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Moonborn was the second book released on the mobile game Romance Club in August 2018. This book has five seasons and was completed in March 2020. The author of this book is Alexander D., who is now writing Legend of the Willow.

Book Summary

This story follows Mia, an American college student, as she stumbles upon the discovery that vampires and werewolves are real. This revelation opens up an entire new world, full of excitement, adventure and many deadly dangers. Mia will be forced to fight against a mysterious, ruthless enemy, and to completely reconsider her own identity, which turns out to be tied to an ancient prophecy. Helped by a group of loyal friends, Mia's journeys sees her fighting for her life and the lives of many others, and seeking the ultimate truth before taking a final decision: will she accept the challenge in front of her or will she pick a quiet life? The choice is yours.

⚠️Trigger warnings: this story contains occasional scenes of fighting/violence and one brief verbal threat of sexual assault in Season 3, Episode 9.

Gameplay features

Most choices you make for your Main Character in this book influence one of four variables: you can follow the path of Diplomacy 🕊️ or Fortitude 💪 and develop the Gift of Blood 🔻 or the Gift of the Moon 🌙.

Depending on which path you pick, you will see different scenes or will be able to do/say different things. All paths are interesting and worth a play, but generally speaking, Fortitude Mia is more assertive while Diplomacy Mia is more cunning, and Gift of Blood Mia is more physically aggressive while Gift of the Moon Mia relies on her hypnosis skills. Choosing your path depends on what kind of MC you prefer when you are playing.

Note: in Season 5, Episode 4, if you are on the Gift of the Moon path, Mia can hypnotise someone into not doing something to Max, while she can't if you are on the Gift of Blood path (although you can pay diamonds for it either way). The plot, however, changes only slightly and Max is completely fine either way, however if you decide to romance Max and are short on diamonds you might want to keep this in mind.

All your choices in this story significantly change the plot, the interactions Mia has with other characters and the scenes you will be able to play. Your romantic choices also have a significant impact on the story. Some characters can be romanced only exclusively, while other characters can be romanced at the same time as other love interests.

Mia's reputation amongst vampires and werewolves, as well as her journalism score while working at the Supernatural Daily, have an impact on the plot. Check Mia's character page for details, or check the walkthrough pages for a detailed episode-by-episode breakdown (warning: plot spoilers).

If you love this book, come on the Reddit Forum to discuss it with us and other fans! Or maybe you are already an expert and know everything about this book? Test your knowledge with our Reddit-made Moonborn Trivia Quiz!

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⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Walkthroughs are very likely to reveal significant plot points! So read at your own risk!

If you are looking for help completing other books, check out our walkthrough directory.





Trivia and crossovers

Episodes' summaries

⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · The Masquerade
August 2018
An ancient prophecy comes to life in a modern metropolis. An ordinary girl finds herself at the center of supernatural events.
Ep 2 · The Supernatural Daily
August 2018
Mia has a chance to get her first journalistic experience... But it soon becomes clear that this chance can not be called a gift of destiny.
Ep 3 · First blood
September 2018
Mia gets out of the dark basement and is happy to be saved. But soon she faces something she could not believe...
Ep 4 · They exist
September 2018
Mia leaves the house of a real vampire and writes her article, not suspecting that the hunt on her has just begun.
Ep 5 · Victor Van Art
September 2018
Mia manages to escape death by the fangs of a vampire, the magazine publishes her article, and the relationship with Victor is getting complicated.
Ep 6 · A new victim
October 2018
Mia wants to stop the killing of people. The search for necessary information leads her to the club of vampires.
Ep 7 · The danger is behind
October 2018
Mia helps catch the killers. The danger is behind... but for how long?
Ep 8 · The trial
October 2018
Mia attends the trial of Billy, makes important decisions concerning her relationships with Victor and Simon, and then fate catches up with her.
Ep 9 · Max Fall
November 2018
Mia gets to know Max - a guy no less strange than vampires. However, this is not the only surprise for the girl.
Ep 10 · Bonus episode: The pack
November 2018
Max introduces Mia to the rest of the wolf pack and tries in every possible way to distract the girl from her problems. He almost succeeds at this.

Season 2

Ep 1 · The return
November 2018
Mia tests her new abilities in a real fight, and then returns to the city, where she will have a difficult conversation with Victor.
Ep 2 · The concert
November 2018
Mia heads to the concert of an eccentric singer to learn about her own vampire abilities.
Ep 3 · Abduction
December 2018
Mia saves an innocent man from police abuse. But it's not people who she should be afraid of...
Ep 4 · Run away!
December 2018
Mia must regain her freedom. She will not only have to defeat her enemies, but also overcome herself.
Ep 5 · The scam
December 2018
Mia introduces Victor and Max, learns about the problems at the Supernatural Daily, and prepares a bold plan to solve them.
Ep 6 · The bank
December 2018
Mia penetrates the bank in order to save the Supernatural Daily.
Ep 7 · Howard's house
January 2019
Mia, Max, and Victor meet with Howard. Will the vampire answer their questions?
Ep 8 · A breather
January 2019
Finally, you can afford to forget about problems for a while...
Ep 9 · Trevor's missing!
January 2019
Mia and her companions must investigate Trevor's mysterious disappearance.
Ep 10 · Circumstances
March 2019
Mia and her friend are invited to Benny Bart's party.
Ep 11 · The Golden Debut
March 2019
Mia is trying to get her first journalistic award

Season 3

Ep 1 · What a meeting!
March 2019
An unexpected meeting awaits Mia.
Ep 2 · Conflict resolved
March 2019
Some quarrels are settled down. Unfortunately, the real problems are still relevant.
Ep 3 · Dreams come true
April 2019
Mia goes on a trip...
Ep 4 · Meeting Fabien
April 2019
For one night, Mia decides to leave Amsterdam.
Ep 5 · He's dead
April 2019
What does Angel Mora need from Mia?
Ep 6 · The mystery of the manuscript
May 2019
Mia gets to learn more about the prophecy.
Ep 7 · A trail of breadcrumbs
May 2019
Mia follows the prophecy.
Ep 8 · Frances
May 2019
Mia has a new friend
Ep 9 · The Crypt
June 2019
Mia's search takes her to the cemetery...
Ep 10 · The end of the Odyssey
June 2019
Last days in Amsterdam. Mia still has one thing to take care of.

Season 4

Ep 1 · Poor, poor Louis
June 2019
Mia returns home.
Ep 2 · A question of journalistic ethics
August 2019
Mia meets again with Ethan Wood
Ep 3 · The girl from the photo
August 2019
Mia saves a vampire from a human and a human from a vampire.
Ep 4 · Be my girlfriend
August 2019
Mia receives an unexpected proposition.
Ep 5 · Running Out of Time
September 2019
There's a conflict brewing and Mia intends to take part in it.
Ep 6 · The Traitor
September 2019
By helping the werewolves, Mia finds out who killed the vampire.
Ep 7 · A Difficult Visit
September 2019
Mia is ever so closer to completing the prophecy.

Season 5

Ep 1 · Important assignment
October 2019
Mia is praised but she doesn't like it one bit.
Ep 2 · On the road again
October 2019
Mia says goodbye to some of her friends and time flies away with the other ones.
Ep 3 · The Ashe
October 2019
Mia meets the Ashe clan.
Ep 4 · The trial
December 2019
Mia proves herself.
Ep 5 · Valerie?
December 2019
Mia completes the Ashe test, and the second sacrifice is made.
Ep 6 · The fourth casket
December 2019
Mia learns the full text of the prophecy.
Ep 7 · A bad omen
January 2020
Mia says goodbye to the Ashe clan.
Ep 8 · Unexpected meetings
January 2020
Mia wants to see one person, but instead, she sees someone else.
Ep 9 · Approaching endgame
January 2020
Mia faces the Spanish Prince of vampires.
Ep 10 · The Blood Moon
March 2020
Mia enters the final battle.
Ep 11 · Epilogue
March 2020
The afterword about Mia and the others.