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"I spent so long in the body of a dragon that I lost interest in human lives. When I'm around you, however, I can't stand being a beast. You make me want to be human."

Loy is a human who was cursed to become the dragon Fyr, and a main Love Interest in Heaven's Secret.


Loy is a human who became cursed centuries ago by Fidero to live as a sea dragon (Fyr). He had an affair with the great sorcerer's daughter. Loy defends it saying, "I loved her, really. She was naive, funny, and so innocent... But as time goes by, feelings fade sometimes. You can't force your heart to love someone. I wanted to be honest with her. I kissed her hands and left." (S3, Ep.1).

The girl did not want to let him go so she took her own life causing Fidero to fall into despair and rage. He held Loy accountable for the death of his daughter. He says his daughter gave her his heart and soul and in return she was treated like an animal. Fidero decided the young man deserved to know what that felt like to become one.

As Fyr, he got into so many fights due to his rage of being trapped inside a body that did not belong to him. He tells the Main Character (MC) he could only regain his human form back when someone finally treats him like a person, instead of an animal.

I you kept Fyr in S1, Ep.9 and developed a good relationship with him, at S3, Ep.1 you will free him from the curse and he will reveal his true form to you. His human form is a handsome man with scales covering his body due to being a sea dragon for so long.

Loy still has the ability to shapeshift into Fyr at will.


Loy had been in a "cage" for so long, spent so much time in the body of a dragon that he lost interest in human lives. He is a wild beast that needs freedom. Only for MC, if the player invests in the relationship with him, Loy wants to be human again.


  • Vicky Walker (MC): She is the only person who discovers his true form. The one responsible for breaking his curse. If you choose to talk with Fyr/Loy in S3, Ep.5 he says to MC, "You saved me. You took the chains off me. I'll be on YOUR side. I'll only protect you and fight for you."
  • Dino: He is the only human he likes besides MC, for taking care of his dragon form Fyr. However, Dino doesn't know that Fyr is actually cursed human.


  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini ♊
  • Do's: Loyalty, Freedom, Sky
  • Don'ts: Being the center of attention, crowds
  • Interesting fact: When Loy was in the body of a dragon, he wanted to break free from the shackles of this foreign body. But when he was able to turn into a human, Loy realized that only in the dragon form he could truly be free. And now people seem strangers to him.
  • He is the only character whose appearance is directly linked to the player's previous choices.


[Note: Click here to see more images of Loy as Fyr.]

Interactions with Loy

NOTE: Below you will find Fyr's interactions as well, as they are essential for Loy to appear in the story.

Below includes choices if Loy is your main love interest ❤️

S1, EP9:

  • (I'll be glad to.) (💎22) [Now you'll take care of Fyr, and he'll take care of you.]

S2, EP2:

  • (Kiss him on the nose.) (Unlocks CG image of you and Fyr) [Your relationship with Fyr improved.]

S2, EP9:

  • (Thank him.) [Your relationship with Fyr improved.]

S3, EP1:

  • Note: If you choose the options above, in this episode, Fyr will reveal his true form to you: Loy.
  • Man. [Your relationship with Fyr improved.]

S3, EP3:

  • I'll train with Loy! (💎30) [Your relationship with Loy improved.]

S3, EP5:

  • Fyr.
  • Kiss him. [Your relationship with Loy improved.]

S3, EP9:

  • ❤️I need only him and no one else! (Unlocks CG image of you and Loy) [Your relationship with Loy improved.] [You gave your heart to Loy.]
  • (Surrender to the mysteries of the night.) (💎29) (Sex scene) [Your relationship with Loy improved.]

Loy's ending


Season 3, Episode 10

If you have a high relationship with Fyr/Loy: He will survive.

If you have a poor relationship with Fyr/Loy: He dies protecting you.

Season 3, Episode 11

If Loy is alive: He began to help the Flying Division but remained independent.

❤️Loy's Romance Path❤️: You spent a lot of time flying and traveling. [CG image]