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Queen in 30 days was the fourth book released on the mobile game Romance Club in December 2018. This book has three seasons and was completed in December 2019. The author of this book is Nadejda (also known as Ursa) who also wrote Chasing You.

Book Summary

This book follows the adventure of an American college student who moves to the European country of Sagar and finds her way amongst royalty, mysteries and intrigues.

Gameplay features

Most choices you make for your Main Character in this book influence one of three variables: you can follow the paths of Tact 🤝, Will ✊ or Plot 🙈. These choices significantly change the story, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

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⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Walkthroughs are very likely to reveal significant plot points! So read at your own risk!

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Episodes' summaries

⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · The Hatter's Queen
December 2018
A young student comes to a faraway kingdom to have a grand time, find love and become part of the upper crust.
Ep 2 · The Queen's First Victory
January 2019
When your fiancé moves to another country the only thing you can do is follow him, of course!
Ep 3 · Queen's Luck
January 2019
What are you going to do alone in a foreign city when all your beliefs have been smashed down?
Ep 4 · Queen of the Festival
January 2019
Your first time in a palace is always the one to remember. So go on and take the most out of it!
Ep 5 · The Fashion Queen
January 2019
It's time to show yourself to the world. Take part in a jewelry fashion show and don’t let anyone lead you astray.
Ep 6 · The Queen Under Suspicion
March 2019
When being wrongfully accused you have two ways: give up or revolt and prove your innocence.
Ep 7 · The Queen at the Races
March 2019
Real people of quality are all around you. But why do you have a feeling that these top-notches are hiding something behind those smiles?
Ep 8 · The Queen and the First Danger
March 2019
Events are speeding up and this time it seems serious. Can it be that your life - and Richard's - is in danger?
Ep 9 · The Queen and a Horse Ride
April 2019
Troubles are there again to annoy you. And here's the first sign: didn't you hear someone talk about murder?
Ep 10 · The Queen and Some Scheming
April 2019
Adrenaline goes up high when you mix love and violence in a grand cauldron of court plots.

Season 2

Ep 1 · The Queen and The King's Birthday
April 2019
A great festivity- King's Birthday! On this day everyone is bound to be friendly and avoid conflicts. Will you manage?
Ep 2 · The Queen and the Monarchy
May 2019
Victories, love and scheming - all this can make your head spin. But be careful, as it is easy to do mischief in the middle of a festivity.
Ep 3 · The Queen and the King's Tea Party
May 2019
Not every tourist gets a chance to meet a monarch of other country. Don't miss it!
Ep 4 · The Queen and The Abduction
May 2019
Friends in need are friends indeed. It's time to find out if you're indeed a...good friend?
Ep 5 · The Queen and Detective Work
June 2019
The search for Richard is going in full speed.
Ep 6 · The Queen and the Ghosts of the Past
June 2019
The ghosts of someone else's past have caught you, but they are not as scary as the foggy future that awaits you.
Ep 7 · The Queen and the Rumors
June 2019
If you think it just started to go right! The moment you find Richard another and more serious problem arises...
Ep 8 · The Queen and Politics
August 2019
The atmosphere is heating up. It is time to find out if you're the right girl for the people of Sagar... and their queen.
Ep 9 · The Queen or a Countess?
August 2019
Adam said you have to leave Sagar! Is it really your last day in Hezur?

Season 3

Ep 1 · The Queen at Death's Door
August 2019
You're in danger at a gunpoint and Sagar is at the cusp of falling in the war. Any Ideas how to fix this?
Ep 2 · The Queen in Ahar
September 2019
The Ahar emirate is waiting for you. And your main goal is not to get into a deeper trouble.
Ep 3 · The Queen and the Sandstorm
September 2019
You messed up the negotiations in the palace. Is the war inevitable now?
Ep 4 · The Queen and the Oasis
October 2019
Can one get in trouble in an oasis, in the middle of a desert? As we can see - yes. Definitely yes.
Ep 5 · The Queen Strikes Back
October 2019
Today they call you a queen, tomorrow they will throw you in prison. What will they do next?
Ep 6 · The Queen and the Reckoning
October 2019
The war issue is solved and it is time to go back to Sagar, to your mercenaries, foes and friends.
Ep 7 · Now, The Queen
December 2019
The adventure is over and it is time to go back home... or not?