ✅ (+1 Pirate Rep 🏴‍☠️️)

PATH OUTCOME: What happens in the rest of the serpent battle depends on what allies you were able to gather for your journey. Each attack from your allies will slowly lower the serpent's health. Ivy's team attacks from your ship. Jacques, Kai, Tom, Jorge and Clive attack from their ships.

TIMED CHOICE⏰: Sebastian places Adelaide in charge of the guns, and asks her to report which side the serpent is on. How long this fight goes on depends on how much health the creature still has.

  • Moving left
    • Stare in surprise. ❌
    • Off the left side.
    • Off the right side. ❌
  • Moving right
    • Get confused. ❌
    • Off the left side. ❌
    • Off the right side.
  • The serpent attacks
    • Stare in surprise. ❌
    • Fire the cannons! ❌
    • Fire chain shot!
    • Fire canister shot! ❌


  • Scale Gloves (9💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Scaly Necklace (9💎) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Scaly Mask (9💎) (No effect)
  • Scaled Gloves and Necklace (22💎) (+1 White Magic🔮) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Nothing (Free)

CHOICE: How should I tell them?

  • Inspiring and soft. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Seriously, with a warning. (+1 Strength💪)


  • Support the crew. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Shame the team. (+1 Strength💪)

💎CHOICE: The crew stops at a colony, and begin to improve your ship. Each choice improves the ship with a different aesthetic and skill point. If you actually make an improvement your ship also gets +6 Ship condition⚓.

  • Vitality (27💎) (+2 Ship Integrity⚓)
  • Firepower (27💎) (+1 Strength💪)
  • Maneuverability (27💎) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Imposing Appearance (27💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Signs of Protection (27💎) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Stealth (27💎) (+1 Pirate Rep🏴‍☠️️)
  • No changes

💎PATH CHOICE: [The woman you did not pair off in the previous chapter goes off to explore the colony with the man you did not pair off yet, thus starting a relationship together. ]

  • Accompanied by/Together with... (27💎) (They begin a relationship. The available options depend on your previous choices.)
  • Clive
  • William
  • Sebastian
  • Alone (She stays single)

S4, Ep 2: Unexpected Guests

Baron's presence scares and attracts... What does he foretell and what will all this lead to?

CHOICE: Still I think I should...

  • Rejoice. (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Worry. (+1 White Magic🔮)

CHOICE: A dockhand comes before you and he bears a striking resemblance to a dark spirit you fought on Tortuga. [He will ask you a series of questions that you can either lie about or tell the truth. This will change the story later. Lying will give you +1 Strength💪. Telling the truth will give you +1 Diplomacy⚖️.

  • Are you transporting exotic animals?
    • Yes.
    • No.
  • Is there a chaplain amongst your crew?
    • Yes.
    • No.
  • Has your ship's figurehead undergone any changes?
    • Yes.
    • No.

CHOICE: It's...

  • Peaceful and calm. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Boring and quiet. (+1 Strength💪)

💎CHOICE: Choose an outfit.

  • Blue Silk Dress (17💎)
  • Red Silk Dress (17💎)
  • Blue Gown (34💎)
  • Purple Gown (34💎)
  • Yellow Formal Gown (95💎)
  • Red Formal Gown (95💎)
  • Formal Dress (Free)

💎CHOICE: Choose a hat.

  • Bonnet (12💎)
  • Small hat (12💎)
  • Tricorn (12💎)
  • Plain Hat (Free)


  • (Calm down.) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • (Get angry...) (+1 Black Magic🔥)

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: You will get the same digging choice interaction about 10 times. Be careful as this one goes by really quickly. If you select correctly all ten times you will gain +1 Black🔥 & White Magic🔮.

  • (Don't dig...) ❌
  • (Dig.)

PATH OF STRENGTH💪: Adelaide immediately whips out her sword and is not concerned about fighting the dead. Gain +2 Strength💪 here if you complete all actions correctly.

  • One creeps up from behind
    • (Turn sharply.)
    • (Rush forward.)
    • (Run behind a nearby tree.)
  • A large group of the crowd in front of you
    • (Turn sharply.)
    • (Move forward.)
    • (Run behind a nearby tree.)
  • Almost surrounded
    • (Turn sharply.)
    • (Move forward. )
    • (Run behind the tree.)

PATH OF DIPLOMACY⚖️: Gain a +2 Diplomacy⚖️ here if you complete all actions correctly.


  • (Climb up a tree.) ❌
  • (Rush forward.)
  • (Suddenly change direction.) ❌


  • (Climb up a tree.) ❌
  • (Rush forward.) ❌
  • (Suddenly change direction.)


  • (Climb up a tree.)
  • (Rush forward.) ❌
  • (Suddenly change direction.) ❌

CHOICE: We must...

  • Save them and give them peace. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Destroy their master. (+1 Strength💪)

CHOICE: Brigitte gently expresses pity for the lost souls, but Baron coldly dismisses them. Who do you think is right?

  • Baron Samedi is right. (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Maman Brigitte is right. (+1 White Magic🔮)

CHOICE: Well...

  • Then tell me how to live... (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • You aren't the one to teach me... (+1 Strength💪)

💎 CHOICE: Baron attempts to seduce Adelaide. How will you respond?

  • (Surrender to him, forgetting everything,) (17💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • (Seduce Brigitte to spite Samedi.) (34💎) (+1 White Magic🔮) (+1 Pirate Reputation)
  • (Ask Brigitte to join in.) (95💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍)
  • (Refuse.) (Free)

💎 CHOICE: Maman Brigitte gives you a choice of lingerie.

  • Pink Elegant Lingerie (12💎)
  • Black Elegant Lingerie (12💎)
  • Vintage Lingerie (Free)

PATH CHOICE: If you chose to romance both Brigitte and Baron you can decide who to focus on.

  • Hit it off with Brigitte (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Hit it off with Samedi (+1 Black Magic🔥)

PATH CHOICE: While romancing Brigitte and Baron, you realize it has been a long time since these two were intimate. Decide what you will do with this knowledge.

  • Give Brigitte to Samedi (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Take care of Samedi yourself (+1 Black Magic🔥)

💎 PATH CHOICE: The colony is under attack by the neighboring Powhatan tribe. The girl you met earlier is being attacked. They spot you and decide to attack you as well.

  • Save everyone (17💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥 or White Magic🔮) (With Black Magic, Adelaide gathers up her power and unleashes a dense scourge of mosquitoes from the forest. With White Magic, Adelaide unleashes a blast of light at the chief and heals the girl.)
  • Save yourself (Free)

S4, Ep 3: Between Two Fires

The quiet life of the colony was cut short overnight. Will Adelaide be able to choose the right side and how will this slaughter end?

PATH OUTCOME: The chapter starts out by giving you a look into all the relationships going on.


  • Shake her (+1 Strength💪)
  • Reassure her (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎 CHOICE: Hm...

  • There's no need for it to go waste (20💎) (This will be used in Season 5 for some upgrades) ❕This fabric may be useful to you.
  • I won't steal (Free)

TIMED CHOICE⏰: You have to make it to the other settlers without being taken out by the Warrior.

  • Looking at the street
    • Wait
    • Run ❌
  • Looking away
    • Wait ❌
    • Run ✅ (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️) ❕You are cautious and clever.

💎CHOICE: ... [If you fail to sneak past the Warrior]

  • (Ask the spirits for help.) (💎)
  • (Freeze.)


  • Convince them to stop (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Intervene harshly (+1 Strength💪)

CHOICE: Leader...

  • Listen to me (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Bite your tongue (+1 Strength💪)


  • Outfit (20💎) (No effect)
  • Dress (30💎) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Cape (Free)

💎CHOICE: Choose a hat.

  • Warrior's Headdress (10💎) (No effect)
  • Chief's Headdress (20💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍)
  • Headband (Free)

💎CHOICE: Choose an accessory.

  • Chief's Beads (10💎) (No effect)
  • Dream Catcher (20💎) (+1 Black🔥/White Magic 🔮)
  • Simple Beads (Free)

S4, Ep 4: The Betrayal

Can Adelaide prevent the oncoming tragedy and bring peace to the new land?

PATH OUTCOME: If you chose to save everyone, brought the young woman to the safe house, and showed the Chief your magic then they will both agree to you being the judge of their negotiations. The idea in these next choices is to keep both sides as balanced as possible. The above actions will start your trust with each of them at 2. If you negotiate correctly you will gain (+2 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

CHOICE: The Chief tells you they attacked to take back their rights of the land, but their lands never extended this far. The settlers were the ones to discover this land. However, the Chief declares that since their ancestor married one of the settlers that they have a claim to this land.

  • Chief (Chief Trust + 3)
  • Governor (Governor's Trust + 3)

CHOICE: The settlers worked hard on building the colony, but much of the work was done by the Powhatans under the whips of slavery.

  • The chief is right (Chief Trust + 2)
  • The governor is right (Governor's Trust + 2)

CHOICE: They discuss the reasons the slavery came about to begin with.

  • Chief (Chief Trust + 2)
  • Governor (Governor's Trust + 2)

CHOICE: They discuss the reasons why merging their societies might be difficult.

  • Chief (Chief Trust + 1)
  • Governor (Governor's Trust + 1)

CHOICE: They discuss whether or not the attack was justifiable.

  • Uncalled for (Chief Trust + 3)
  • Inevitable (Governor's Trust + 3)

CHOICE: They...

  • Will be able to agree (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Stubborn goats (+1 Black Magic🔥)

DIAMOND CHOICE: The governor and Chief present Adelaide with gifts.

  • Honourable Dress (19💎)
  • Combined Outfit (31💎) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Puritan Dress (Free)

  • Tribal Headdress (11💎)
  • Combined Headdress (19💎)
  • Puritan Hat (Free)

💎 PATH CHOICE: Sebastian comes into your cabin.

  • Stay with me... (31💎)(+Sebastian💗)
    • Bright and revealing outfit (11💎)
    • Dark and revealing outfit (11💎)
    • Pink Elegant lingerie (11💎)
    • Black Elegant lingerie (11💎)
    • Bright nightie (Free)
    • Dark nightie (Free)
    • Vintage lingerie (Free)
  • Goodnight (Free)

CHOICE: You...

  • Beat me... (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Will pay for this. (+1 Strength💪)


  • Hit the governor. (-1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)
  • Rush away to help the crew. (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)
  • Mock the governor. (-1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

S4, Ep 5: Opposing Fronts

Adelaide faces a new battle...


  • They'll have a difficult time (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Don't gloat (+1 White Magic🔮)

💎 CHOICE: ...

  • I'll help them (8💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Will you help them? (8💎) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Let's help them...together. (22💎) (+2 White Magic🔮) (+2 Black Magic🔥)
  • Not worth it (Free)

CHOICE: We should start with... [You will have to fight them both]

  • The Flying Dutchman
  • Flint's ship

Battle with Flint's ship:

PATH OUTCOME: If you bound Ponce to you ship he will wash away the dead men from your ship.

CHOICE: Fire...

  • The grapeshot
  • The chain shots ✅ (Flint Status 9/10)
  • The cannonballs

  • The grapeshot
  • The chain shots
  • The cannonballs ✅ (Flint Status 7/10)

  • The grapeshot
  • The chain shots
  • The cannonballs


  • If you have Jorge de Fantasma he sneaks onto flints ship and cuts him: (Flint Status 6/10)
  • If you have Ivy she attacks flint's ship: (Flint Status 5/10)
  • If you had Brigitte help she leaves a pepper on the ship for bobby to find when he is wounded. He eats it and it heals him. He then goes on a rampage and she finds it amusing: (Flint Status 4/10)

CHOICE:I’ll act with…

  • Restraint (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Fury (+1 Strength💪)

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: While Adelaide and Flint duel, pay attention to his statement before the choice. Each of your attacks will take 2 points of health from him. This battle should bring him down to 0/10 if you had all the help from above.

  • Defend (When he says, "Take that!")
  • Attack him (When he says, "Phew")

💎CHOICE: My salvation... [If you make the wrong choice two times while fighting Flint]

  • Will arrive in time. (💎)
  • Escapes me. (Free)

DIAMOND OUTFIT: Choose a hat

  • Queen Anne's Revenge Tricorn (22💎) (This choice will slightly change the story)
  • Queen Anne's Revenge Bandanna (Free)

Battle with The Flying Dutchman:


  • If you spoke with you ship then she will help you evade the first shot.
  • If you have Jacques Lumiere a banner appears saying: ❕The Surprise moved to block the bay’s exit, preventing the Flying Dutchman from moving into the fog.
  • If you have Kai the whaler a banner appears saying: ❕The Grin began to comb the fog, narrowing the circle of search and obstructing their enemy.
  • If you chose to have the Baron help, he enchants a lot of the dead men, making them dance and go overboard.
  • If you had both spirits to help, Flint's status will decrease by 2. (Flint Status 2/10)

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Tell Sebastian which side the Flying Dutchman is on so he can steer the ship clear of them.

  • There's nothing. (When you don't see a ship.)
  • Left! (Ship is on the left side)
  • Right! (Ship is on the right side)


  • Challenge him to a duel (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Call him into battle (+1 Strength💪)

CHOICE: But...

  • Why? (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • I want to fight you! (+1 Strength💪)

PATH OF WHITE MAGIC: Adelaideuses white magic to turn the Captain back into his human form and all the power of the Dutchman flows into her and her ship.

PATH OF BLACK MAGIC: Adelaide tells the Captain that she has gained the power to command the world of spirits and that she is now his mistress. He is then turned back into his human form, and all the power of the Flying Dutchman flows into her and her ship.


  • Flying Dutchman Captain's Coat (28💎) (This choice will slightly change the story)
  • Flying Dutchman Captain's Uniform (Free)

PATH OUTCOME: If you brought the Chaplain along, he whacks the Governor with his bible, and the distraction buys time for your ship to prepare to attack.

CHOICE: The Governor is shooting at you.

  • Slow the ship (When he says, "Direct hit")
  • Stay on the course (When he says, "Fire, factoring in their acceleration")
  • Faster (When he says, Fire, accounting for their ability to stop")


  • If you have Tom Good he helps by firing at the shore.
  • If you have Clive he helps you on the shore with the governor.


  • I have a question for the gunners (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Who opened fire here?! (+1 Strength💪)

PATH OF STRENGTH💪: You have the Governor shot and place the Tailor in command.

PATH OF DIPLOMACY⚖️: You exiled the Governor without any possessions and place the Tailor in command.

CHOICE: ... [You have a chance to repair your ship if it is damaged.]

  • Extensive (5💎) (+2 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Reinforced (10💎) (+3 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Maximum (23💎) (+4 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Cosmetic (Free)

💎 DECORATION: Choose a cabin decoration

  • Flowers (8💎)
  • Dreamcatcher (8💎)
  • All gifts (22💎)

S4, Ep 6: Weekdays and Holidays

The spirit world asks Adelaide for help...


  • If you or someone on your crew remain in a relationship with Clive, there is a banner ❕"Clive and his ship the Black Queen will accompany you on your journey"
  • If Clive is not in a relationship: 💎CHOICE: I...
    • Want you to come with us. (💎) ❕Clive and his ship the Black Queen will accompany you on your journey
    • Understand.

CHOICE: "All of it, it makes me feel..."

  • A sense of sadness (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • At ease (+1 White Magic🔮)

CHOICE: "I..."

  • Don't like surprises (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Love a good surprise (+1 White Magic🔮)

💎 CHOICE: Sebastian reminds the crew that today is Christmas, even though the weather doesn't say so. You will receive a present from Sebastian

  • Simple Makeup (Free)
  • Exquisite Makeup (33💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)
  • Exquisite Makeup (33💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)

CHOICE: "I wish for..."

  • Victory over our enemies (+1 Strength💪)
  • The fulfillment of our dreams (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💗NEW POSSIBLE LI: "I should take a walk with..." (You get this choice if you recruited Jorge and/or Kai, otherwise you automatically get Path C. I also note that if you are romancing Lorenza you will not see this choice.)

  • Jorge (PATH A)
  • Kai (PATH B)
  • Alone (PATH C)

PATH A: They stroll on the deck and Jorge asks Adelaide to be in a relationship.

  • Accept his offer (33💎) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (+1 Strength💪) (💗Now you are in a relationship with Jorge De Fantasma)
  • Politely refuse (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Blow him off (+1 Strength💪)

PATH B: They stroll on the deck and Kai asks Adelaide to be in a relationship.

  • Accept his offer (33💎) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (+1 Strength💪) (💗Now you are in a relationship with Kai the Whaler)
  • Politely refuse (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Blow him off (+1 Strength💪)

PATH C: "I suppose I'll.."

  • Set down roots in Santo Domingo (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Stay at the sea (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: "Lorenza..."

  • "Take it easy" +1 Diplomacy
  • "I don't care" +1 Strength


  • Ordinary Outfit (Free)
  • Standard uniform (17💎)
  • Officer's uniform (33💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

CHOICE: Choose a place to work (This choice will affect the future)

1) Rigging (+1 Strength)

  • Plain Gloves (Free)
  • Musketeer Gloves (10💎)

2) Charts and Navigation (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

  • Watch on a chain (Free)
  • Watch and sextant (10💎)

3) Supplies and Logistics (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)

  • Simple Beret (Free)
  • Expensive Beret (17💎)

PATH CHOICE: If you chose...

1) Rigging - What to focus on?

  • Sails and yards ❕This will affect future challenges.
  • Deck rigging

2) Charts and Navigation - How should I set up the route?

  • Follow the coastline ✅ (This will help the crew in 04x10)
  • Skirt the coastline ❌ (The ship will get into trouble later on)

3) Supplies and Logistics - How should I manage the supplies?

  • Save as much as possible ❌ (The crew will lose time in 04x08)
  • Be generous with the supplies ✅ (This will become handy in 04x08)

CHOICE: "Well..."

  • Good morning, sunshine (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • Time for another day of work (+1 Black Magic 🔥)


  • If Lorenza is on the ship she will tell you to be cautious because the danger is approaching.
  • If Ponce is on the ship he will recognize the siren's song and he'll tell you about the approaching danger.
  • If you have talked with your ship before, it will tell you that women are strange in these waters.

S4, Ep 7: Gods and Monsters

Life on the ship is returning to its former, calm course...

CHOICE: "What to do?"

  • Reason with the crew (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Shock the crew out of it (+1 Strength 💪)

CHOICE: "How should I peak to the mermaid?"

  • Threaten her (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Reach an agreement (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)


  • I'm casting you out (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Show me your face (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)


  • Will break you! (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Will take your voice! (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

CHOICE: "How should I address the team?"

  • Severely (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Kindly (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

PATH OUTCOME: If you have Jacques Lumiere he will help you during the fight with the siren because he is bisexual and the song doesn't affect him that much. "You think I care about herring when a divine Apollo such as Jackie is around, and a boy as sweet as William?"

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Which way to turn the wheel? [You have to avoid the rattles to avoid losing ship condition.]

  • Left (You see "RATTLE" on the RIGHT)
  • Right (You see "RATTLE" on the LEFT)

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Where should I strike? [Focus on the text boxes. You have to strike correctly 3 times. If you make it without a single scratch then you'll gain +1 Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️]

  • Forward (One of the creatures jumped out "RIGHT IN FRONT" of her)
  • To the left (A blur of motion to the "LEFT" caught Adelaide's eye.)
  • To the right (A blur of motion to the "RIGHT" caught Adelaide's eye.)
  • Behind the back (Adelaide felt something brush against her "BACK".)

💎CHOICE: !!! [If you fail twice against the sirens]

  • Fight to the end! (💎)
  • Give up.

CHOICE: Choose who to help

  • Sebastian
  • William

DIAMOND CHOICE: You can save the other one as well.

  • Continue trying to break through to him (9💎)(You saved both of them.)
  • He's beyond help (Free)

DIAMOND OUTFIT: Choose a trophy

  • Antique earrings (9💎)
  • Antique necklace (9💎)
  • Antique bracelets (9💎)
  • Shell beads (Free)

CHOICE: "Sailing in the waters with fantastic beasts is..."

  • Unbearable (+1 Black Magic 🔥)
  • More interesting (+1 White Magic 🔮)

CHOICE: "How should I deal with her?" (If you don't want to keep her I suggest to finish her off because she might attack you in the final battle if you release her)

  • Keep her (26💎) (Full set: +1 Strength 💪 +1 Diplomacy ⚖️ +1 White Magic 🔮 +1 Black Magic 🔥 +1 Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️) (She will help save your crew from starving in the future) (She will help your battle vs Diego) (She will also come to help you in the final battle)
  • Finish her off (Free) (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Release her (Free)

If you decide to finish her off:

  • Nothing personal, but you're dangerous (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • This is for all the trouble you've caused (+1 Black Magic 🔥)

If you decide to release her:

  • Remember my kindness (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • I'll kill you next time (+1 Black Magic 🔥)

CHOICE: ... [You have a chance to repair your ship if it is damaged.]

  • Extensive (5💎) (+2 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Reinforced (10💎) (+3 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Maximum (23💎) (+4 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Cosmetic (Free)

If your ship is not damaged you get +1 Ship condition ⚓. Ship condition: 10/10

CHOICE: Hmm...

  • I believe you (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • You should drink less (+1 Strength 💪)

DIAMOND OUTFIT: Choose an outfit

  • Officer's uniform (20💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation 🏴‍)
  • Mariner's uniform (Free)

S4, Ep 8: The Roaring Forties

The galleon continues its journey through the uncharted seas.

CHOICE: "I should strike its..." [The options don't change anything, its Armour is too powerful.]

  • face
  • claws
  • legs
  • belly

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: The crab will attack three times. Avoid getting hit by it and you will gain (+1 Pirate Reputation.) Try to do all the actions on the first try.

  • Hesitate (You die)
  • Dodge to the left (If the crab lunges to the right)
  • Dodge to the right (if the crab lunges to the left)
  • Jump back (If the crab lurches forward with its body)

💎CHOICE: Damn it! [If you fail to dodge the crab a few times]

  • (Wriggle away.) (💎)
  • (Freeze.)

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Time for the... (Follow this order, it spares you from losing ship condition)

  • First: GUNPOWDER
  • Second: GRAPESHOT
  • Third: FUSE

CHOICE: ... [If you fail to load the cannon correctly twice]

  • Come on, shoot already! (💎)
  • (Accept the outcome.)


  • Hesitate ❌(You die)
  • Move to bowsprit (When Sebastian says "Raise the sails/ Lower the sails")
  • Move to port side (When Sebastian says "Raise/Lower the sails on port side")
  • Move to the starboard side (When Sebastian says "Raise/Lower the sails on the starboard side")

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Fight with the rider

  • Hesitate ❌(You die)
  • Dodge to the left (Thrusts/swipes to the right)
  • Dodge to the right (Thrusts/swipes to the left)
  • Jump back (Lunges forward)

CHOICE: ... [If you fail to dodge the rider twice]

  • (Fight back!) (💎)
  • (Look away.)

PATH OF WHITE MAGIC: "I'll try with..."

  • Light (+1 Strength💪)
  • Water (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

PATH OF BLACK MAGIC: "I'll try with..."

  • Chains (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Fire (+1 Strength💪)

CHOICE: "I..."

  • Feel alright (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Feel like something is wrong (+1 White Magic🔮)


  • Show your anger (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Try to calm down (+1 White Magic🔮)


  • If you have Clive with you, he will help by attacking Taonganui.
  • If you have Kai with you, he will help by attacking Taonganui

DIAMOND WEAPON: Choose a blade

  • Simple katana
  • Kusanagi Katana (12💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍)

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Fighting Taonganui

  • Hesitate (You die)
  • Attack (When the spirit takes a defensive stand)
  • Dodge to the side (When the spirit swipes with a claw)
  • Hide under the water (When the spirit withdraws into his shell)

CHOICE: ... [If you fail while fighting Taonganui]

  • (Hold out for salvation.) (💎)
  • (Resign.)

PATH OF STRENGTH💪: The spirit surrenders to you when he sees that the crew is constantly bombarding the water trying to hurt him.

PATH OF DIPLOMACY⚖️: The spirit needs power and strength. Adelaide tells him Davy Jones' plans and he refuses to believe until one moment. The crab suggested a deal.

DIAMOND CHOICE: "The spirit seeks for some magic..." (Note: If you don't know is it worth it to teach the spirit some magic, I'll try to explain how it will affect the future. If you lend him some power, Adelaide will lose points from her magic. In the near future, we will have to use 65 points of (White magic🔮/Black Magic🔥) so bare in mind this. If you refuse, it will give you +1 pirate reputation🏴‍☠️️, but the spirit won't help you.

  • Teach Taonganui some magic (19💎)The king of crabs will help you in the future
  • Lend him some power
  • Reject the offer (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

💎 HAIR: Choose a crown

  • Nautical Tiara
  • Royal Tiara (12💎) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎 OUTFIT: Choose a dress

  • Sea Inhabitant's Dress
  • Sea Queens Dress (19💎) (+1 White Magic🔮) (+1 Black Magic🔥)

S4, Ep9: The Furious Fifties

Trouble continues to follow Adelaide. Will she and her team manage to overcome the roaring forties?

CHOICE: "I should say something..."

  • Inspiring (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Daring (+1 Strength💪)

CHOICE: "Adelaide felt..."

  • Serene (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Dismay (+1 Black Magic🔥)

💗PATH CHOICE: "I think you understand.." [If you romance Sebastian.]

  • Of course, I understand (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Actually, I don't (+1 Strength💪)

💎DIAMOND SCENE: Sebastian wants to take Adelaide's mind off of their problems.

  • Seduce Adelaide (22💎)(💗Sebastian)
  • Soothe Adelaide (Free)

💗PATH CHOICE: "... [If you romance Jackie.]

  • Your wish may come true. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Don't you dare get second thoughts! (+1 Strength💪)

💗PATH CHOICE: I'm going to... [If you romance Christina.]

  • Find a home on shore eventually. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Roam the seas forever too. (+1 Strength 💪)

If you aren't romancing anyone, Adelaide returns to her room and reflects on how to deal with the trials ahead.

CHOICE: "..."

  • (I'll keep fighting.) (+1 Strength💪)
  • (We'll face these challenges together.) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎CHOICE: ... [You have a chance to repair your ship if it is damaged.]

  • Extensive (5💎) (+2 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Reinforced (10💎) (+3 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Maximum (23💎) (+4 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Cosmetic (Free)

💎 OUTFIT: Choose a uniform

  • Warm uniform (Free)
  • Fur Gown (29💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

PATH OUTCOME: If you put Jackie and Ivy together in 04x03, Ivy gets pregnant.

CHOICE: (Playing as Silver) "We'll..."

  • Take what's ours (+1 Strength💪)
  • Have a heart to heart (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

CHOICE: (Playing as Silver) "I choose..." (This choice can affect the story. It is worth buying the diamond choice because Adelaide won't have that many enemies)

  • No one! (22💎) ❕This choice will affect the story.
  • The spirits (Free)
  • Nick (Free)

PATH OUTCOME: If you have Ponce, he will save your ship from getting -1 damage

S4, Ep10: Cape Horn

A serious test awaits even the most experienced of the sailors, and a tipping point lies ahead in the West Indies - Cape Horn.

CHOICE: When facing the storm...

  • We're doomed! (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • We can make it! (+1 White Magic🔮)

PATH OUTCOME: If you have Tom Good, he helps you passing the storm by giving you a reference point.

⏰TIMED CHOICE⏰: Avoiding the rocks 3 times (A wrong action and your ship gets -1 ship condition)

  • Hold the course (Only water)
  • Left full rudder (Rocks are on the right)
  • Right full rudder (Rocks are on the left)

💎CHOICE: Dammit! [If you ship reaches 0 ship condition⚓]

  • (Keep going!) (💎) (+1 Ship condition ⚓)
  • (Accept the ship's fate.) (Free)


  • If you have Ponce on your ship, he will warn you about the danger in the water.
  • If you worked on Charts and Navigation and chose to "follow the coastline", the ship has an easier time getting away from the vortex.
  • If you have Jorge the Fantasma, he connects The Penitent Thief to yours to help you navigate.

TIMED CHOICE⏰: "Hey!" (Choose "Hold on" to avoid -1 Ship Condition⚓)

  • Succumb ❌
  • Succumb ❌
  • Hold on

💎CHOICE: ?! [If you ship reaches 0 ship condition⚓]

  • (Push on!) (💎) (+1 Ship condition ⚓)
  • (Give up...) (Free)

💎 OUTFIT: Choose your mark of honor

  • Small earrings (Free)
  • Prominent earrings (11💎)(No effect)
  • Flashy earrings (17💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍)

CHOICE: What song should we sing?

  • What shall we do with the drunken sailor? (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • The Ballad of Captain Kidd (+1 Strength💪)
  • Fifteen Men (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍)
  • Homeward Bound (+1 White Magic🔮)

PATH OF WHITE MAGIC🔮: Mermaid appears in Adelaide's cabin...

  • I've missed you (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Where have you been?! (+1 Strength💪)

💎CHOICE: ...

  • Let her continue (32💎)(Mermaid)
  • Turn her down (Free)

💎 OUTFIT: The mermaid wants to give you a dress. Even if you turn her offer down you will still be able to choose a dress.

  • Dress of Light (32💎) (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • Sea Breeze Dress (Free)

PATH OF BLACK MAGIC🔥: Manta appears in Adelaide's cabin...

  • I've missed you (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Where have you been?! (+1 Strength💪)

💎CHOICE: ...

  • Stay with me (32💎)(Manta)
  • Go ahead, leave (Free)

💎 OUTFIT: Manta is leaving a piece of cloth from his cloak and you can choose a dress. This option is available even if you rejected him.

  • Living Dark Dress (32💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Shadow Dress (Free)


  • Relax (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Stay alert (+1 Black Magic🔥)

💎CHOICE: ... [You have a chance to repair your ship if it is damaged.]

  • Extensive (5💎) (+2 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Reinforced (10💎) (+3 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Maximum (23💎) (+4 Ship condition ⚓)
  • Cosmetic (Free)

CHOICE: "I should..."

  • Calm them down (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Scare them off (+1 Strength💪)

CHOICE: "Which magic should I use...?"

  • Light Magic (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Black Magic (+1 Black Magic🔥)

TIMED CHOICE: "I should strike at..." [If you don't get any wrong +1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️]

  • The red one (If you saw a RED agog on the previous screen)
  • The blue one (If you saw a BLUE agog on the previous screen)
  • The green one (If you saw a GREEN agog on the previous screen)


  • PATH OF STRENGTH💪: Adelaide kills all of them. ❕Adelaide won't face them again.
  • PATH OF DIPLOMACY⚖️: Adelaide tells the creatures to run into the forest. ❕The creatures will pass on a message

S4, Ep11: The Last Shelter

The storms and dangers are behind. The travelers encounter a miracle island that grants them well-deserved rest.

PATH CHOICE (If you have met Xibalba before): "So, we meet again..."

  • It's good to see you (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • I'm not thrilled about this (+1 Strength💪 )

CHOICE: "I...."

  • Won't stay here for long (+1 Strength💪)
  • Expect you to be friendly (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

CHOICE: Xibalba allows you to ask 2 questions.

  • Why do you look like that? (+1 Strength) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • What is this place? (+1 White Magic🔮) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • What is your mission? (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

CHOICE: "Now I'm..."

  • Disappointed in you (+1 Strength💪)
  • Starting to understand you (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)


  • Then change your principles! (Requires 74 Strength💪) (Xibalba will help you in the final battle)
  • I understand

PATH OUTCOME: If you've seen Catrina before, the following dialogue will occur.

CHOICE: "You.."

  • Came not a moment too soon (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Took your time (+1 Strength💪)

💎 CHOICE: ...

  • Persist (20💎) (You get to speak with your ancestors, your great-great-great-grandmother Angelica and your great-great-great-grandfather Garcia.)
  • Accept it (Free)

DIAMOND OUTFIT: Pick a flower crown

  • Opulent Flower Crown (8💎) (+1 White Magic🔮) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • La Muerte Flower Crown (20💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍) (+1 White Magic🔮) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Simple Flower Crown (Free)

Choice: ...

  • Tell her to break the rules (Requires 70 Diplomacy⚖️) (Catrina will help you in the final battle)
  • Accept the rules

PATH OUTCOME: If you lost Seamus in the past you'll have the chance to bring him back but you'll lose 3 points of your most earned magic. A banner will appear "Adelaide gave a part of her magic in exchange."

DIAMOND OUTFIT: Pick a garment

  • Tropical Island Cape (Free)
  • Tropical Dress (20💎) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Paradise Island Gown (27💎) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

CHOICE:"I guess..."

  • I'll pass (-1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)
  • I'm next

DIAMOND CHOICE: Pick a tattoo.

  • Seacharm (Free)
  • Maori Designs (20💎)(Strength💪)
  • Patterns from the East (20💎) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Voodoo Symbols (20💎) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Aztec Design (20💎) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Ancient symbols (20💎)(+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️️)

CHOICE: The island is gone. Seamus and Bobby are shocked that they can't see the island.

  • Prank them (+1 Strength💪)
  • Calm them down (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

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