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Leonard is one of the love interests in Queen in 30 Days. He first appears in Season 1 Chapter 8. Jessica (default name of the main character) first met him in a strange dream. 


Leonard, Duke of Lanshire, is the step-brother of Prince Richard and step-son of King Henry. His mother Victoria and King Henry married of convenience, there was no love between them. To secure Richard's future throne, it had been revealed that King Henry never sleeps with his mother. 

Leonard stayed at the palace of Sagar since the age of 10. Witnessing the cruelty of indifference from King Henry and seeing her mother suffering from loneliness, his underneath hatred towards Richard and King Henry is one of the reasons he wants to fight for the throne, and also to protect his loved ones- his mother and later, Jessica. He told Jessica in Season 3 that he thought Sagar deserved another ruler, someone more reasonable and restrained like him.

Leonard took up painting after he visited Karlskirche in Vienna as a child. He was very impressed by the paintings on the walls and the ceiling, but most of all, he was in awe because one of the frescos depicted a woman who looked just like his mother. [1]


Leonard is a man of mystery, seldom displays his emotions and his motivation. Never shows interest for the throne in the public. Even facing an accusation in the later chapters, he was still calm and collected. He is calculated and indifference but gentle and caring to the one he loves. He is infatuated with Jessica and self-conscious about his painting skills during their private painting session. Easily to be embarrassed in front of her.


  • Jessica (default name of the main character): allies, enemies or possible future wife. He said she was the most unexpected thing that happened in the palace from the day he was there. Sometimes, he calls her princess.
  • Richard: Step-brother. (no blood relation) They don't like each other. He considers Richard is too spoiled and impulsive to be a ruler.
  • Adam: Indifference. He mocked him as being Richard's dog.
  • King Henry: Stepfather. Leo hates him.
  • Queen Victoria: Leo's mother, they have a very close relationship.


  • Zodiac sign: ♒ Aquarius
  • Like: Smell of fresh paints, spring rain, his mother
  • Dislike: Unreliable allies, Adam's sock smell, "Draw me!"
  • Jessica heard a rumor in the palace that Leonard was gay.
  • The writer, Ursa Rysina shared a glimpse of his traumatic childhood memory in her personal VK account. [2]
  • Ursa clarified that Leonard and Richard are actually not blood-related, this was a mistake in the game (that they only share different mothers but the same father).
  • Notwithstanding his love for painting, he remorsefully admitted it's hard to make a living as a painter. He once used Jessica as his model for body-painting (diamond scene).
  • In the scene he proposing Jessica, he mentioned he spent 15 years with Richard, indicated that he is around 25 years old.
  • If you hooked up with Leo inside the ruins (S3, EP3), he won't tell anyone. It won't affect the relationship with Adam or Richard if you engaged either one of them. 
  • If you chose the diamonds scene with Leo in the desert (S3, EP4), your relationship with Adam/ Richard will worsen.
  • In the ending if you betrayed Richard: only Queen Victoria and your mother were in the wedding, however, none of your friends, as well as King Henry, attended.

Interaction with Leonard

S1, EP10

  • He asked what were you doing in Sagar.  "I am much more interested in you."  Prompt: You got a chance to learn something about Leonard. (+ 27 Plot )

S2, EP3

  • (Greet him as a prince.) (You will get this choice if you reached 27 Plot points and you have a good relationship with Leonard during the picnic scene on Season 1, Episode 10.)
  • (Ask Leonard a favor.) (💎10) Prompt: Good relationship with the Queen come in handy in the future.

S2, EP9

  • Speaking to Leonard at the Gallery.
  • Leonard asks you to help him deal with Julia. "I will help you" (💎29) Prompt: Thanks to you, Leonard will be able to frame Julia
  • You could choose which pattern you wanted Leonard to paint in your face. 
  • Leonard offers to paint the rest of your body. "Actually, I don't mind." (💎29)  (Let Leonard cares you with a paintbrush)
  • Deny Richard's proposal.

S3, EP3

  • Deny Adam's proposal. 
  • Inside the ruin, Leonard admitted that he was charmed by you. 
  • Do you believe he's not gay? "Want proof..." (This choice will lead to the diamond scene)
  • (Seduce him.) (💎30) Prompt:  Your relationship with Leonard has improved.

S3, EP4

  • Join the midnight desert excursion with Leonard.
  • (I prefer the flowers to stay alive.) Prompt:  Your relationship with Leonard has improved.
  • (Do not mind) Leo calls you princess.  Prompt:  Your relationship with Leonard has improved.
  • (Kiss him.)(💎29) Prompt:  Your relationship with Leonard has improved.

S3, EP5

  • You found Leonard in your room and told you that he escaped the jail but was not able to help Richard or Adam.
  • Leo asked you have ever felt like the whole world is against you. "I know that feeling"  Prompt:  Your relationship with Leonard has improved.
  • Leonard tried to explain himself.  "In detail." (💎12)
  • Leonard asked you to be Queen and share the throne with him. Prompt:  You managed to maintain a good relationship with Leonard and he invited you to become the Queen.
  • If you bought the white dress, it provides more conversation with Leonard.

S3, EP6

  • Inside the park, Leonard wanted to hold your hand. (Let him hold your hand) 

    Engagement ring

  • If you have enough love points with Leonard, he will propose you out of love. Prompt: Leonard is madly in love with you. "Jessica, will you marry me?": "Accept his proposal" or "Refuse" (This choice will determine your ending.)
  • If you do not have enough love points with Leonard, he will propose you by a marriage of convenience, ironically.

S3, EP7

  • A long-waited wedding with Leonard.