"Being near you proved to be easier than I feared."

Sagr is one of the main character in the series of Path of the Valkyrie.


Loki mentioned that Sagr is a God has is Vanir Blood. And he is a herb master.

After the war between Aesir and Vanir, Sagr was forced to stay in the Ashgard among the Gods with Aesir blood. "I didn't have a choice to stay in Ashgard, to live there or to not live at all." he said (S1, Ep5). He also admitted that people forget about his existence and his powers withered every day although he had already healed from the the wound from Odin's mythical spear - Gungnir, soon he would be consumed by darkness. Seeking the answer from Mimir - God of wisdom to escape his own misery may be his initial agenda when he first agreed to help Loki and Liv.

Possessing a quick mind and observation, Sagr easily mastered medicine and all the necessary seids. But he failed to brew honey for the first time. He took up this matter with all zeal. His main mistake was to ask Loki, who was hanging out in Vanaheim, for a tasting. Loki tasted it, smiled, and said that this was the best honey he ever tried. Happy Sagr gave Njörðr a whole barrel in honor of the middle of summer... Since then, Sagr doesn't believe that liar. [1]


  • aloof, solemn, stoic, stubborn
  • He is protective of Liv. He doesn't want to tell her what happened between him and Odin in the part because it was horrid. He sent her back to Midgard (Earth), because he doesn't want her lost her home like he did.


  • Liv (default name of the main character): he gradually warms to her. He afraid to get close to Liv.
  • Vanadis: unrequited love (S1, Ep4). She admitted to him that there's nothing more than friendship between them. (S1, Ep5)
  • Loki: old friend.
  • Ullr: old friend.
  • Liod:
  • Odin: He's still angry of what Odin did to him in the past. "I'm not afraid of him. I'm afraid of what he can do." (S1, EP7)


  • He was born in the month of cuckoo (April).
  • Like: Blueberries, Silence of the forest, smart companions
  • Dislike: Darkness, cramp places, impudent, annoying personalities
  • He admitted that he was young and stupid, once he thought that he would plant an entire garden for Vanadis and her heart would thaw for him.
  • Sagr is a nickname. He doesn't remember his real name anymore. (S1, Ep7)
  • He created the Wild Hunt (ghostly warrior) during the war between Aesir and the Vanir. During this long war, lots of soldiers died but no one back down, he decided to called up the dead however he was failed to win because Odin interfered with the seid. He admitted that the Wild Hunt was his greatest and most bitter mistake. His shame.
  • Sagr can't replenish his strength at the sea.
  • Odin's spear left a scar on his back diagonally.
  • "Burning away little by little is infinitely worse than a quick death." (S1, Ep9)
  • He smells like buckwheat, sage, hellebore, bellflower, all kinds of herb. (S1, Ep10)


Interaction with Sagr

S1, EP1:

  • What does he look like? [❗Your choices have affected your relationship with Sagr and Loki.]
  • (Help Sagr.) (11💎) [❗Sagr commiserates with you.]

S1, EP2:

  • (Speak with Sagr.) (26💎) [Sagr appreciates inquisitiveness.]
  • [Sagr finds your company acceptable] (Side note: only appears if you didn't prank Sagr in Ep 1)
  • If you pranked on Sagr on EP1, you could apology to him in this chapter:
    • ...I'm sorry. [❗Sagr accepted your apology.]
  • I'll ask Sagr. [No effect on stats.]

S1, EP3:

  • Choose Revealing outfit. (30💎) [No effect on stats.] (Side note: Sagr and Ullr was acting embarrassed.)
  • Choose Sagr.
    • You can handle it better. [❗Sagr finds your trust in him flattering.]

S1, EP4:

  • Choose Sagr.
  • Are you jealous? Choose "Yes". [❗Sagr starts feeling something for you.]

S1, EP5:

  • I’ll clear my head outside. [It leads to the scene with Sagr and Vanadis.] (Side note: You will learn about backstory of Sagr in the war and his struggle.)

S1, EP7:

  • (Take his hand.) (11💎) [Unlocks CG image] [❗Sagr is happy to hold hands with you.]
  • Choose Sagr.

S1, EP9:

  • Check on Sagr. (18💎) [Unlocks CG image]

S1, EP10:

  • Hug me. (9💎) [No effect on stats.]


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