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Welcome to the Sails in the Fog walkthroughs.

This page features the walkthroughs for Season 2. Click here if you are looking for walkthroughs for other seasons.

This book is complete.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is an episode-by-episode guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the plot. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most choices you make for the Main Character in this book influence the following variables: you can follow the path of Diplomacy ⚖️ or Strength 💪 and you can follow the path of White Magic 🔮 or Black Magic 🔥. Your choices can also influence your Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️ and your Ship condition ⚓. These choices change (quite significantly) the story, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthroughs.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

Your 💗romantic choices also have a significant impact on the story. If you choose to romance a character, romantic scenes with other characters might be cut short or not be available at all. Some characters might be romanced at the same time, but others are available only if you have made specific romantic choices in the story.

⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS: Please be advised that, depending on your choices, Episode 12 might contain a scene with a very brief description of sexual assault.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.

Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in these walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.

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In this season you will need:

45 Strength 💪 points
or 45 Diplomacy ⚖️ points
for Episode 11

S2, Ep 1: As Custom Dictates

Flint’s ruling is at the end of its rope. Who will now lead the pirate’s ship?

CHOICE: The crew asks you about your powers

  • Lie and avoid answering. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Tell what you know. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

PATH OF STRENGTH💪: They hang Flint

PATH OF DIPLOMACY⚖️: Flint is shipped out to an island

Choice: Decide whether or not you will accept a tattoo from the crew

  • That I will manage without it.
  • That I agree. (+1 Pirate reputation 🏴‍☠️)

💎 Diamond Accessory (Tattoo)

  • Mermaid (💎5) (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • Neptune (💎5) (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Kraken (💎5) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Sailboat (💎5) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Anchor
  • Ship's Wheel
  • Knot
  • Star

💎 Diamond Choice: You ask about Chris's past

  • Tell me everything. (💎27) (Chris backstory)
    • In the back.
    • In the neck. (Correct)
  • Leave it behind you.

Choice: Decide if you want Bones to be captain of the Walrus

  • Is for Bones. (Bones becomes the captain)
  • Is against Bones. (Choose another for the Captain position)

💎 Diamond Choice: Decide who to nominate for the captain position (If you decided against Bones)

  • Myself. (💎22) (You become the Captain)
  • William. (William becomes the Captain. However you don't get to see them in the story nearly as much.)
  • Chris. (Chris becomes the Captain. However you don't get to see them in the story nearly as much.)

S2, Ep 2: Fugitives

The long-awaited return home does not bring joy. And the first thing that Adelaide will have to face is to witness the execution of her friends.

💎Diamond Outfit

  • Camouflage cloak (💎17) (Does not affect the story)
  • Unobtrusive cloak

Choice: Adelaide's comrades are about to be hung

  • I will avenge you. (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • I will never forget you. (+1 White Magic🔮)

💎Diamond choice influence:

  • Parrot: If you chose the parrot it will fly on Juan's shoulder and poop on him.
  • Lemur: If you chose the lemur it will attack Juan, and bite him on the nose.

Path of White Magic 🔮: The spirits tamper with scaffold so your friends are saved

Path of Black Magic 🔥: The spirits break the scaffold so your friends are released

Timed Choice:

  • Rush to help them. (Correct)
  • Attack Juan. (Correct)
  • Stay in place.

Choice: If you chose to help your friends

  • Lie. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Be rude. (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: If you chose to attack

  • Use White Magic. (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • Use Black Magic. (+1 Black Magic 🔥)

Choice: William comes to your rescue

  • Fool. (+1 Strength💪)
  • Hero. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Timed Choice:

  • Fight the soldiers/ Freeze 
  • Breakthrough to Juan. (Correct)
  • Retreat to the scaffold. (Correct)

Choice: How to respond to Juan?

  • Sharp tongue. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Sharp blade. (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: Chris frees your friends

  • You made it just in time. (+1 Strength💪)
  • You should not have risked it. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎Diamond Choice: Juan tries to flee

  • But he will not escape this easily. (Curse him.) (💎12) (+1 White🔮 & Black Magic🔥) (He will be bald for a long time)
  • He flew away as a coward. (Throw something after him.)

Path of Diplomacy⚖️: Go to William's friends for safe harbor

Path of Strength💪: Hide in the blacksmith workshop

💎 Diamond Accessory (Diplomacy ⚖️)

  • Fancy gloves (💎4) (No effect on the story)
  • Simple gloves

💎Diamond Weapon (Strength 💪)

  • Royal sword with a dagger (💎17) (No effect on the story)
  • Ponce de Leon's saber (If you have it you can choose to keep it)
  • Simple sword with a dagger

💎Diamond Choice: Should William tell his story

  • William should tell his story. (💎12) (William backstory)
  • William has the right to some secrets.

If you have only been on Sebastian's route you get a special reunion scene.

S2, Ep 3: Reunion

The long-awaited respite. Adelaide has the time to finally talk with old friends and see what became of her hometown.

Choice: How to address the bandits in the tavern

  • Good afternoon, gentlemen. (-1 Pirate Reputation🏴) 
  • How’s it going, tramps? (Correct) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)

Choice: Adelaide’s friends ask her what has happened to her

  • Tell what happened, as it is. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (Adelaide tells them the true story so she will not be caught in a lie later)
  • Come up with a logical story. (+1 Strength💪) (Adelaide only tells part of the truth. She will have to fess up and explain to her friends later that she lied here.)

Path Choice: William is jealous that you want to be alone with Sebastian

  • You do not trust me.
  • We really have something to discuss.

Path Choice: Chris is jealous that you want to be alone with Sebastian

  • Please...
  • Do not disgrace me.

Path Choice: Sebastian asks you if you have thought of him

  • Yes. Everyday… (+💗Sebastian) (You continue your relationship with Sebastian.)
  • Much has changed… (You end your romance with Sebastian.)

💎 Diamond Path Choice: If you do not have a love interest, Sebastian will declare his love for you

  • And I love you… (💎?) (+💗Sebastian) (You will begin a relationship with Sebastian.)
  • It seems?

💎 Diamond Path Choice: Choose between your love interests

  • I want to get back with you. (💎20) (+💗Sebastian)
  • I'm with someone else now. (+💗Chris/William) (You end your relationship with Sebastian and stay with Chris or William.)

Choice: Your crew urges you not to draw attention to yourself

  • Cannot put my crew on the line like that. (+1 Pirate reputation🏴‍☠️)
  • Need to save her! (-1 Pirate reputation🏴‍☠️)

💎 Diamond Choice: How will you play dice

  • (Cheat x3) (💎30) (Adelaide uses her magic to win, and gains an ancient Aztec coin which will aid her in the future.)
  • (Throw the dice)

S2, Ep 4: The Escape Plan

The location of Adelaide’s parents has become known. But how to penetrate an impregnable fortress? Adelaide will have to devise a cunning plan.

Choice: Dirty Lou claims he has information about your parents

  • I don't trust you... (+1 Strength💪)
  • You've been great. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Choice: Adelaide tries to decide how she is feeling about her parents being imprisoned

  • Will tear this place apart, brick by brick! (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Can find a way to save them all! (+1 White Magic🔮)

Path of White Magic🔮: (Mermaid appears)

Path Choice: Mermaid gives words of wisdom to Adelaide

  • Strong. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Cunning. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Path Choice: Mermaid tries to romance you

  • (Seduce her.) (💎11) (Intimate scene with Mermaid. Afterward, she restores the park to a beautiful state.)
  • (Stop her.)

Path of Black Magic🔥: (Manta appears)

Path Choice: Manta berates Adelaide

  • Don't you dare talk to me like that! (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Apologize, immediately. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Path Choice: Manta tries to romance you

  • (Surrender.) (💎11) (Intimate scene with Manta. Afterward, he restores the park to a beautiful state.)
  • (Stop him.)

Choice: Adelaide greets her friends after a night of thought

  • Good morning. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Why are you sitting around? (+1 Strength💪)

Character Choices: (choose whichever combination you like)

"Choose who to send to be imprisoned"

  • Lou - Cunning snoop
  • Christina - Brave pirate

"Choose who to cause a distraction in town"

  • Jackie - Strong quartermaster
  • William - Loyal friend

"Choose who to distract the guards"

  • Sebastian - Captain
  • Seamus - Wise boatswain

💎Choice: "Choose someone to be your partner"

  • (All the choices are the people you didn't choose before) (💎19) (This person will help you in the prison when you need it most.)
  • (You can also choose to go alone)

💎Diamond Outfit(⚖️)

  • Seductive Nun (💎31) (This outfit has drastic benefits when you go through the prison)
  • Nun

💎Diamond Outfit(💪)

  • Assassin outfit (💎31) (This outfit has drastic benefits when you go through the prison)
  • Thief outfit

Path of Diplomacy⚖️: Adelaide dresses as a nun, and tells the guard that she is there to hear confessions (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Path of Strength 💪: Adelaide uses a grappling hook to rock climb and get inside of the prison (+1 Strength 💪)

S2, Ep 5: The Way To Freedom

Everything is ready to organize the escape of the parents from the dungeon. But… at the last moment, something goes wrong, as always.

Path of Diplomacy:

  • Choice: (Here the diamond 💎 outfit from the end of the last episode influences the outcome. If you got the diamond outfit the jailer likes you.)
    • Permission to speak. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
    • Come here. (+1 Strength 💪)

Path of Strength:

  • Timed Choice: (Here the diamond 💎outfit from the end of the last episode influences the outcome. If you got the diamond outfit you can successfully hide from the jailer and attack.)
    • (Run.)
    • (Hide behind the door.) (Correct) (+1 Strength 💪)
    • (Hide in the niche of the wall.) (Correct) (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice: Adelaide explains to her parents where she has been all this time

  • In a safe place. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • In many dangerous places. (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice: Adelaide's parents feel sorry for bringing Diego into her life. What does Adelaide say in return?

  • Not to blame... (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • To blame... (+1 Black Magic 🔥)

💎Diamond outfit influence (Diplomacy⚖️): Adelaide runs into the Chaplain, but she is able to get him to trust her.

💎Diamond outfit influence (Strength 💪): Adelaide overhears two soldiers talking about plans, and is able to steal a grenade from one of them.

💎Diamond Choice: Adelaide can either try to get some information or move along with her plans (You can do both diamond options)

  • (Follow Diego.) (💎22) (Diego backstory)
  • (Overhear the confession of the Chaplain.) (💎8) (Chaplain backstory)
  • (Do not waste time and find the keys.)

Path Choice(Christina): She is angry that you took so long

  • Calm down. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Reason. (+1 Strength 💪)

Path Choice(Lou): You are angry that he did not give you sufficient information

  • Ask politely. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Ask roughly. (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: Decide how to get the keys from the dog

  • Whistle to him.
  • Exchange keys for a bone.
  • Call it by name. (Rex) (Correct)

Path Choice: Adelaide has to decide which parent she wants to try to rescue first. Knowing that she might not have time to save the other.

  • Mother. (You rescue her first)
  • Father. (You rescue him first)

💎Diamond Choice: Will you try to rescue the other parent too?

  • Breakthrough! (💎28) (You rescue the parent you didn't go for first, and manage to keep your parents together)
  • Are too late...

💎Diamond outfit influence (Diplomacy⚖️): The jailer comes to your aid against Juan.

💎Diamond outfit influence (Strength 💪): Adelaide lights the grenade she took to scare Juan away.

S2, Ep 6: Force Majeure

The trap has slammed shut and there is no exit. How to get out of this situation?

💎Diamond outfit influence (Diplomacy⚖️): The jailer fights Juan.

💎Diamond outfit influence (Strength 💪): Since you tied the jailer up, Diego and Juan have no reinforcements.

Timed Choice:

  • Run. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Fight Diego. (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Choice: Adelaide asks for the spirits to help her escape the prison

  • (Summon a dark spirit.) (💎17) (+2 Black Magic🔥) (Manta appears to help her, but Adelaide is now in his debt)
  • (Summon a bright spirit.) (💎17) (+2 White Magic🔮) (Mermaid appears to help her, but Adelaide is now in her debt)
  • (Cast white magic.) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • (Cast black magic.) (+1 Black Magic 🔥)

💎Diamond Choice: Adelaide considers spending time to gain a distraction

  • Let's free other prisoners on the way! (💎17) (+1 Pirate reputation🏴‍☠️) (Prisoners start a riot and make Juan pay for his nastiness)
  • Let's not lose time.

Choice: Adelaide's father is afraid to jump down and escape

  • Persuade him. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Push him. (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Choice: Diego shouts at you from the roof of the prison

  • Blow a kiss. (💎10) (+ 2 Pirate reputation🏴‍☠️) (You successfully confuse and infuriate Diego which he will remember. If you still haven't done any romantic scenes with any of the LI's, then you can choose this to pursue a relationship with Diego later.) (+Diego❤️️)
  • Ignore him.
  • Say something witty. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Make a vulgar gesture. (+1 Strength💪) 

Path Choice: Decide how Juan will be punished by the prisoners

  • Some good kicks. (+1 Strength💪)
  • Prison. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

S2, Ep 7: Consequences Of Choice

The escape was a success and now the heroes finally had some free time, which is to be spent on solving some delicate issues.

Choice: How did the mission go?

  • A success. (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Terrible. (+1 Black Magic🔥)

💎Diamond Choice: Your parents are ready to tell you the story of your family history

  • Listen to the full version. (💎26) (Important family backstory)
    • Will save all. (+1 White Magic🔮)
    • Will avenge all. (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Listen to the short version.

Choice: After listening to your parent's story

  • Thank you for the story. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • You should have told this story a long time ago. (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: Decide where you want to hide your parents

  • Here. (You ask Jeremy to allow your parents to stay in his home. Jeremy says he is honored to have such guests, and Gertrude is looking for to having your mother to gossip with.)
  • On the Walrus. (Dirty Lou argues that Bones won't be happy about the arrangement (if he is the captain instead of you), but he arranges a meeting between them.)

💎Diamond Outfit:

  • Dress of the bourgeois (💎20) (Later, you will be able to blend in without anyone thinking you are suspicious)
  • Dress of a commoner

Romantic Choice Outcome: If you chose to get back with the Captain instead of staying with William or Chris, you will have to end things with them here. If you haven't romanced anyone, Sebastian will try again to romance you here. If you still turned down Sebastian, and you aren't romancing anyone else then you will get a chance to romance Jackie here.

Diamond Choice: Sebastian turns to leave

  • Hold on. (💎20) (You will begin a romance with Sebastian)
  • Good. (Sebastian will leave but a banner says he still harbors feelings for you)

Diamond Choice: Jackie confesses his feelings for you

  • Let's do it. (💎20)(You begin a relationship with Jackie)
  • This is not for me.

💎Diamond Choice: Decide if you want to spend some alone time with your LI (except Jackie, his choice is before this)

  • Let's walk in the park until morning. (💎20 if you had one LI/💎26 if you had more)(You spend a very romantic evening with your LI)
  • Let's go back...

S2, Ep 8: New Plan

Rest has ended and now Adelaide and her friends will have to develop a new cunning plan to that will bring them one step closer to the victory.

Choice: Will you pay the messenger

  • Pay. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Do not pay. (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond outfit influence: You walk the streets with no one noticing you.

Path Choice (If you are not wearing the fancy dress): A guard tells you that you cannot pass through a certain area of town.

  • Resign. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Be rude. (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: A guard asks you for your ball invitation

  • I do not have it... (+2 Strength💪)
  • I forgot it... (+2 Diplomacy⚖️)

Choice: Your parents are attempting to protect you by deciding everything for you again

  • Explain delicately. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Protest with scandal. (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Choice: Your parent's try to convince you against being with your LI. What will you do?

  • Convince them. (💎19) (+💗 LI) (Your parents accept your relationship and wish you well)
  • Huff and surrender.

💎Diamond Outfit:

  • Pink ball gown (💎19)(Will influence the way the guests at the ball see you)
  • Blue ball gown (💎19)(Will influence the way the guests at the ball see you)
  • Stunning blue dress (💎30)(The guests at the ball think you have noble status)
  • Stunning cream dress (💎30)(The guests at the ball think you have noble status)
  • Gorgeous pink ball gown (💎95)(The guests at the ball see you as someone connected to the royal court in Spain)
  • Gorgeous white feather ball gown (💎95)(The guests at the ball see you as someone connected to the royal court in Spain)
  • Simple ball gown

💎Diamond Accessory:

  • Silver Mask (💎19)(Will only slightly change some dialogue)
  • Gold Mask (💎19)(Will only slightly change some dialogue)
  • Lovely purple mask (💎30)(Will only slightly change some dialogue)
  • Beautiful flower mask (💎30)(Will only slightly change some dialogue)
  • Venetian red mask (💎95)(Will only slightly change some dialogue)
  • Venetian full face mask (💎95)(Will only slightly change some dialogue)
  • Simple mask

Path of Diplomacy⚖️: Adelaide will run into 2 familiar soldiers

  • Timed Choice:
    • Do not shout. (Correct) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
    • Run.

Path of Strength💪: Adelaide will run into 2 familiar soldiers

  • Timed Choice:
    • Run.
    • Attack. (Correct) (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Choice (If you are Captain): The Walrus crew show reluctance to go along with your plan

  • An order! (💎30)(This ensures they will show up as they're told)
  • Your call... (It depends on your reputation if they will show up or not)

💎Diamond Choice (If you are not Captain): The Walrus crew show reluctance to go along with your plan

  • Persuade them to participate. (💎30)(This ensures they will show up as they're told)
  • Do not insist. (It depends on your reputation if they will show up or not)

S2, Ep 9: Let There Be A Ball!

Adelaide has a difficult task - to transform her friends into fashionable companions for the ball.

Choice: Your crew wants to know how you will still the galleon

  • Carefully and without losses. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Boldly and without fear. (+1 Strength💪) 

Character Choices: (Choose whichever combination you like. They will get temporary costume changes.)

"Choose whom to take to the ball" 

  • Sebastian - The cold-blooded captain
  • William - Sly conspirator
  • Christina - Dexterous deceiver

"Choose whom to appoint as a servant"

  • Bobby - Agile sailor
  • Jackie - Strong quartermaster
  • Seamus - Wise boatswain 

Choice: William takes you to a place where you can prepare for the ball

  • So-so... (+1 Strength💪)
  • Not bad... (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) 

💎Diamond Choice: Adelaide and her chosen partner are polishing their dance moves

  • Learn a livelier dance. (💎29) (This dance will impress everyone at the ball)
  • Stop now.

Choice: After giving your "servant" a makeover Adelaide is considering their plans

  • Perfect... (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Terrible... (+1 Black Magic🔥)

💎Diamond Outfit: This is an outfit for your partner

  • Elegant outfit (💎22) (This outfit will emphasize your partner's status at the ball)
  • Simple outfit

Path of Diplomacy⚖️: Your parents obtain an invitation to the ball for you

Path of Strength💪: You did not obtain an invitation, so you have to sneak into the area

Path Choice(⚖️): The guard asks you why you are not on the list

  • Bribe. (+1 Strength💪)
  • Cheat. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Path Choice(💪): You plan to have someone distract the guards

  • Sebastian/Chris/William (+1 Strength💪)
  • Seamus/Bobby/Jackie (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎Diamond Choice: Do you bring your pet with you?

  • Well, come with me. (💎10) (Your pet will get into mischief on the ship)
  • No, go home!

S2, Ep 10: The Show Must Go On!

Adelaide is head over heels into luxury, dancing and intrigue at the ball organized by Diego. But the ball is only a cover-up for the bold stealing of the warship.

Choice: A noblewoman asks MC how she likes the ball

  • Impressive... (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • So-so... (+1 Black Magic🔥)

Choice: The noblewoman explains how she is after Diego's money

  • Clever. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Sneaky. (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Path Choice

  • Be friends. (💎32) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (You make an ally of her. She will not get in the way of your plan)
  • Not interfere with each other...

💎Diamond Path Choice

  • Splash wine into her face. (💎32) (+1 Strength💪) (You make an enemy of her.)
  • Leave.

💎Diamond Choice Influence (Pet):

  • Parrot: When the music stops he will demand they continue to play. This makes all the guests laugh.
  • Lemur: He steals the music pages from the musicians forcing them to stop playing.

💎Diamond Choice Influence (The Dance): If you chose to learn a special dance, you and your partner captivate the guests with your dance moves. The noblewoman from before considers taking your partner. Diego contemplates stealing you from your partner.

💎Diamond Path Choice: If you saved the colonist in Season 1, he recognizes your voice and approaches you. You want him to help with your plan.

  • Accept the invitation and persuade him. (OR, if you don't have a LI) Accept invitation and flirt. (💎17) (You gain his support for your plan)
  • Refuse.

Choice: Diego invites you to dance

  • I'm tired of dancing... (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • I have a better idea... (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Choice: You have Diego bound. What will you do?

  • I'll make fun of you. (💎17) (Adelaide takes a candle and drips hot wax onto Diego's chest. For Diego's romance route, mentioned in Ep 6, you need to choose this scene as well.) (+Diego❤️️)
  • I'll leave you here.

Choice: How to get the guests out of the way

  • Scare them. (+1 Strength💪)
  • Allure them. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎Diamond Choice Influence (Pet):

  • Parrot: He demands that the guests throw their jewelry and goods on the floor. You gain a ruby necklace.
  • Lemur: He steals a sapphire necklace for you.

💎Diamond Choice Influence (Allies):

  • The Walrus: If you successfully convinced them to come they will appear now to help with the plan.
  • The Black Queen: If you convinced the colonist to help you his ship will now cause a distraction.

S2, Ep 11: Masks Off!

A black flag rises over Galleon… But this is only half the work. Now it remains to escape from the persecution of soldiers and dead men.

Choice: Flint appears and is ready to cut your head off. Sebastian offers to deal with the situation.

  • Will allow you to deal with him. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • I'll sort it out myself. (+1 Strength💪)

💎Diamond Choice Influence:

  • If you freed the prisoners, one of them sets the pier on fire which prevents the guards from giving quick chase. This saves your ship from some damage⚓.
  • No one from the city ratted you out. This saves your ship from some damage⚓. 

You now get to name the ship! (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)

Choice: There are a good number of ships blocking your way. They are prepared to attack.

  • Get ready for a blow. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)(⚓) (Your ship will take one hit of damage⚓)
  • Prepare for a ramming attack. (+1 Strength💪) (Your ship will take one hit of damage⚓)

💎Diamond Choice: Choose a flag for your new ship

  • Bones and steel (💎20) (+1 Strength💪)
  • Hourglass (💎20) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Mermaid (💎20) (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Manta (💎20) (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Jolly Roger (💎20) (+1 Pirate Rep🏴‍☠️)
  • Broken heart (💎27) (+2 Strength💪)
  • Black cross (💎27) (+2 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • La Muerte (💎27) (+2 White Magic🔮)
  • Kraken (💎27) (+2 Black Magic🔥)
  • Equal to the devil (💎27) (+2 Pirate Rep🏴‍☠️)
  • Skull

Timed Choice: Adelaide takes the third position in firing the cannons. (If you fire at the wrong moment, you lose 1 Pirate Rep) 


  • Wait (Correct)
  • Fire


  • Wait (Correct)
  • Fire


  • Wait
  • Fire (Correct)

💎Diamond Choice Influence: Your ring of power is stolen, but you remember the ancient Aztec coin you got from Slippery Nick. Adelaide uses it to draw out some magic. It will only work this one time.

  • Path of Black Magic🔥: Manta pushes back the fog for you.
  • Path of White Magic🔮: Mystical light from the sky pushes the fog back.

💎Diamond Choice: Ponce appears to give you some words of wisdom, but he is fading away.

  • Stay... (💎27) (Adelaide uses her blood to bind Ponce to the ship.)
    • I'm angry with myself... (+1 Black Magic🔥)
    • I need you... (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • I was glad to see you...

Choice: Flint grabs your arm. You are losing the fight against him.

  • To retreat. (You lose the fight) (⚓)
  • Come up with a new method. (Requires 45 Strength💪)(Adelaide swirls around him and gains the advantage. She throws Flint overboard. You gain his sword.)

Choice: The dead men are overwhelming your crew with sheer numbers.

  • Go below decks! (You are forced downstairs to bottleneck the dead. William blows them up, but the ship takes one hit of damage.⚓)
  • Dead men! Listen to me! (Requires 45 Diplomacy⚖️)

💎Diamond Choice: The chaplain stowed away onboard your ship. What will you do with him?

  • Take him prisoner. (💎27) (The chaplain becomes a member of your crew.)
  • Let him go.

S2, Ep 12: Quiet Fog

Adelaide and the team are in the paws of the fog. What horrible secrets will it unveil?

Choice: Choose where to go (You will get to go to both areas)

  • To the bridge (You hallucinate that you are married to Diego on the Triumph. William works on the ship and is tormented by Diego.)
    • What I was predestined for? (+1 Black Magic🔥)
    • What I manage to avoid? (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • To the deck (You have a vision that the First Swallow crew are terribly outnumbered by Diego. Sebastian and Diego duel in a fierce battle.)
    • Take care of yourself! (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
    • Kill him! (+1 Strength💪)

Choice: Adelaide goes below deck. Where should she look first? (You will again be able to go to both areas.)

  • My cabin... (You will see Christina as a prostitute being chastised by the priest, and Diego comes to romance you in the cabin at night.)
    • 💎Diamond Choice:
      • Dominate (💎34) (+1 Black Magic🔥) (You have an intimate scene with Diego. This is not necessary to pursue him, but this is the only sex scene with him in the story) (+Diego❤️️)
      • Run away (💎19?) (+1 White Magic🔮) (You will have the chance to buy an intimate scene with your LI if you chose William, the Colonist, or Christina. After that you run away and jump off of the ship. You then drown in the sea.)
      • Surrender (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) [⚠️ Please be advised that choosing this option leads to a scene with a very brief description of sexual assault.]
      • Resist (+1 Strength💪) [⚠️ Please be advised that choosing this option leads to a scene with a very brief description of sexual assault.]
  • The weapons deck... (You see the slave seller tormenting young Jackie. He then attacks you.)
    • The whip is in his left hand and the cleaver is in his right hand. He will attack you with 4 timed attacks. The attacks will vary each time you play. When he attacks with the whip, choose to Move to the left. When he attacks with the cleaver, choose to Move to the right.
    • If you had enough Strength💪 to beat Flint last episode and gained his sword it will come in handy now. It damages the monster you are fighting.
    • 💎Diamond Choice: With Jackie's help you are able to take down the slave seller spirit
      • Leaving behind his demonic whip. (💎19) (This will come in handy at a point in the future of the story)
      • Not leaving anything behind.

Choice: Adelaide and Jackie head down to the hold. There they find the Chaplain desperately trying to cleanse a menacing female spirit. Ponce is also there trying to give his advice. The spirit wants to take over your body. 

  • She will attack you with 2 timed attacks. The attacks will vary each time you play. When she attacks from the front, choose to Move to the side. When she grabs for your feet, choose to Jump up and down. When she attacks from above, choose to Duck.

Click here for the walkthrough for Season 3