Romance Club Wiki

Welcome to the Romance Club Wiki! This wiki has been created and is managed by the Reddit fan community: each book has a team of assigned admins who regularly update the pages at every new release.

Disclaimer: We are not the game developers nor we are connected to the dev team in any way, hence the game creators cannot be contacted through these pages. Equally, all information on these pages is the product of fan research and gameplay and has not been confirmed nor endorsed in any way by the game developers.

We are very grateful for help from the wider Fandom community, however we ask you please not to create new pages or make extensive or structural edits before speaking to one of the admins, as we have some tried-and-tested processes in place to keep this wiki organised and neat.

This wiki's guidelines are the following:

  1. Please do not be disruptive to the workings of the wiki. To be a productive member of the wiki, please contribute to it in line with the established processes, formatting and conventions. Need help? Do not hesitate to ask an administrator!
  2. This wiki is in English, so English is the only language that can be used on these pages. The game uses US spelling so this is the preferred spelling to be used.
  3. Individual character pages are reserved to main characters, love interests or side characters that have a significant impact on the story and a large number of interactions with the main character. Please do not create a new page without discussing it with one of the admins first.
  4. Please be kind to everyone around you.

Blocking policy: You will be blocked if you engage in:

  1. Vandalism
  2. Aggressive behaviour towards admins or any other user
  3. Homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist or otherwise unacceptable behaviour.
  4. Spamming
  5. Repeated rule breaking