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This page is very likely to reveal significant plot points and future story developments so read at your own risk!
Welcome to the Love from Outer Space walkthrough.

This page is the walkthrough for Season 1. Click here if you are looking for walkthroughs for other seasons.

This is an ongoing book and this walkthrough is a work in progress.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is an episode-by-episode guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the plot. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most choices you make for the Main Character in this book influence the following variables: 💫Stars, 🌎Earth, 👗Style, 🥇Sports, and 🧬️Science.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthrough.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

It is possible to balance your points to meet all skill requirements in this book.

Text written in Italic provides a summary of the episode and extra information.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.

Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in this walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.

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In this season you will need:

[ You can balance your points for Style, Science, and Sports. ]

4 Science🧬️ points
For Episode 3
4 or 6 Style👗 points
2 or 6 Science🧬️ points
2 or 6 Sports 🥇 points
For Episode 4
22 Science🧬️ points
For Episode 11

S1, EP1: The New Girl

A prince from a faraway star has been betrayed, and now planet Earth is his new home. A normal girl who's an outsider in a new town comes to his aid.

Outfit Choice: When you are selecting your MC's appearance, the extra diamond outfits and hairstyles actually have an effect on the story later.

  • Dressy look (22💎) (No one comments on your outfit)
  • Stylish look (27💎)(You will be wearing nearly the same thing as the most popular girl in school. She will be upset that you dress so well, but people will notice that you have style)
  • Current outfit (free) (You will get nasty comments from the most popular girl in school about how your outfit indicates you are from the countryside)

Hair Choice: When you are selecting your MC's appearance, the extra diamond outfits and hairstyles actually have an effect on the story later.

  • Colorful locks (9💎)
  • Voluminous mane (22💎)(The head jock in school will be into you, and people will think you have style)
  • Current hairstyle (free)

Choice: The ship is about to crash and there is only one escape pod. Will the Prince choose to save himself of his bodyguard?

  • (Agree.) (The prince grabs his pet and gets in the escape pod.)
  • (Refuse.) (The prince pushes his pet and bodyguard into the escape pod. He goes down with the ship and is injured, but survives.)

Choice: Amber's dad asks her why she took so long packing

  • Sorry. (+1 Stars💫)
  • So what? (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: What do you think of your new home?

  • It's really huge. (+1 Stars💫)
  • Eh, whatever... (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Your dad brings your old telescope in your room

  • Thank you. It wouldn't be the same without it. (+1 Stars💫)
  • You know I'm not into that. (+1 Earth🌎)

💫Path of the Stars💫: Amber looks into her telescope and sees a falling comet. (It is likely the escape pod falling to Earth) She wonders if she should tell her dad, and thinks it would be cool to make a discovery.

🌎Path of the Earth🌎: Amber went to sleep.

Skill Choice: How will you walk through the halls at school?

  • Straight ahead, don't step aside for anyone. (+1 Sports🏅)
  • As if they're a fashion runway. (+1 Style👗)
  • While perusing a textbook. (+1 Science🧬️)

Reputation Outcome:

  • If you purchased the voluminous mane in the beginning, Joe will check you out in the hallway. 
  • If you purchased the stylish outfit in the beginning, Sarah will be mad and says she needs to update her wardrobe because of you.

Diamond Choice: Sarah is bullying you.

  • Taunt her. (9💎) ❕Sarah now has a score to settle with Amber.
  • Take the insult.

Choice: Amber makes a fool of herself by going into the wrong classroom

  • It's my first day here. (+2 Stars💫)
  • What are you staring at? (+2 Earth🌎)
  • (Kick his bucket "on accident.") (+1 Stars💫 and +1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Your lab partner is not happy to work with you.

  • Hi. Nice to meet you. (+2 Stars💫)
  • I'm not thrilled about this either. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • (Ignore her.) (no effect)

Timed Choice: Extinguish the flames with... (It doesn't matter what you choose, but they all have fun results either way)

  • ...the magenta solution.
  • ...the turquoise solution.
  • ...the light blue solution.

Choice: Will you choose to go home with Miranda?

  • Okay. (+1 Stars💫) (You make a show of getting into Miranda's cool car)
  • I'll catch a bus. (+1 Earth🌎) (You get into Miranda's car normally)

Choice: Your parents ask about your day

  • Tell them an optimistic lie. (+1 Stars💫)
  • Tell them the truth. (+1 Earth🌎)

Skill Choice: How will you decorate the room?

  • With cute toys (9💎)(+1 Style👗)
  • With a plasma ball (9💎)(+1 Science🧬️)
  • With sports equipment (9💎)(+1 Sports🏅)
  • Keep it simple (free)

Choice: Choose who you want to talk to on the phone

  • Some Todd. (He asks Amber to go on a walk with him. They end up at the unfinished building and get to know each other better. He talks about his favorite movies and games - Amber doesn't know anything about them and asks him to introduce her to those games.)
  • It's Miranda. (Amber apologizes for being rude to Miranda earlier. Then she asks Miranda to go out with her to the unfinished business. When they meet up, Amber opens up to Miranda about her troubles. Miranda tells her that she is happy to finally have a friend and be normal.)

Choice: The creature attacks...

  • ...with a sound wave. (The kids don't hear the sound, but they are all knocked down by a sudden strong force.)
  • ...with its tail spikes. (It doesn't hit your group, but startles them)
  • spitting acid. (Grass is the only thing that gets hit by acid.)

Skill Choice: How to deal with the alien beast

  • Calm the beast down. (+1 Style👗)(Amber gets low and calmly approaches the animal speaking nicely to it. It lets her pass after sniffing her hand.)
  • Trap the beast. (+1 Sports🏅) (Amber runs at the beast and then jumps over it. Unable to stop its momentum, the beast tumbles into a ditch.)
  • Trick the animal. (+1 Science🧬️) (Amber takes a dry branch and sets it on fire to scare the beast.)

Choice: Try opening it... (Correct option is random, you can try as many times as it takes)

  • …from the front.
  • …from the left.
  • …from the right.
  • …from the back.

Romance Choice: You now get to choose which face the Prince has while morphed to look human.

S1, EP2: The Contact

Amber comes face to face with real aliens. How will this close encounter of the third kind end?

Choice: …

  • (Calm everyone down.) (+1 Stars💫)
  • (Raise voice.) (+1 Earth🌎)


  • Leave it as it is. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • Don't hide your faces. (+1 Stars💫)

Choice: So tell us...

  • In all details. (17💎) (+1 Stars💫 and +1 Earth🌎)
  • The short version (free)

(Skill Choice: I'd like to...

  • Walk this city. (+1 Sports🏅+1 Style👗)
  • Live in a society like this. (+1 Science🧬️+1 Style👗)
  • Fly these ships. (+1 Sports🏅 +1 Science🧬️)

Timed Choice: I'll... (will show about three times)

  • (Freeze)
  • Do the dishes 1️⃣
  • Wipe the floor clean 2️⃣
  • Sort the groceries out 3️⃣

Note: If you were successful at the timed choice:

Choice: ...

  • (Sneak.) (+2 Sports🏅)
  • (Be the distraction.) (+2 Style👗)
  • (Bait the beast.) (+2 Science🧬️)

❕Todd distracted his mom long enough to make Amber's task easier.

Note: If you made at least one mistake in the timed choice, you get +1 stat instead of +2.

Outfit Choice: Prince and Guard

  • Fashionable t-shirt (12💎)
  • Old t-shirt

Choice: I think

  • It's rather cute. (+1 Stars💫)
  • It's not important now. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: (Allude to...)

  • (His paranoia.) (+1 Stars💫)
  • (The law.) (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: I think

  • Control is necessary. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Moderation is key. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • That's too much.(+2 Stars💫)

Choice Metamorphosis

  • Strange cat (17💎)
  • Strange dog (17💎)
  • Normal cat
  • Normal dog

Choice: If they find out, I can't imagine what happens to...

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Me

Choice: I think I'll use... (You are busted no matter which way you go.)

  • The back door.
  • The main entrance.
  • The tree.


  • (Calm the parents down.) (+1 Stars💫)
  • (Apologize to the parents.) (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: This scandal...

  • Didn't even ruin my mood. (+1 Stars💫)
  • Put me off my stride a bit. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice Agent Wolf: It's just that...

  • I never give up.
  • I want to believe.
  • I like to annoy you.

Choice: Who will answer?

  • Agent Doe - Find out she was named by doctors in the Saint Thecla hospital where her half-dead infant self arrived. They kept calling her that so they wouldn't get attached to her who could die any moment.
  • Agent Wolf - He says they put the names into cups, and hit ping pong balls until they hit one.

S1, EP3: Just Like Normal People

The guests of our planet face one of the hardest trials in their lives - becoming humans... At least on the outside.

Choice: Breakfast

  • Fruit salad (+1 Sports🏅 +1 Style👗)
  • Fish fingers (+1 Science🧬️ +1 Style👗)
  • Chocolate cereal (+1 Sports🏅 +1 Science🧬️)

💫Path of the Stars💫: You decide to go visit your guests before school.

🌎Path of the Earth🌎: You decide not to draw attention to the house, but you drive by and see the neighbor watching anyway. You scare him by honking.

Choice: …

  • Agree with Sarah. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Agree with Sean. (+2 Stars💫)
  • Stay out of it. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Start a rumor about... (Your rumor will spread around the town)

  • Suspicious behavior. (+2 Style👗)
  • Otherworldly glowing. (+2 Sports🏅)
  • Quarantine of the forest. (+2 Science🧬️)
  • Lights in the sky. (+1 Science🧬️+1 Style👗+1 Sports🏅) (Note: not all of the icons may appear on screen, but you still get a stat increase)

Choice: …

  • High five! (+1 Stars💫)
  • Yeah, raise your voice. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: …

  • Pet it. (+1 Style👗)
  • Play with it. (+1 Sports🏅)
  • Study. (+1 Science🧬️)

Skill Choice: I...

  • Can't help you with that.
  • Know a thing or two about it. (Requires 4 Science🧬️) ❕Your help is invaluable for the common cause.

Choice: I'll sit on...

  • Jacob
  • Todd
  • The bodyguard
  • The prince

Choice: The gang will go... (You get to go to all the options.)

  • Shopping (Path A)
  • To the movies (Path B)
  • To the food court (Path C)

Path A Outfit Choice: Prince's clothes

  • Dandy (10💎)
  • Fancy suit (Free)

Path A Outfit Choice: Ursula's clothes

  • Brand Sports clothes (10💎)
  • Sporty style (Free)

Path A Outfit Choice: How do you dress up?

  • Stylish outfit (20💎)
  • Fashionable outfit (30💎)
  • Simple outfit (Free)

Path A Outfit Choice: Which one?

  • Stylish purse (10💎)
  • Fashionable purse (20💎)
  • Simple purse (Free)

Path A Hair Choice: Which one do you prefer?

  • Stylish hairdo (10💎)
  • Fashionable hairdo (20💎)
  • New hairdo (Free)

Path B Choice: What do you prefer?

  • Horror (+1 Stars💫+2 Earth🌎)
  • Action (+3 Earth🌎)
  • Soap drama (+2 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Sci-fi (+3 Stars💫)

Path C Choice: What did you order?

  • Hot dogs
  • Pizza
  • Burgers

S1, EP4: The Newbies

Amber's no longer the newest girl in school. Ray and Ursula need to become students. What challenges await the aliens and the whole group?

Choice: Of course...

  • It's true. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • He's lying.+1 Stars💫)


  • Yes. (+1 Stars💫)
  • No. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Uhm... We're doing...

  • Programming. (+1 Science🧬️)
  • A dictionary for foreigners. (+1 Style👗)
  • A guide through Clearview. (+1 Sports🏅)


  • (Question him closely.) (+2 Stars💫)
  • (Distract him from his thoughts.) (+2 Earth🌎)
  • (Turn his attention to mom.) (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)

Choice: What's the prince giving to you?

  • Disguised communicator (11💎) (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Delicate communicator (19💎 ) (+2 Science🧬️)
  • Communicator bracelet


  • (Stop her.) (+2 Earth🌎)
  • (Calm her down.) (+2 Stars💫)
  • (Give a hint to the prince.) (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)

💫Path of the Stars💫: Amber agrees to put an end to getting bullying in a peaceful way

🌎Path of the Earth🌎: Amber explains to Ray about survival of the fittest, and suggests it would be worse if they tried to help.


  • (Stand up for Kurtz.)
  • (Send Ursula over.)

Choice: I'll distract him with...

  • A conversation. (+2 Stars💫)
  • An accident. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Some work. (+2 Earth🌎)

Skill Choice:..

  • (Be jealous.)
  • (Do not be jealous.)
  • (Call out to the prince.) (Requires 4 Style👗) ❕You've hurt Sarah's pride
  • (Turn Sarah's attention to myself.) (Requires 6 Style👗) ❕ Sarah's opinion of you has improved significantly (Note: if you didn't buy clothing at the very beginning, the prompt is ❕ Sarah's opinion of you has improved)

Choice: Well...

  • It's a custom.
  • I don't' know.
  • They bother us.

Skill Choice: How's Amber doing with geography?)

  • (Badly.) ❕ Your GPA is C
  • (Nicely.) (Requires 2 Science🧬️) ❕ Your GPA is B
  • (Very well.) (Requires 6 Science🧬️) ❕ Your GPA A

Choice: I think...

  • PE will put her in a better mood. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • We should talk to her. (+1 Star💫)

Outfit Choice: What do you wear?

  • Stylish uniform (19💎) (+1 Style👗)
  • Brand uniform (31💎) (+2 Style👗)
  • Sports uniform (free)

Hair Choice: How do you set your hair?

  • Sports headband (11💎) (+1 Sport🏅)
  • Fashionable blinder (19💎) (+2 Sport🏅)
  • Sporty hairdo (free)

Skill Choice: (How's Amber doing with sports?)

  • (Badly.) (free) ❕ Your PE grade is C
  • (Nicely) (Requires 2 Sport🏅) ❕ Your PE grade is B
  • (Very well!) (Requires 6 Sport🏅) ❕ Your PE grade is A

Choice: You're...

  • Doing great. (+2 Stars💫)
  • Capable of more. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Talented. (+1 Star💫 + 1 Earth🌎)


  • (Flip Joe a bird.)
  • (Stop the fight.)
  • (Support Ray.)
  • (Don't react.) (Amber ignores Joe and Sarah jokingly remarks that his moves don't work anymore.)


  • I didn't like it at all. (+1 Star💫)
  • It was incredibly cool! (+1 Earth🌎)

S1, EP5: Covering Up The Tracks

Amber and her friends failed to cover their tracks, and now they need to find the way out of the scrape.

Choice: ...

  • Don't worry, it doesn't bite. (+1 Stars💫)
  • Be careful, it's dangerous. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Uhm...

  • We got it as a present. (+1 Style👗)
  • We adopted it. (+1 Science🧬️)
  • It clung to us on the street. (+1 Sport🏅)

Choice: Sure, it's...

  • My science project. (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Something I found at a dump. (+1 Sport🏅)
  • Modern art. (+1 Style👗)

Choice: ...

  • We're just students. (+1 Stars💫)
  • You have no order. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: The thing that fell was...

  • A mysterious glowing meteorite. (+1 Style👗)
  • A silver disk. Flying saucer. (+1 Science🧬️)

Choice ...

  • Unfortunately, no. (+1 Sport🏅)
  • Sure. (+1 Science🧬️)

Choice: They...(if you pick Unfortunately, no)

  • Were there before us. (+1 Style👗)
  • Followed us. (+1 Sport🏅)

Choice: We...(if you pick Sure)

  • Threw them away. (+1 Style👗 )
  • Gave them to the military guys.(+1 sport🏅)

Choice: ...

  • I agree. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • I don't get why you're worried. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Wait! (+2 Stars💫)

Choice: Hmm...

  • I think we should keep it. (8💎)(+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎) ❕ The document will come in handy in the future.
  • We should give it back.

Choice: I think we...

  • Could plant spores in his garden. (22💎) (+1 Style👗)The neighbor will feel your wrath soon. later that nightThe bane will stay with him for a long time
  • Could put interference generators into his house. (22💎) (+1 Science🧬️) ❕The neighbor will feel your wrath soon. ❕The bane will stay with him for a long time
  • Could ask Ursula to wreck his house. (22💎) (+1 Sport🏅) ❕ He won't restore his house anytime soon.
  • Should leave him alone.

Outfit Choice: What do you wear?

  • Hiking set (22💎)(+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Walking outfit (28💎) (+2 Stars💫 +2 Earth🌎)
  • Hiking clothes (Free)

Outfit Choice: What do you put on your head?

  • Bucket hat (8💎) (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Forest hat (22💎)(+2 Stars💫 +2 Earth🌎)
  • Cap (Free)

Choice: I think...

  • Jacob should lead. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • You should work together. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Ray should lead. (+2 Stars💫)

Choice: Heh...

  • I don't really like it, either. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • You'll get used to our nature. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Your nature would be scary to me, too. (+2 Stars💫)

Choice: How do you spend time with the pet?

  • Train it. (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Play with it to exhaustion. (+1 Sport🏅)
  • Cuddle it. (+1 Style👗)

Relationship Choice: Who do you spend some time with?

  • Todd
  • Miranda
  • Jacob
  • Ray
  • Ursula

S1, EP6: Under The Starry Sky

The raid lies ahead, but the group has no idea that they're walking straight into a trap

Choice: Come on...

  • Enlighten us...(+1 Stars💫)
  • Stop acting like a diva.(+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: It's...

  • Kinda boring.(+1 Stars💫)
  • Funny.(+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: What are you cooking? ...

  • Marshmallows(+1 Style👗)
  • Sausages(+1 Sport🏅)
  • Potatoes(+1 Science🧬️)

Campfire stories

Choice: Who will start?

  • Todd: An ambitious programmer decided to create a peculiar game. It was a game you can play once. If you lose, it deletes itself from the floppy disk. But one player decided he'd finish the game so he copied the game into a ton of floppy disks, intending to insert the next one after a failed attempt. Not everything was that simple nor the same after insert the levels had changed, and so did the MC. The first thing the character said staring right into the screen was "Why are you torturing me? I was supposed to die." The player laughed at the humor of the programmer and formatted his hard disk, to delete the remaining files, just in case. That didn't help. The character said: "It won't help. It's too late. Now you need to finish the game, or it will break free..." This time, the level was imitating the player's house. It seemed weird, but he kept playing. He couldn't stop. The player tried to get the game creator. It turned out the programmer had killed himself, leaving a note behind: "I tried to keep it at bay, but there's no stopping it now." The game images was haunting him in dreams and in reality. There was no way he could go back without solving the mystery. He entered the his kitchen in the game saw a high-level monster that was to be at the end of game. "It's your fault. Now it has broken free. I'm sorry." His computer crashed, something ratted in his actual kitchen. He was found in his bed. Heart attack. He described the story, before dying. When they found his diary it too late. After death they sold the rest of his floppy disks at a garage sale. We might come across THE floppy disk and become a part of it's unknown rules.
  • Jacob: There’s an animal inside each and every one of us. A monster. It's been with us since the time we learned to walk on two feet.  However much we try to convince ourselves that we understand and control our outbursts, it's just an illusion to hide the truth from ourselves. The truth is named Vendigo. It's the primal thing that's been here since the creation of the Earth. An evil, bloodthirsty Spirit, angry beyond words, lusting only for blood and meat. You can eat a cow, the bear, but it likes human flesh the best. This spirit needs it. Some say this creature lives somewhere outside and finds a person, weak can Spirit, to get his body. But that's wrong. vendigo lives within each of us, and each time we lash out, it claws its way outside. Some might even feel its presence. The smell of blood, the red before your eyes. When your mind is racing, and you only want one thing: to tear someone apart, not thinking of the consequences...  It’s the claws of Vendigo, torturing your soul. On cold winters, the lost and hungry wanderers feel the call especially clearly.  Just as one of them subdues to the hunger and the lust for life, ready to cast all human traits aside, there's no coming back. If  Vendigo breaks free, it will never retreat. Your soul is in its paws, and it will chew it slowly, enjoying every bite. At first, the person will seem the same. He just becomes angrier and more aloof. But then their eyes go red, their skin gets pale. The nails turn to claws slowly, and their body gets covered  in fur. The woods seem especially enticing  to them, for there's no way they could stay among people anymore. So they go there and turn into a monster completely, hunting humans at night. and everyone might reach that point, if you forget you're human once.

Choice: Who continues?

  • Ursula: The race of Camulans invaded the territories of the interstellar union. The Camulans were a very aggressive species. They killed all the diplomats sent to them with offers of peace and unity. They were very egoistic believing the universe was granted to them by their god, so they should rule everything. And since their invasions were successful their god approved of it, as they believed. They perceived other races as slaves, and they subdued opposition with indescribable cruelty.  The war started. Whole planets and sectors got under fire. My father, who would later become the leader of the emperor's guards, was sent to a front far from battle. The front was not in the thick of combat zones, and the soldiers only needed to keep an eye on the supplies and logistics. It made everything seem very safe, and so they would break the regulations constantly. One night, when the troop went to sleep, no one stationed the guards, as usual. They used to say there were no animals bigger than a fist in the land. But they were wrong. But Camulan spies have been keeping an eye on them for a while. And when the last soldier fell asleep, they just walked into the barracks and slaughtered all the soldiers one by one. Only my father survived by pure luck.
  • Ray: only family member and top ranking know the whole story Several unknown ships of another civilization entered the empire borders. Contact was fruitless, ships was sent went off the grid, apparently joining with them. The same thing happen to the colonies fleet. the planets join creating a giant fleet. The signals from these planets were horrifying. Later found interstellar union suffered expansion they had to make a decision. Judgment Day weapon was unsealed form the secret vaults. Both enemy and anyone influenced by it were wiped out. It was referred to as llinian plague. The horrifying truth is that everyone panicked and destroyed their own subjects. The weight of this mystery has been on his family's shoulders.

Choice: I'll tell you about...

  • The ghost of an old school.(+1 Earth🌎)
  • The UFO.(+1 Stars💫)

Choice: Who will you be on guard with?

  • Todd

Todd POV 💎's Choice:...

(Muster the courage to kiss Amber.)(17💎) Todd muster his courage ask Amber may he kiss her as they share a kissing moment

(Continue the conversation.)(Free)

  • Miranda: Amber ask are you happy?

Miranda POV 💎's Choice:...

Have you ever kissed someone?(17💎) Miranda ask to teach her how to kiss and Amber gave Miranda her first kiss ever

I don't know(Free)

  • Jacob

Amber's 💎 Choice:...

(Kiss Jacob)(17💎) Amber ask Jacob if she can kiss him and they share a kiss

(Start a conversation.)(Free)

  • Ray

Ray POV 💎's Choice:...

(Kiss Amber.)(17💎) Ray kissed Amber

(Support Amber.)(Free)

  • Ursula

Amber's 💎 Choice: May I...

Touch your sprouts? (17💎) Ursula agree

Hug you?(Free)


  • Get it together, damn you!(+1 Earth🌎)
  • It's going to be fine.(+1 Stars💫)

Choice: Metamorphosis

  • Strange predator(10💎)
  • Strange reptile(10💎)
  • Predator (Free)
  • Reptile (Free)


  • I'll do as you do.(+1 Stars💫)
  • I'm not that helpless.(+1 Earth🌎)

Timed Choice Note: Wait for the soldier to turn away

  • (Signal)
  • (Wait)

Note: ONLY if failed timed choice


  • (Fix the mistake quickly) (10💎)
  • (Be at a loss)(return to fix your friends from alarming the base)


  • Everything's going too smoothly.(+1 Earth🌎)
  • They can manage everything.(+1 Stars💫)

Outfit Choice: What does Amber steal?

  • Scientist robe(33💎)(+2 Stars💫)
  • Soldier uniform(33💎)(+2 Earth🌎)
  • Technician robe (Free)
  • Cadet uniform (Free)

S1, EP7: On The Ground

Amber faces her enemies in their own lair, and she'll have to muster all her courage to save her friends.

Note: different options is given based on your disguise

Choice: Uhm... (Scientist robe)

  • I'm just an intern.(+1 Stars💫)
  • I was sent from "upstairs".(+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Uhm... (Soldier uniform)

  • They needed a girl.(+1 Stars💫)
  • I'm pretty good.(+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Who'll do it...

  • Miranda (+1 Style👗)
  • Ray beast(The pet name)(+1 Sport🏅)


  • It's a good thing.(+2 Stars💫)
  • It's all relative.(+1 Stars💫)(+1 Earth🌎)
  • I agree.(+2 Earth🌎)

Ray notice Amber next to DOC

⏰Timed Choice: (Be...)

Note: It's at random spot. choose Aloof you get (+2 Stars💫)(+2 Earth🌎)

  • (Astonished)
  • (Aloof) ✅
  • (Astonished)
  • (Astonished)

⏰Timed Choice: Press...

Note: options are at random pay attention. You get different sequence of options depending on the outfit you choose in disguise.

Scientist robe:

  • (hesitate)
  • (red)
  • (blue)
  • (green)

Soldier uniform:

  • (Hesitate.)
  • (Shoot) 3️⃣
  • (Release the safety catch.) 1️⃣
  • (cock the shutter)2️⃣

Choice: It's just...

  • They're cuter then you!(+1 Style👗)
  • Science must work for good!(+1 Science🧬️)
  • I do what I must.(+1 Sport🏅)


  • No time for parties.(+1 Earth🌎)
  • I couldn't act otherwise.(+1 Stars💫)

Choice: Who'll carry it?...

  • Ray (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Ursula (+1 Sport🏅)


  • He must pay (26💎)DOC won't forget the mark you gave him.
  • Fine (Free)

💫Path of the Stars💫:Ursula state Ray's plan fail as she suggested to knock them out on the way in Ray refused to cause any sufferings now the solders know there was a security breach. He use the death ray to shoot at the generator making every servicemen in the area were seeing illusions.

🌎Path of the Earth🌎: Ray wanted a quiet retreat wanted to solve everything peacefully, end up using the death ray to cover Ursula and Amber as trying to avoid casualties.

The servicemen won't forget this event

Choice: Who'll cover?...

  • Jacob(+1 Style👗)
  • Todd(+1 Science🧬️)

Jacob volunteer

Choice: Hm...

  • Try it.(+1 Sport🏅)
  • (Start singing.) (+1 Style👗)
  • Let me tell you a story. (+1 Science🧬️)

Todd volunteer

Choice: (There should be more...)

  • (Activity)(+1 Sport🏅)
  • (panic)(+1 Style👗)
  • (interference)(+1 Science🧬️)

Choice: Calm down...

  • It's going to be fine.(+2 Stars💫)
  • He volunteered.(+2 Earth🌎)
  • We can't influence anything.(+1 Stars💫)(+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Who to hug?...

  • Todd
  • Miranda
  • Jacob
  • Ray
  • Ursula

Hair Choice: what to make?

  • Bright flower crown (9💎) (+1 Stars💫) (+1 Earth🌎)
  • Alien flower crown (20💎) (+2 Stars💫) (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Simple flower crown (Free)

Bracelet choice: What to make?

  • Bright string bracelet (9💎)(+1 Style👗) (+1 Sport🏅) (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Alien string bracelet (20💎)(+2 Style👗) (+2 Sport🏅) (+2 Science🧬️)
  • Simple string bracelet (Free)

Choice: We're...

  • Out. (26💎)❕This will influence the story.
  • In (Free) ❕This will influence the story.

S1, EP8: Vanity of Vanities

With earthling traditions mostly figured out, the aliens experience the ups and downs of high school life.

Choice: You...

  • Need to calm down. (+2 Stars💫)
  • Should go to therapy. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Should make peace with it. (+1 Stars💫) (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: What about...

  • Your research? (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Your condition? (+1 Sport🏅)
  • Your mood? (+1 Style👗)

Path Choice: If you kept Agent Wolf's ID card then the computer tells you some information about his background. His older sister Donna Wolf went missing while testing an experimental engine. This event came to be called the First Swallow Initiative. In episode 7, DOC indicates that he has information on this event.

Outfit Choice: Saw her as

  • Post-punk (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Rock biker +1 Style👗)
  • Military girl (+1 Sport🏅)

Outfit Choice: Choose his look!

  • Fancy jacket (19💎)
  • Jacket (free)

Choice: ... (You get to choose two options)

  • What did he look like? (+2 Style👗)
  • What did he want from you? (+2 Sport🏅)
  • Do you have any idea who sent him? (+1 Science🧬️) (+1 Sport🏅) (+1 Style👗)
  • How much have you discovered already? (+2 Science🧬️)

Choice: ...

  • No reason. (+1 Stars💫)(+1 Earth🌎)
  • It's so interesting! (+1 Stars💫)
  • I'm just worried. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: ...

  • We had a lovely walk. (+1 Sport🏅)
  • It's very beautiful in the woods. (+1 Style👗)
  • Hikes are very enlightening. (+1 Science🧬️)

Outfit Choice: How do you dress up?

  • Bold look (19💎) (+1 Sport🏅)
  • Bright look (19💎) (+1 Style👗)
  • Strict look (19💎) (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Disco (30💎)(+2 Sport🏅)(+2 Science🧬️)(+2 Style👗)
  • Shirt and jeans (free)

Hair Choice: How do you set your hair?

  • Airy hairdo (12💎)(+1 Earth🌎)
  • Defiant hairdo (12💎) (+1 Stars💫)
  • Complex hairdo (19💎)(+2 Earth🌎) (+2 Stars💫)
  • Simple hairdo (Free)

Choice: Everything is...

  • Fine (+2 Stars💫)
  • Okay (+1 Stars💫) (+1 Earth🌎)
  • Wrong (+2 Earth🌎)

Choice: (Break...)

  • (The bike.) (+1 Stars💫)(Ursula picks up the bandit's bike and throws it. The bandit runs away.)
  • (The bandit.) (+1 Earth🌎)(Ursula beats up the bandit until he begs for mercy and runs away.)

Choice: (How to act?)

  • (Normal and chill.) (+1 Stars💫)
  • (Like a cool guy.) (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: ...

  • No one was asking you. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • It's going to be fine.(+2 Stars💫)
  • Don't worry. I've got you. (+1 Stars💫) (+1 Earth🌎)

The Path of Sports: Amber and Ray go to cheerleading tryouts.

Choice: Watch...

Note: options are available depending on relation with Sarah

  • (Blow her a kiss.) (12💎)(+1 Stars💫) (+1 Earth🌎)❕Sarah likes you.
  • Out.
  • And learn.

The Path of Science: Amber and Ray go to the chess club

Choice: who to play

  • Todd (+1 Stars💫)
  • April (+1 Earth🌎)

The Path of Style: Amber and Ray go to the theater

Choice: (Quote)...

  • (Oh, poor Yorick! I used to know him.) (+1 Earth🌎)
  • (What does a name mean?) (+1 Stars💫)

S1, EP9: Race For Your Life

The prince's pride makes Amber and her friends get into a new risky project.


  • Chin up. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • I get it. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • It's going to be fine... (+2 Stars💫)

Choice: Oh, please...

  • No threats. (+1 Stars💫)
  • I threaten differently. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: We should start with...

  • Geography. (+1 Sports🏅)
  • Literature. (+1 Style👗)
  • Physics. (+1 Science🧬️)


  • Why are you so cold? (+2 Stars💫)
  • You'll be back anyway. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Are you really that busy? (+2 Earth🌎)

Outfit Choice: I think...

  • I'm keeping it. (💎29)
  • I'll change. (Free)

Choice: What color will it be?

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

Choice: What about the airbrush?

  • Flames (💎22) (+2 Sports🏅)
  • Space (💎22) (+2 Science🧬️)
  • Hippie (💎22) (+2 Style👗)
  • Nothing (Free)


  • You look amazing! (+1 Stars💫)
  • Isn't that too revealing? (+1 Earth🌎)

Outfit Choice: What do you wear?

  • Grease (💎29) (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Formula 1 (💎29) (+2 Stars💫)
  • Leather jacket (Free)
  • Racer uniform (Free)

Choice: You know what...

  • Screw you. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • Yes, I improved my skills. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • I don't care what you say. (+2 Stars💫)

Romantic Choice: How about a kiss for luck?

  • Todd
  • Miranda
  • Jacob
  • Ray
  • Ursula

⏰Timed Choice:.. Note: The choice is at random just pay attention (speed up)

  • (Hesitate.)
  • (Hesitate.)
  • (Speed up.)
  • (Hesitate.)

⏰Timed Choice: You will be shown a sign 3x. Choose left or right depending on what the sign says.

  • (Hesitate.)
  • To the left!
  • To the right!

⏰Timed Choice: You have to press "Floor it." at the correct moment 2x. Which is right around when your car's front is at the tail end of the other car.

  • (Floor it.)

Choice: If you fail one of your attempts you get a second chance.

  • (Influence the engine.) (💎22)
  • (Give up...) (Free)

⏰Timed Choice: Ngh! (You have to select "Realign" 5x in a row.)

  • (Let go...)
  • Realign!)

⏰Timed Choice:... (When the drone is on the left choose "Slow down" or "Forward", and when it is on the right choose "Speed up" or "Backwards".

  • (Be at a loss.)
  • (Slow down.)
  • (Speed up.)

  • (Miss the mark!)
  • (Forward!)
  • (Backwards!)


  • (Worry.) (+1 Stars💫)
  • (Laugh.) (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Well...

  • This means war. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • This is wonderful! (+1 Stars💫)

S1, EP10: Everything Around

A killer robot is about to invade the Earth, and so Amber and the gang are preparing a proper welcome.


  • (Thank him.) (+2 Stars💫)
  • (Play pretend.) (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • (Interrupt him.) (+2 Earth🌎)


  • Maybe I am. (+2 Stars💫)
  • Don't hold your breath. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • We'll see. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)


  • Good morning. (+2 Stars💫)
  • Whatever. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • (Ignore them.) (+2 Earth🌎)


  • (Lean on him.) (+1 Earth🌎)
  • (Cut the tension.) (+1 Stars💫)

Choice: It's rather...

  • Responsible. (+1 Stars💫)
  • Irresponsible. (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: It's...

  • Military tests. (+1 Stars💫 +2 Earth🌎)
  • My experiments. (+2 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • The Soviet intelligence. (+3 Stars💫)
  • None of your business. (+3 Earth🌎)

Choice: But...

  • (Use sleigh of hand.) (+1 Sports🏅)
  • (Win his favor.) (+1 Style👗)
  • (See through him.) (+1 Science🧬️)

Choice: Kurtz was...

  • (Supported by Wolf.) (💎11)❕You've influenced Kurtz's future decisions. (Unlocks CG image)
  • (Supported by Doe.) (💎11) ❕You've influenced Kurtz's future decisions. (Unlocks CG image)
  • (Supported by no one.) (Free)


  • It almost flopped. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • But we did pretty great. (+1 Stars💫)


  • Can we lie about it? (+2 Stars💫)
  • So you've guessed. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • I don't know what you're talking about. (+2 Earth🌎)


  • No. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • Yes. (+1 Stars💫)


  • Calm down. (+2 Stars💫)
  • We need to be careful. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • That's right. (+2 Earth🌎)

Outfit Choice: What is she dressed like?

  • Motoarmor (💎17) (+2 Science🧬️)
  • Martial arts (💎17) (+2 Sports🏅)
  • Biker (💎17) (+2 Style👗)
  • Hooligan clothes (Free)


  • Fool. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • Poor thing. (+1 Stars💫)

S1, EP11: Preparations For The Invasion

Two battles are held on the Earth: Amber and her friends versus the killer robots, and agents versus drug dealers. But there's always room for human feelings in between battles.


  • We'll always be with you. (+2 Stars💫)
  • Are you daring us? (+2 Earth🌎)
  • What's up with the depressed sentiments? (+1 Earth🌎)(+1 Stars💫)

Choice: Maybe...

  • It can be tricked? (+1 Style👗)
  • It can be hacked? (+1 Science🧬️)
  • It has a weak spot? (+1 Sports🏅)


  • This is what friends do. (+1 Stars💫)
  • Leave it until the victory. (+1 Earth🌎)

Outfit Choice: What do you wear?

  • Denim Jacket (💎20)(+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • From a fashion magazine (💎27)(+2 Stars💫 +2 Earth🌎)
  • Jumper (Free)

Hair Choice: How do you set your hair?

  • Big curls (💎8)(+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Luxurious curls (💎20)(+2 Stars💫 +2 Earth🌎)
  • Curls (Free)

Choice: Uhm...

  • Good morning, agents! (+1 Stars💫)
  • (Pretend oblivious to their presence.) (+1 Earth🌎)

Choice: Listen up!

  • I won't let you talk to me like this! (No effect)
  • Do you really want me to feel offended? (No effect)

Choice: Who's Amber working with?

  • Miranda (+2 Style👗) ❕This choice will influence the battle
    • Choice: ..
      • Keep your chin up, friend. (+1 Stars💫) ❕Miranda will remember your words.
      • Disappointed?! (+1 Earth🌎) ❕Miranda will remember your words.
  • Todd (+2 Science🧬️) ❕This choice will influence the battle
    • Choice: Maybe...
      • We could finish it together? (+1 Stars💫) ❕Todd will remember your suggestion.
      • You could beat it for me? (+1 Earth🌎) ❕Todd will remember your suggestion.
  • Ray (+1 Science🧬️ +1 Style👗) ❕This choice will influence the battle
    • Choice: I'll create...
      • A fractal. (+1 Earth🌎) ❕The prince will keep your perception of the world.
      • An eighth color (+1 Stars💫) ❕The prince will keep your perception of the world.
  • Jacob (+2 Sports🏅) ❕This choice will influence the battle
    • Choice: Can you teach me how...
      • Draw patterns (+1 Stars💫) ❕Jacob will remember the promise.
      • Use a knife (+1 Earth🌎) ❕Jacob will remember the promise.
  • Ursula (+1 Sports🏅 +1 Science🧬️) ❕This choice will influence the battle
    • Choice: My power is like...
      • A sharp blade. (+1 Earth🌎) ❕Ursula and the staff will remember your style.
      • An unstoppable thunder. (+1 Stars💫) ❕Ursula and the staff will remember your style.
  • The pet (+1 Sports🏅 +1 Style👗) ❕This choice will influence the battle
    • Choice: I bet you want to...
      • Understand my order (+1 Earth🌎) ❕You share a one-way connection now
      • Tell me what you want (+1 Stars💫) ❕You share a one-way connection now

Choice: Choose an upgrade

  • Speed and shields (💎20)(+Sports +Style) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.
  • Speed and levitation (💎20)(+Sports +Science) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.
  • Shields and levitation (💎20)(+Style +Science) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.
  • Everything at once (💎27)(+2 Sports🏅 +2 Science🧬️ +2 Style👗) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.
  • Speed (Free)(+1 Sports🏅) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.
  • Shields (Free)(+1 Style👗) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.
  • Levitation (Free)(+1 Science🧬️) ❕This choice will influence the future adventures.


  • (Kick the wires away.) (+1 Science🧬️)
  • (Hide the beast.) (+1 Style👗)
  • (Cover the view.) (+1 Sports🏅)

Skill Choice:...

  • No.
  • You must be proud of your sister. (Requires 22 Science) ❕Your relationship with Wolf has improved.

Choice: So was it...

  • A UFO? (+1 Stars💫)
  • A normal bolide? (+1 Earth🌎)

S1, EP12: Slumber Party!

Amber and her friends decide to have a slumber party to avoid worrisome thoughts about the upcoming battle.

Choice: I want to...

  • Look at you from the outside. (+2 Earth🌎)
  • See what it's like. (+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)
  • Have fun with you. (+2 Stars💫)

Choice: What's for snacking?

  • Nachos (+1 Sports🏅)
  • Popcorn (+1 Science🧬️)
  • Ice Cream (+1 Style👗)

Choice: Miranda...

  • (Cheer her up.) (+1 Earth🌎)
  • (Soother her.) (+1 Stars💫)

Choice: (Who do I splash on?)

  • (Miranda.)
  • (Ursula.)

Outfit Choice: What do you wear?

  • Grownup style (💎34)(+2 Style👗 +2 Science🧬️ +2 Sports🏅)
  • Magical unicorn (💎19)(+1 Style👗)
  • Faraway space (💎19)(+1 Science🧬️)
  • Cute bunny (💎19)(+1 Sports🏅)
  • Soft tenderness (Free)

Choice: (Where do I hide?)

  • (In the wardrobe.)
  • (Under the bed.)

Choice: What's next? (You could choose ALL of the activities)

  • Pillow fighting.
    • Choice: (What do I do?)
      • (Defeat Miranda.) (+1 Earth🌎)
      • (Give in to Miranda.) (+1 Stars💫)
  • Trying on mom's clothes.
    • Choice: Which ones do you like?
      • Bright beads (+1 Science🧬️ later in the episode for 💎10)
      • Delicate beads (+1 Style👗 later in the episode for 💎10)
      • Defiant beads (+1 Sports🏅 later in the episode for 💎10)
    • Choice: I...
      • Like it. (+1 Stars💫)
      • Don't like it. (+1 Earth🌎)
  • Makeup and manicure. (CG Images)
    • Choice: Choose your makeup
      • Bright makeup (💎34)(+2 Stars💫)
      • Bold makeup (💎34)(+2 Earth🌎)
      • Modest makeup (Free)
  • Braiding hair. (CG Images)
    • Hair Choice: Choose a hairstyle
      • Intricate braids (💎19)(+2 Earth🌎)
      • Tall ponytails (💎19)(+2 Stars💫)
      • Cute buns (Free)

Timed Choice: !!!

  • (Hesitate.)
  • (Catch it.) (Correct)(+1 Stars💫 +1 Earth🌎)


  • Let's try it in a year.
  • Meh.

Choice: (Amber's mind...)

  • (Tried to forget the tape.) ❕Amber's orientation remains unchanged.
  • (Was excited.) ❕Now Amber has decided on her orientation.

Choice: (Amber...)

  • (Goes to sleep with Ursula.) (+1 Sports🏅)
  • (Goes to sleep with Miranda.) (+1 Style👗)
  • (Looks in the telescope.) (+1 Science🧬️)