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Liz Taylor is one of the main love interests in the series of On Thin Ice.


Liz is a tough, hardheaded young woman who knows how to get what she wants. She has been a figure skating since childhood. Later you find out the Main Character (MC) was the one who inspired her to start skating.

She grew up being raised mostly by her hard-working and loving father, Harry Taylor, who help Liz in any way he can. Her mother left her and her father for a lover when Liz was a teenager.

Her father Harry works as a cook in a restaurant and always worked a lot, but Liz’s mother never appreciated it. She always wanted more and, according to her, Harry could not provide for his family. She wanted an expensive lifestyle for herself, so she found a lover twenty years old than her, and without thinking twice, she left her family for him. Liz refused to leave with her.

Liz is single for almost a year. Her last relationship was harrowing. She worked hard to make it last, but her girlfriend became controlling and jealous of everything and everyone. She even picked a fight with Liz’s father when he tried to protect her. That was the last straw. Now she is wary of the idea of a serious relationship.


She is cocky, proud, and arrogant girl. But if you look closer, she reveals her gentle nature.

Liz is resilient, has a tough exterior, and is not afraid to speak her mind. However, on the inside, she is truthfully kindhearted and nurturing, especially to those that she loves.


  • Catherine Hill (MC): Friend and possible future girlfriend, depending on the player's choices. Liz agreed to help her to regain her fighting spirit. She thinks MC deserve much more than she has right now.
  • Brian Baker: Friend. He met Liz in her seventeenth birthday – her first birthday without her mother. She got so angry that she ran out of the house at night to blow off some steam. Since that day they became good friends.
  • Harry Taylor: Her father. He is everything to her. He raised her, gave her proper upbringing, and even now, he helps her with everything he can.
  • Unnamed Mother: She tried to stay in touch with Liz for the first couple of months after she left home, but she gave up on the idea once she saw Liz was not reciprocating. Now she only writes on her birthdays and Liz never answer.
  • Dominic: According to him, they used to have a great time together. But she does not seem to agree with that.


Interactions with Liz

Below includes choices if Liz is your main love interest ❤️

S1, Ep. 1:

  • Stood up. (+1 Authority 🥇)

S1, Ep. 2:

  • If you chose "Stood up" in Ep. 1: (The stranger is delighted with you.)
  • Your reasoning is too simplistic. (8💎) (+1 Authority 🥇) (You got Liz thinking.)

S1, Ep. 4:

  • If you chose “Your reasoning is too simplistic.” in Ep. 2: (Liz heard you.)
  • I’m just used to handling everything on my own. (Liz has begun to respect you.)
  • Help me. (21💎) (Your relationship with Liz improved.) (You are accumulating mastery.) (CG Image of MC and Liz)

S1, Ep. 5:

  • Liz (Your relationship with Liz improved.)
  • “I’ll hug Liz.” (Your relationship with Liz improved.) /OR/ “I’ll thank them both.” (Your relationship with Liz improved.) (Your relationship with Brian improved.)
  • That’s a good idea. (Liz is glad you agreed.)
  • Stay. (32💎) (Your relationship with Liz improved significantly.)

S1, Ep. 6:

  • I hope I’ll see you again. (+1 Authority🥇) (Liz is pleased that you made a good impression on her father.)
  • “Can’t keep my eyes off her.” (Your relationship with Liz improved.)
  • If you have a close enough relationship with Liz, Prompt: Your relationship with Liz became closer! And you get the following choice:
  • (Kiss her.) (23💎) (Your relationship with Liz improved.)

S1, Ep. 7:

  • I'd be glad to. (Your relationship with Liz improved.)
  • Help. (Your relationship with Liz improved .)
  • “I want to touch her." (34💎) (Your relationship with Liz improved ) [Note: Only if you choose "Help" in the previous choice.]
  • We had a great time. (Liz is pleased.)

S1, Ep. 10:

  • I’ll ask her to get closer.” (23💎) (Your relationship with Liz  improved significantly.) [Note: You only get this choice if you have a close relationship with Liz.]