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Path of the Valkyrie is the thirteenth book released in the mobile game Romance Club. Romance Club first announced the title of this story on their VK official page on 1 Oct, 2020. The first chapter released on 15 Nov, 2020.

Book Summary

Angry winds howl through Asgard's fjord-ridden lands. Odin, leader of the Aesir and guardian of worlds, is ill at ease. Sly Loki has escaped his gaze and lurks in the shadows. But something else has caught his eyes.

Previous description: Evil winds blow in the fjord-ridden lands of Asgard. Restless Odin, leader of the aces, Keeper of the worlds. The treacherous Loki disappeared from his sight, hiding in the shadows. But something catches his attention.

  • Season 1: You woke up with the body of the infamous God in Norse mythology. What will happen next?
  • Season 2: You are now under Odin's command to find a murderer. What come next?

Gameplay features

The choices you make in this story affect one of two variables: ⚡️ change in life and 🕊️ order of things

Your choices are also affected by 🛡️ Glory. High glory will give you access to exclusive scenes and also influences how others treat you. In Season 2, there are some choices will impact the group morale: you could choose to defuse the tension or rise the tension among the group.

Path of Valkyrie Glossary

To help any fans who are not familiar with the Norse Mythology, this is a word list consisting of words that appear in the story. This page is an ongoing development.




⚠️ SPOILER WARNING: Walkthroughs are very likely to reveal significant plot points! So read at your own risk!

Walkthrough for: Season 1 | Season 2

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  • Genre and setting: Adventure, fantasy and setting of Norse/Scandinavian mythology
  • Related media products: God of war • American gods • Avengers - Thor • Vikings • Warcraft

Episodes' summaries

⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · Another World
Nov 2020
Angry winds howl through Asgard's fjord-riddled lands. Odin, leader of the Aesir and guardian of worlds, is ill at ease. Sly Loki has escaped his gaze and lurks in the shadows. But something else has caught his eye...
Ep 2 · The Journey Begins
Nov 2020
The road will rise to meet the one who walks it.
Ep 3 · A Valkyrie's Forge
Nov 2020
The best swords are born from the hammer of Ymir's granddaughter.
Ep 4 · The Fair Maiden
Dec 2020
The unapproachable chambers of Vanadis promise some rest...
Ep 5 · Bjerkanar Ablaze
Dec 2020
What happened in Bjerkanar?
Ep 6 · Feasting in the vale of the Fallen
Feb 2020
How do you find the way out of the ice world?
Ep 7 · The Serpent Of Midgard
Feb 2021
Midgard is on the horizon.
Ep 8 · The Wild Hunt
Feb 2021
They say you can't escape the Wild Hunt.
Ep 9 · Celebrating Sol
27 Mar 2021
It's time to lick your wounds.
Ep 10 · The Well of Mimir
27 Mar 2021
What does a meeting with the Rune-Knower have in store for you?

Season 2

Ep 1 · Svartalfheim
16 May 2021
Who hides in the fogs of Svartalfheim?
Ep 2 · The Contract
16 May 2021
Why would one enter a contract with a Savartalfr?
Ep 3 · The Tower
5 July 2021
The Tower holds its secrets close.
Ep 4 · The Deer
5 July 2021
How will the Holmgang end?
Ep 5 · The Swamp
22 Aug 2021
The White Witch awaits.
Ep 6 · The White Witch
22 Aug 2021
A new goal appears on the horizon.