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This is the Main Character Mei of Legends of Willow

Her name cannot be changed at the beginning of the story.

In the beginning, you can personalize her appearance by choosing between 3 different facial features (Listed from Left to right): Northern province type, Southern province type, or Island province type.

This story follows a young woman who is learning to become a Geisha in Japan. During an intimate ritual Mei accidentally transforms into a fox discovering that she is a Kitsune. Now she will have learn to how to control her new magic ability while being chased by humans and other mysterious forces

Some decision influence Mei's personality. She can develop a💥 Passion personality (games description: her expressiveness and temperament) or she develop a more❄️️ Coldness in her personality (games description: her discretion and composure). Mei also has to decided what kind of magic fox she becomes. ✨ The Pearl fox who prefers various illusions or 🔥 The Amber fox who relates to fire in one way or another.


  • Kazu: Friends and possible love interest. Their relationship revolves mutual trust and respect. He gives her freedom and choices during their romance journey.
  • Takao: Depending on your choices, you can have a good relationship with him with possibility of romance
  • Masamune: A possible love interest. They share the same enemy and agreed to work together.
  • Sumiko: Mentor
  • Grandpa Chongan: A kind elderly ninja who lets Mei live with him.
  • Azumi: A kunoichi (female ninja) who lives in the ninja village and harbors jealousy toward Mei.
  • Shino-Odori: A yokai who lives in the forest near the ninja village and a possible love interest. Depending on the player, Mei can have friendship or romantic relationship with her. Shino-Odori is very straightfoward and honest.
  • Satoshi: A shinobi who is also her teacher on camouflages and disguise. Satoshi is sarcastic and often makes inappropriate remarks, much to Mei's discomfort and annoyance. But they've come to understand each other and work well together.

Hair styles

BeFunky-collage2 (2).jpg

Once the story begins you have 9 hairstyles to choose from

  • Simple bun (Left to right)
  • Light Brown ~ Brunette ~ Black
  • Simple Pin (Left to right)
  • Light Brown ~ Brunette ~ Black
  • Tall bun (Left to right)
  • Light Brown ~ Brunette ~ Black

Mei additional hairstyles.jpg

Good. But I want to see other Hairstyles

Choose a hairstyle (Shown from left to right)

  • Light brown debut style (💎 9)
  • Black debut style (💎 9)
  • Ashen debut style (💎 22)

Mei 3.jpg

Chapter 3 Hairstyles. Choose a hat

  • Simple Hat (💎 0)
  • Tall Hat (💎10)
  • Expensive Hat (💎20)

Mei Chapter 5 Hairstyles.jpg

Chapter 5 Hairstyles, Choose a Hair style

  • Loose brown strand (💎0)
  • Loose black strands (💎5)
  • Loose chestnut strands (💎5)
  • Light brown Southern style (💎8)
  • Black Southern style (💎22)
  • Chestnut Southern style (💎22)


Chapter 8 Hairstyles, Choose a Hair style

  • Lightweight black locks (💎0)
  • Lightweight chestnut locks (💎12)
  • Lightweight lightbrown locks (💎4)
  • Black high ponytail (💎12)
  • Chestnut high ponytail (💎19)
  • Ash high ponytail (💎30)

More hairstyles will become available as the game progresses


When the story begins this is your ONLY free outfit choice

Screenshot 20200509-170007 Romance Club-0.jpg

Simple Kimono

Mei 7.jpg

Good but I want to see Additional Outfits

Choose an outfit

  • Autumn Leaf (💎 22)
  • Ravens gift (💎 27)

Mei 2.jpg

Chapter 2 Clothes. Mei's Clothes

  • Tatters (💎 0)
  • Old kimono (💎12)
  • Well worn Kimono (💎17)

Mei chapter 4.jpg

Chapter 4. Clothes from KazuChapter

  • Men’s Simple Kimono (free)
  • Men’s gray kimono (💎19)
  • Mens Black kimono (💎31)

Mei 5.jpg

Chapter 5. Mei out on

  • Whispers of the woods (💎 0)
  • Flower festival (💎28)
  • Song of the wind (💎22)

More Clothing Styles will become available as the game progresses.


More hairstyles, outfits, accessories, backgrounds, and reference

Reference: Knights of Romance Club

Q&A about Mei

Interview from the writer: Alexander

Why did you name the main character “Mei”?

  • I was looking for a name that exists in Asia, while it is present in different nations and will be euphonic for different language groups. In addition, it does not run counter to the character of the main character.

How is the fox transformation process for Mei? Does it hurt for her?

  • Mei kitsune, and its transformation is directly related to magic, is painless.

What happens to May's clothes when she transforms into a fox? Does it just subside?

  • It's magic, clothes are transformed with Mei.

What kind of relationship did Mei have with other maiko / geisha? Did she have friends?

  • All I want to tell you - I will tell you in a story.

What kind of relationship did Mei with Lady Sumiko?

  • When Mei was brought to Okiya, she was immediately assigned a mentor. Sumiko not only taught the protagonist the art of presentation and tea ceremony, but also spent a lot of time with her. The mentor was jealous of Mei's upbringing, avoiding any interference in every possible way, even from Mother Kinuyo. Despite the sometimes uncompromising character of the main character and Sumiko's severity, all strife remained strictly between them. Sumiko, in fact, was Mei's only close person.

At the beginning of Episode 3 of Season 1, May knows who could help with her conversion, namely a prisoner. Where did she get this confidence?

  • She thinks about who will help her in the issue of disappearing from the city, not conversion. She had never seen any other criminals, perhaps knowledgeable in a similar matter.

Why did Mei turn into a fox in the tunnel in episode 5 of season 1, fainted, and when she woke up, she was still fluffy?

  • Takao said about sleep: “Falling asleep, you calm down. Returning to the familiar human form. " It takes time. In the tunnel, May passed out briefly. She did not fall asleep, did not calm down, did not recover - she fainted.


Writer: Alexander