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Legend of the Willow is the tenth book released in the mobile game Romance Club, the first chapter was published on May, 2020.

Book Summary

This story follows a young woman who is learning to become a Geisha in Japan. During an intimate ritual Mei accidentally transforms into a fox discovering that she is a Kitsune. Now she will have to learn how to control her new magic ability while being chased by humans and other mysterious forces.

Gameplay features

Some decision influence Mei's personality. In the game, you can choose from the Path of Passion or Coldness :

  • 💥 Passion personality (games description: her expressiveness and temperament);
  • ❄️️ Coldness personality (games description: her discretion and composure).

Also, you could also decide what kind of magic fox she becomes:

  • ✨ The Pearl fox who prefers various illusions or
  • 🔥 The Amber fox who relates to fire



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⚠️ SPOILER WARNING: Walkthroughs are very likely to reveal significant plot points! So read at your own risk!

Season 1 walkthrough page

Season 2 walkthrough page

Season 3 walkthrough page

Season 4 walkthrough page


  • Setting: Oriental fantasy, medieval fantasy in the atmosphere of Japanese mythology.
  • Related media products: Memoirs of a geisha, Lord of the rings





Episodes' summaries

⚠️WARNING: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · First Snow
May 3rd, 2020
A young woman is training to become a geisha, but she turns to kitsune, a werefox. Now she's being chased... not only by humans.
Ep 2 · Alone
May 3rd, 2020
Mei becomes a geisha, and people start to talk about her.
Ep 3 · The Escape
June 19th, 2020
Mei strikes up an unusual acquaintance.
Ep 4 · The Chase
June 19th, 2020
Mei surprises and is being surprised.
Ep 5 · Takao
June 19th, 2020
Mei doesn't believe, but she gets persuaded.
Ep 6 · First Steps
August 8th, 2020
Mei learns to control her magic.
Ep 7 · Southbound
August 8th, 2020
Mei must say her goodbyes before she can welcome someone else.
Ep 8 · Ichiro
August 8th, 2020
Mei receives two offers of accompaniment but refuses.
Ep 9 · Masamune
September 26th, 2020
Mei turns to her magic in a time of uncertainty.
Ep 10 · Is That Him?
September 26th, 2020
Mei returns to the okiya.

Season 2

Ep 1 · The Contract
September 26th, 2020
Mei talks about ikebanas and names the price.
Ep 2 · The Scaffold
November 15th, 2020
Mei feels uneasy about something everyone else is interested in.
Ep 3 · Shelter
November 15th, 2020
Mei says hello and goodbye.
Ep 4 · Shino-Odori
November 15th, 2020
Mei contemplates trust and betrayal.
Ep 5 · Where Does the Wind Blow
December 19th, 2020
Mei learns what happened in Aogawara.
Ep 6 · The Black Duck
December 19th, 2020
Mei faces a test.
Ep 7 · First Lesson in Stealth
February 5th, 2021
Mei ponders aging, household routines, and the principal enemy of sorcerers.
Ep 8 · Night Visit
February 5th, 2021
Mei experiments with personas and magic.
Ep 9 · Don't You Dare!
February 5th, 2021
Mei finds out she's not the only one to have enemies.
Ep 10 · Her Own Path
March 27th, 2021
Ep 11 · The Thaw
March 27th, 2021
Mei looks at the rain and blood under her feet.

Season 3

Ep 1 · Tomorrow
March 27th, 2021
Mei crosses an invisible line.
Ep 2 · The Festival of Beauty
May 16th, 2021
Mei and the capital prepares for the celebration.
Ep 3 · The Shogun's Palace
May 16th, 2021
Mei familiarizes herself with life at the shogun's palace.
Ep 4 · Dining in High Society
July 4th, 2021
Mei goes to the dinner and hears jokes about the power of beauty.
Ep 5 · The Letter
July 4th, 2021
Mei ponders compassion and profits.
Ep 6 · The First
July 4th, 2021
Mei protects herself and others.
Ep 7 · Backdoor
August 22nd, 2021
Mei experiences a peculiar cart ride.
Ep 8 · The Obsidian Hall
August 22nd, 2021
Mei gets invitation to the private garden.
Ep 9 · Twenty
August 22nd, 2021
Mei watches an executioner work again.