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This page is very likely to reveal significant plot points and future story developments so read at your own risk!
Welcome to the Sails in the Fog walkthrough.

This page is the walkthrough for Season 1. Click here if you are looking for walkthroughs for other seasons.

This book is complete.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is an episode-by-episode guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the plot. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most choices you make for the Main Character in this book influence the following variables: you can follow the path of Diplomacy ⚖️ or Strength 💪 and you can follow the path of White Magic 🔮 or Black Magic 🔥. Your choices can also influence your Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️ and your Ship condition ⚓. These choices change (quite significantly) the story, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthrough.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

Your 💗romantic choices also have a significant impact on the story. If you choose to romance a character, romantic scenes with other characters might be cut short or not be available at all. Some characters might be romanced at the same time, but others are available only if you have made specific romantic choices in the story.

⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS: Please be advised that Episode 2 contains a scene with a very brief physical and verbal attempt of sexual assault.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.

Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in this walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.

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In this season you will need:

22 Strength 💪 points
or 22 Diplomacy ⚖️ points
for Episode 9

S1, Ep 1: The Best Day

In one of the Spanish colonies, Adelaide is enjoying serenely her last quiet day. Tomorrow her life will change for good.

Choice: "What should I do?"

  • Hit the soldier with the basket (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Distract the soldier with a chat (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: "But, tell me, how does it feel..."

  • To hear the cannons roar and board another ship? (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Seeing uncharted lands and countries? (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

S1, Ep 2: Into The Fog

Adelaide’s life turns upside down when she is forced to become a fugitive

⚠️Please be advised that this episode contains a very brief physical and verbal attempt of sexual assault.

Choice: "How to react?"

  • Allow him to put on the necklace. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Don't let him get behind (+1 Strength 💪)

⏰Timed Choice⏰: Get away from Diego

  • Run away. (Correct)
  • Throw the book at him. (Correct)

💎Choice: "How to get out?"

  • Snatch his dagger. (💎23) (MC permanently scars Diego)
  • Call for help. (Free)

Choice (If you took Diego's dagger): "What now?"

  • Hide the dagger by taking it. (+2 Strength 💪) (MC gets Diego's dagger)
  • Cut off Diego's Order of Merit (+2 Diplomacy ⚖️) (MC gets Diego's medal)

Choice: "What now?"

  • Help father neutralize the enemy. (MC smashes a vase onto Diego's head knocking him out and says goodbye to her parents.)
  • Run away through the window. (MC immediately jumps out the window and heads to the docks.)

Choice (If you stayed to help your parents): "Listen, soldiers:"

  • Trick them. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Threaten them. (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice (If you left home immediately): "What should I do?"

  • Block their way. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Get them off track. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: "And what should I do with this confession?"

  • Support the boy in his intentions. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️) (+ William 💗)
  • Bring him down to earth. (+1 Strength 💪)

⚖️💪Path Scene:

  • ⚖️PATH OF DIPLOMACY: MC sneaks onto the ship.
  • 💪PATH OF STRENGTH: MC walks onto the ship.

Total gem cost for Episode 2: 23💎

S1, Ep 3: A New Life

Heavy everyday life on the ship. Adelaide will feel at her own skin what the sea life means.

Choice: "How to appear in front of the crew?"

  • Stay fearless and brave. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Smile and be friendly. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: One of the crew members makes a rude remark

  • Keep quiet. (No effect)
  • Joke. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Give a witty response. (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice: Bobby gives you advice

  • Thank you for telling me. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • I'll manage without you. (+1 Strength 💪)

💎Choice: "Jackie..."

  • This is not an answer. I want to know everything. (💎20) (+Jackie 💗)
  • And is it enough? (Free)

Choice: "May I say."

  • Who’s the scoundrel coward? (+1 Strength 💪)
  • We misunderstood each other, it seems. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

⚖️💪Path Scene:

  • PATH OF DIPLOMACY ⚖️: The crew treats you to a nice dinner as an apology.
  • PATH OF STRENGTH 💪: The crew puts Adelaide through an initiation.

⏰Choice⏰ (During the initiation): "With her last breath "

  • Flip over the barrel
  • Bite the hand (Correct)

Choice (During the initiation): "I don't trust this drink"

  • Take a sip
  • Chug it all down (Correct)

💎Choice: Choose an outfit

  • Stylish outfit (💎30) (The crew compliments you but this DOES NOT affect the story)
  • Neat outfit (Free)

Total gem cost for Episode 3: 50💎

S1, Ep 4: The Breaking Point

The danger catches up with Adelaide: Diego flagship is on her tail. The heroine will have to meet her enemy face to face.

Choice: "How to react?"

  • Share his feelings. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️) (+ Sebastian 💗)
  • Siege. (+1 Strength 💪)

💎Choice: "(And...)" (If you chose to share Sebastian's feelings):

  • Seduce. (💎29) (Sebastian takes control in an intimate scene)
  • Slow down. (Free) (Talk to Sebastian)

💎Choice: "Sebastian..." (If you chose to slow down, you still get another chance to seduce him.)

  • Stay... I need you. (Seduce him.) (💎29) (+ Sebastian 💗) (Sebastian takes control in an intimate scene)
  • Stay a little bit with me... I need communication. (Free) (Talk to Sebastian)

💎Choice: "Do you know what I want?"(If you chose to siege Sebastian):

  • You! (Seduce him.) (💎29) (+ Sebastian 💗) (MC takes control in an intimate scene)
  • Freedom. (Free) (Talk to Sebastian)

💎Choice: "You know what?" (If you chose freedom, you still get another chance to seduce him.)

  • I want you. To hell with everything. (💎29) (+ Sebastian 💗) (MC takes control in an intimate scene)
  • I want to know more. (Free)(Talk to Sebastian)

Choice: "This..."

  • Bastard wants to rob us blind. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • My fiancé. He came for me. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: "How to greet Diego?"

  • Insult and spit in the face (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Discuss the terms of surrender (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

💎Choice: "Padre!"

  • Protest and prove the illegality of what is happening. (💎21) (+ Chaplain relationship) (This choice will affect the future. MC will not wed Diego on the ship and Diego will not be seen as the legitimate ruler of Santo Domingo).
  • Accept it. (Free)

Choice: "I must save the crew!"

  • Distract Diego with his Order of Merit. (+3 Diplomacy ⚖️) (If you chose the Diplomacy diamond choice during escape from Diego.)
  • To stab Diego with his own dagger. (+3 Strength 💪) (If you chose the Strength diamond choice during escape from Diego.)
  • Hit with the first thing that comes to hand. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Distract his crew. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

⚖️💪Path Scene:

  • PATH OF DIPLOMACY ⚖️: Adelaide speaks with Diego's soldiers to persuade them into betraying Diego.
  • PATH OF STRENGTH 💪: Adelaide grabs some weapons and begins to attack. Diego and Sebastian duel.

💎Choice: "Jackie!"

  • Jump to save Jackie. (💎9) (+ Jackie relationship💗) (Adelaide saves Jackie's hand.)
  • Freeze in horror. (Free) (Jackie loses his hand. He will have a hook for the rest of the story)

Total gem cost for Episode 4: 59💎

S1, Ep 5: All Over Again

Adelaide is taken into the open seas. There is not a soul around and death glimpses on the horizon.

Choice: "And what am I to do now?"

  • Swim-it won't get worse.(+1 Strength 💪)
  • Stay in place. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: "I regret, only..."

  • Not taking revenge on Diego. (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • I don't know if my friends and family are alive. (+1 White Magic🔮)

💎Choice: "I..."

  • Pretend to be the governor. (💎12) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️) (+ Colonist relationship)
  • Adelaide (tell the truth) (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Captain (hide the truth) (+1 Strength 💪)

💎Choice: Choose your outfit

  • Royal ballroom dress (💎18) (Does not affect the story)
  • English style dress (Free)
  • Dutch style dress (Free)

Choice: "Captain."

  • Order the crew to prepare for the fight. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Hard right rudder! We need to leave this fog. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: "Listen to my command!"

  • Leave everything! Get the boats in the water! (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Close ranks! Fight with everything you've got! (+1 Strength 💪)

💎Choice (If you chose to leave the ship immediately): "This cannot be the end!"

  • Ask the sea for a miracle. (💎32) (You unlock a path of magic)
  • Try to stall them. (Free)

💎Choice (If you chose to stay on the ship and fight): "This cannot be the end!"

  • Hope for the best and believe in a miracle. (💎32) (You unlock a path of magic)
  • Engage in the last battle. (Free)

🔮🔥Path Scene:

  • PATH OF WHITE MAGIC 🔮: Adelaide receives aid from the mermaid spirit. (+2 White Magic🔮)
  • PATH OF BLACK MAGIC 🔥: Adelaide receives aid from the dark spirit. (+2 Black Magic🔥)

Total gem cost for Episode 5: 62💎

S1, Ep 6: New Shore

The sea washed up Adelaide on a tropical shore that seems to be an uninhabited island.

Choice: "Listen!"

  • I demand an explanation! (+1 Strength 💪)
  • I am real. Believe me. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: Gain an animal companion of your choice

  • Lemur (Playful creature who often brings you items)
  • Parrot (Talkative parrot who knows useful phrases)

💎Choice: Choose a necklace

  • Precious necklace (💎6) (Does not affect the story)
  • Royal necklace (💎10) (Does not affect the story)
  • Simple necklace (Free)

💎Choice: "Tell it..."

  • As detailed as possible. (💎27)
  • In short. (If you select this version, you get a second chance to spend the same amount of diamonds and see it with visuals while you dream)

Choice: "I need to leave this island soon, to..."

  • To avenge and restore justice (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • To see those who are dear to my heart (+1 White Magic🔮)

Choice: "What should I do?"

  • Check out the scary noises (+1 Black Magic🔥)
  • Go to the rescue of the victim (+1 White Magic🔮)

Choice⏰ (If you go to the rescue of the victim): "What should I do?"

  • Rush with a torch towards the snake and scare it away. (Correct)
  • Stay away and not take chances.

Choice⏰ (If you go to the scary noises): "What to do?"

  • Attack first. (Correct) (Adelaide's torch turns into a fiery blade, and she burns the dead man into ashes)
  • Wait for the actions of the dead man.

🔮🔥Path Scene:

PATH OF WHITE MAGIC 🔮: The bird transforms into the mermaid.

PATH OF BLACK MAGIC 🔥: The ashes transform into the dark spirit.

💎Choice: "Wait..."

  • I need to know what’s going on! (💎10)
  • Freeze in a daze. (Free)

Total gem cost for Episode 6: 33-37💎

S1, Ep 7: A New Me

Adelaide embarks on a heavy training under the guidance of the hermit as she will have to face the mysterious spirits of these lands.

Choice: "And what should I do with you?"

  • Scold (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Forgive (lemur) or Praise (parrot) (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Timed Choice⏰:

Two timed choices will play out while you fight Ponce, but it doesn't matter what you choose. He will always beat you.

💎Choice: Choose a weapon

  • Ponce's family saber (💎34) (Reliable weapon in battle)
  • A simple rapier. (Free)

Timed Choice⏰: "What to do?"

  • Wait.
  • Go to the right. (Correct)
  • Go to the left.

Choice: "I'll use this..."

  • Only as a last resort (+2 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • To take revenge on the enemy. (+2 Strength 💪)

💎Choice: Choose an outfit

  • A festive La Muerte dress. (💎20) (You must select this option to get the next choice with magic skills)
  • A simple Mexican dress. (Free)

Choice: "I feel..."

  • A bright enchantress (+2 White Magic 🔮)
  • A dark witch (+2 Black Magic 🔥)

⚖️💪Path Scene:

  • PATH OF DIPLOMACY ⚖️: Adelaide apologizes to the spirits.
  • PATH OF STRENGTH 💪: Adelaide seeks to control the spirits.

🔮🔥Path Scene:

PATH OF WHITE MAGIC 🔮: "You are..."

  • The one who I need. (Correct)
  • Not the one I need.

💎Choice: "Though you're an angel, but..."

  • I want the same. (💎11) (+ Mermaid💗)
  • It is not right. (You leave the Fiddler's Green)

PATH OF BLACK MAGIC 🔥: "You are..."

  • The one who I need. (Correct)
  • Not the one I need.

💎Choice: "My devil..."

  • Seduce him. (💎11) (+ Manta💗)
  • Cool your ardor. (You leave the Deadman's Locker)

Total gem cost for Episode 7: 65💎

S1, Ep 8: Beginning Anew

There are people on the island so there is hope for an escape. But who could these guests be?

Choice: "And how do I approach them?"

  • Delicate and flirtatious (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Bold and brave (+1 Strength💪)

⏰Timed Choice⏰: "Let's dance."

  • Wait for his attack.
  • Go left (Correct) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)
  • Go right

Choice: "Something must be done urgently to win them over."

  • Start negotiations with the captain. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Demonstrate fencing skills. (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Use white magic. (+1 White Magic🔮)
  • Cast black magic. (+1 Black Magic🔥)

💎Choice: "Answer him?"

  • Reply to the scoundrel! (💎8)(+2 Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️)
  • Be silent and not make the situation worse. (-1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)

(Note: If you take the diamond option, you may get a banner stating that your reputation has decreased. This is an error. You will still receive 2 Pirate Reputation points at the end of the chapter.)

💎Choice: "And what am I to do with you?"

  • Persuade to remain (💎6) (+ Pet Loyalty)
  • Let him go (If you decide not to keep your pet here, then I would advise not taming the agog in season 5. The two pets need each other in the final battle.)

Choice: "Chris..."

  • Thank you for defending me (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • I'd manage without you (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice: "Hold on!"

  • The prisoner will be mine! (+1 Strength 💪)
  • This is an important person. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

⚖️💪Path Scene:

  • PATH OF DIPLOMACY⚖️: Adelaide negotiates with the crew to keep William alive.
  • PATH OF STRENGTH💪: Adelaide threatens the crew to keep William alive.

Choice: "William..."

  • You've become so strong (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • You're still a fool (+1 Strength 💪)

💎Choice: "I think..."

  • I'll go anyway (💎30)(+ Amulet of Life)(You get to say goodbye to Ponce, and save some time from having to come back for it later in the story)
  • You're right. I'll stay. (Free)

Total gem cost for Episode 8: 44💎

S1, Ep 9: Yo-ho-ho!

Fate will bring you to one of the most terrifying pirates of all seas- Flint. Can you stand up to him and prove your courage.

Choice: "Fight to stay alive"

  • Apologize. (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • Threaten the pirate (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Fight Flint (requires 22 Strength) (+1 Strength💪) (+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️)

Choice: William is hesitant about sharing what happened to him

  • Please answer. It is important. (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Do not lie to me and respond immediately. (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice: "Actually..."

  • You bothered us (+1 Strength 💪)
  • I wanted to talk to you (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Choice: "There is nothing funny about it."

  • I will settle for a hammock.
  • Convince him to give up his cabin (requires 22 Diplomacy ⚖️) (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (+1 Pirate Reputation 🏴‍☠️)

💎 Choice: Choose an accessory

  • A luxurious feathered hat (💎10)(+1 Pirate Reputation🏴‍☠️ )
  • A pirate bandana (Free)

Choice: "Get yourself together!"

  • And think about the good (+1 White magic🔮)
  • And break the barriers (+1 Black magic🔥)

⏰Timed Choice⏰: "How to react?"

  • Freeze
  • Slap him (+1 Strength 💪
  • Give him the bottle (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)

Choice: "Oh..."

  • Support her (+1 Diplomacy ⚖️)
  • Reprimand her (+1 Strength 💪)

💎Choice: Choose an outfit

  • A kitsch pirate dress (💎18)(Does not affect the story)
  • A simple pirate dress (Free)

Choice: "My voice:"

  • In favor (+1 Black Magic 🔥)(You will have to give Flint the black spot.)
  • Against (+1 White Magic 🔮)(Pew will give Flint the black spot)

Choice: "Who should I call?"

  • Chris (She will try to romance you)
  • William (He will try to romance you)

💗Choice (William Route): "Dear William..."

  • I can not reciprocate (You have a conversation with him)
  • Now, I look at you differently (+ William 💗)

💎Choice (William Route):

  • Not stop him (💎31)
  • Stop him (Free)

💗Choice (Chris Route): "Christina..."

  • I cannot give you what you want. (You have a conversation with her)
  • And maybe so... (+ Christina 💗)

💎Choice (Chris Route):

  • Do not stop. (💎31)
  • Stop. (Free)

Total gem cost for Episode 9: 59💎

S1, Ep 10: Treasure Island

Find yourself at the very beginning of events that were the bedrock of all pirate stories.​ The map with a cross, the treasure island and fifteen men on a dead man's chest.

Choice: "Captain"

  • Threaten him (+1 Strength💪)
  • Reason with him (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Choice: "I..."

  • Agree with the plan (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • I don’t believe you (+1 Strength 💪)

Choice: "Ben!"

  • Shake him up (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Calm him down (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

Choice: "I..."

  • I have a strange premonition... (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)
  • None of your business. I need to check something. (+1 Strength 💪)

💎 Accessory

  • Admiral's hat (💎9)(Does not affect the story)
  • Simple three-cornered hat (Free)

Choice: "He won't cause any more harm..."

  • To me (+1 Black Magic 🔥)
  • To anyone else (+1 White Magic🔮)

Choice: "I am ready to..."

  • Hang Diego and return the power to my father (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Kill Diego and take all his possessions (+1 Black Magic 🔥) (+1 Strength 💪)
  • Get ahead of Diego and not let anyone have such great power (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (+1 White Magic 🔮)
  • Stop the fighting and join forces with him (+1 Diplomacy⚖️)

⏰Timed Choice⏰: Depending on who you are romancing, Sebastian, William, or Chris will appear and attack you.

  • Dodge/Defend/Attack (Correct)
  • Freeze

⏰Timed Choice⏰: If you are dating no one then Diego will appear. (It does not matter which option you pick, Diego will beat you.)

  • Freeze
  • Run Away
  • Attack Him

💎 Outfit: Choose what the spirit leaves behind

  • Diego’s dress uniform (💎23)(Does not affect the story)
  • Without a trace (Free)

Choice: "Ben..."

  • Come to your senses (+1 Strength💪) (Ben returns with you)
  • You’re right (+1 Diplomacy⚖️) (Ben stays on the island)

⏰Timed Choice⏰ (This choice does not affect the story):

  • Defend
  • Advance

Choice: "My trial was not in vain"

  • Let there be light (+1 White Magic🔮) (You blind the undead with light, allowing you and the crew to escape)
  • Let the Darkness come (+1 Black Magic 🔥) (The birds attack the undead)

Path Scene🔮🔥:

Path of White Magic🔮: The spirits stop the sails of the ship preventing it from leaving.

Path of Black Magic🔥: The spirits push the ship back to shore with a massive wave.

Choice: "What to do?"

  • Let it happen for Pew’s betrayal (+1 Black Magic 🔥) (Pew loses his other eye, and he will not be able to teach you how to tie knots properly later. Your will ship will take damage because of this.)
  • Don’t let Flint take justice into his own hands (+1 White Magic 🔮) (Pew keeps his eye, and he will be able to teach you knots later. This will save your ship from taking damage.)

You gain 3 pairs of earrings for completing this episode.

Total gem cost for Episode 10: 32💎

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