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Welcome to the fan-made wiki for the mobile game Romance Club!

Romance Club is a visual storytelling, interactive fiction, choice-based mobile game: your character has various adventures, resulting in multiple endings, based on the path you decide they should follow.

This game is free, offering in-app purchases, and is available on iOS and Android. It was created by Your Story Interactive, an independent game studio based in Chișinău, Moldova, and was launched on 6th March 2018. The game is currently available in 8 languages, however English and Russian are the main ones, where all stories are up to date.

Why should I play this game?

Don't let the name fool you! Romance Club has plenty of romance, of course, but its stories offer a lot more than that. Even if you don't want to romance anyone, many books let you do just that, giving you the chance to live amazing adventures without tying yourself to anyone.

In Romance Club, your choices have a big impact on the story, with different outfits, scenes and dialogues available on different paths. All books have multiple endings - some even bringing you to your demise! - and every choice really matters.

While there are some more light-hearted stories, this isn't your average fluffy dating game: the quality of the narration - which often touches on serious and dramatic topics - the intricacy of the plots and the labyrinthine quality of the branching put Romance Club well above average, when it comes to interactive fiction. You can play and replay a book several times over and have a different experience every time.

All music in this game is originally composed, and every single piece of background and character art is unique to each book and never reused across stories. In the majority of the books, the in-game CGs (the art scenes that illustrate special moments in the stories) are also customised according to the skin tone you selected for your main character.

Another thing we love about this game is that the free options, when it comes to clothing and accessories, are just as beautiful and appropriate to the occasion as the premium ones, and as a player you always feel respected and not emotionally blackmailed into buying premium options.

For more information about this game, head to our spoiler-free FAQ page or reach out to one of the Wiki Admins: we are happy to help!

At the moment of writing, this game has a female main character by default in all books apart from one, Gladiator Chronicles, that has a male main character, but both female and male love interests are available.

This game updates roughly every seven weeks, with 2 to 4 episodes added to each book at every update. Check Facebook or Reddit for information on when the next update is due.

What can I find on this wiki?

At the moment of writing, this wiki has over 300 pages with a lot of content. Whatever you're looking for, chances are that you will find it here. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can find on this wiki, but if you have any questions reach out to one of the Wiki Admins: we are happy to help!

Wiki News

August 2022: The August update of the game is out and the Wiki Team is working hard to update all relevant pages.

This wiki is always a work in progress and it's currently being fully reformatted so please bear with us while we do some spring cleaning.

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Fully released books

Sails in the Fog

Supernatural, Thriller

My Hollywood Story
Photo 24-11-2018, 17 16 41.png

Queen in 30 days
Drama, Contemporary
Queen in 30 days.png

Wave Patrol
Drama, Thriller

Seduced by the rhythm
Drama, Contemporary

Chasing You
Thriller, Steamy

Heaven's Secret
Supernatural, Steamy, Adventure

Legend of the Willow
Supernatural, Fantasy

Rage of the Titans
Fantasy, Steamy
ROT cover1.png

Sophie's Ten Wishes
Contemporary, Steamy, LGBTQ+
STW Cover1.png

On Thin Ice
Drama, Contemporary
OTI season1 cover.png

Currently ongoing books

Dracula: A Love Story
Supernatural, Adventure

Love from Outer Space
Sci-fi, Contemporary
LOS cover.jpg

Sins of London
Supernatural, Steamy
Sol s1.jpg

Drama, Horror

Gladiator Chronicles
Sci-fi, LGBTQ+

Heart of Trespia
Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Adventure

Kali: Call of Darkness
Adventure, LGBTQ+, Horror

Supernatural, Drama, LGBTQ+

Hell and High Water
Adventure, LGBTQ+, Sci-fi

The One
Drama, Contemporary, LGBTQ+

Ψ Psi
Supernatural, Thriller, Sci-fi

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