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Love from Outer Space is the twelfth book released in the mobile game Romance Club. The book's first chapter released in August 2020.


This story follows a high school student named Amber who moved to a new town with her parents due to her dad's new job he took. She meets her old friend Miranda while trying to navigate through her last 2 years of school. Her journey leads her to new friendships and extraterrestrial beings.

This book is ongoing.

Gameplay features

Some decisions influence Amber's personality and how she speaks to others in game: 💫Stars and 🌎Earth

While other variables impact her performance in general: 👗Style, 🏅Sports, and 🧬️Science.

These choices significantly change the story, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

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If you are looking for help completing this book, check out our walkthrough pages for Season 1 and Season 2.

(Warning: spoilers/pages under construction)


  • Setting: Teen fiction, 80s, Massachusetts, USA
  • Related media products: Titan symbionic, The day the Earth stopped, Transformers, I Am The Fourth, Paul.

Chapters summary


Season 1

Ep 1 · The New Girl
August 2020
A prince from a faraway star has been betrayed, and now planet Earth is his new home. A normal girl who's an outsider in a new town comes to his aid.
Ep 2 · The Contact
September 2020
Amber comes face to face with real aliens. How will this close encounter of the third kind end?
Ep 3 · Just Like Normal People
September 2020
The guests of our planet face one of the hardest trials in their lives - becoming humans... At least on the outside.
Ep 4 · The Newbies
September 2020
Amber's no longer the newest girl in school. Ray and Ursula need to become students. What challenges await the aliens and the whole group?
Ep 5 · Covering Up The Tracks
November 2020
Amber and her friends failed to cover their tracks, and now they need to find the way out of the scrape.
Ep 6 · Under The Starry Sky
November 2020
The raid lies ahead, but the group has no idea that they're walking straight into a trap.
Ep 7 · On The Ground
December 2020
Amber faces her enemies in their own lair, and she'll have to muster all her courage to save her friends.
Ep 8 · Vanity of Vanities
December 2020
With earthling traditions mostly figured out, the aliens experience the ups and downs of high school life.
Ep 9 · Race For Your Life
February 2021
The prince's pride makes Amber and her friends get into a new risky projects.
Ep 10 · Everything Around
February 2021
A killer robot is about to invade the Earth, and so Amber and the gang are preparing a proper welcome.
Ep 11 · Preparations for the invasion
May 2021
Two battles are held on the Earth: Amber and her friends versus the killer robots, and agents versus drug dealers. But there's always room for human feelings in between battles.
Ep 12 · Slumber Party!
May 2021
Amber and her friends decide to have a slumber party to avoid worrisome thoughts about the upcoming battle.

Season 2

Ep 1 · Monster Of The Week
July 2021
The cyborg killer's aim is already on Clearview. The battle for the lives of aliens and their friends is about to begin.
Ep 2 · After Shock
July 2021
The agents learn the truth. What awaits the gang at the battle’s end?