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Rebecca is the mother of the main character in Heaven's Secret.


Rebecca is the mother of the Main Character (MC) who passed away when MC was just five years old. It is revealed in Season 1, Episode 2 that Rebecca is the first Unclaimed to become a Seraph (higher rank angel closer to the creator Shepha).


Rebecca is very ambitious and achieved a lot due to her perseverance and stamina. Rebecca doesn’t tolerate any sign of weakness, be it hers or anyone else’s. Some people consider her dangerous and heartbreaker.


  • Vicky Walker (MC): The feelings of the MC regards her mother will depend on the player's choices.
  • Shepha: The Creator Of All. Rebecca is among Shepha’s most trusted counselors when it comes to Heaven’s secrets.
  • Seraph Crowley: He is a high ranking angel and principal at the Academy of Angels and Demons. Crowley is one of the few people that Rebecca trusts. He has a lot of admiration for her and thinks she's a brave person.
  • Winchesto: Satan's attaché and his right hand. Winchesto doesn't hide that he is in love with Rebecca. They studied together and decided to follow different paths because they are very ambitious and did not want to dispute with each other.
  • Fencio: Teacher at the Academy and a former throne. He falls in love with Rebecca and decides to drop everything for her, but he is not reciprocated. This made his thirst for revenge begin.
  • Eragon: Chief Counselor. Rebecca struggled to get his attention and was successful.
  • Torendo: He is part of the Citadel Council and the reason Rebecca got to meet the Chief Counselor, his superior.
  • Dino: Son of Fencio. He just entered school when she was already graduating. It was the day that he saw his father shamefully demoted to work at school.
  • Lucifer: Son of Satan. They don't get along. And if you're on the Path of the Angel in S1, Ep.9 Lucifer says about Rebecca: "I'm sure your mother was rather sly than strong."
  • Geralt: He is a demon and one of the MC's teachers. He tells MC to not trust her mother and that he considers Rebecca dangerous.
  • Bont: He is the light side of Malbonte. Rebecca says that Bont has hidden powers, and they can cause a lot of harm in the wrong hands.
  • Malbonte: Distant relatives, separated by many centuries. Both are ambitious but have different goals for Heaven and Hell. That's why Rebecca tries to keep the MC away from him.


  • Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈
  • Do's: Fortitude, ability to adapt, power.
  • Don'ts: Prejudices, sexists, someone else's weakness.
  • Interesting fact: Rebecca forced herself to break all connections with the past so that she won’t go crazy from grief for her soul and longing for her daughter. However, her feeling arose when she found out about the death of her daughter. And she got scared of it. She couldn't let herself be weak. It was easier to break the family bonds the second time, but at that moment something inside her broke. Rebecca felt like a robot that couldn’t have any feelings even if she wanted to.


Rebecca's ending


*Rebecca's future depends exclusively on your choices in the game. Below are some points of attention:

Season 3, Episode 7 If you choose "(Warn him.) + 2 Angel 😇 Prompt: Your choice influenced history!" she will die in the next episode defending you (CG Angel Choice).
Season 3, Episode 10 If you sided with Malbonte, she dies anyway, either by you or by Malbonte.

*So, if you want Rebecca to survive until the end of the book you need to:

Season 3, Episode 7 Choose "(Say nothing.) + 2 Demon 😈 Prompt: Your choice influenced history!". (Note: If you're on Angel Path, don't worry. This is the only option that gives you demon points you'll need to choose for Rebecca to survive.)
Season 3, Episode 10 Choose "Malbonte is wrong." (Note: You have to fight Malbonte. But this choice will only work if you have none or as few as possible connection prompts with him. More information on Malbonte's page.)