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Kayla is the female love interest in the book Wave Patrol.


She used to do gymnastics when she was a kid and hasn't lost flexibility since then. This activity was a compromise with her parents who were overly caring and protective. As soon as Kayla realized that she couldn't get away with simple school competitions, and they were trying to make her an Olympic champion, she rebelled.

The moment she finished school, she ran away from home, stopped being a goody-two-shoes, and worked towards becoming her own person. A series of not very good decisions led her into a very bad situation Alek eventually rescued her from.

She is a surfer and member of the surf gang the Sharks. Alek is her mentor and she comments that the Sharks are like her family. She is unaware the gang has been trafficking drugs and experiences a crisis of identity after Alek and Dude are arrested at the end of Season 1.

MC gets to know Kayla while she is working undercover for the lifeguard service. MC saves her from a rip current in S1 Ep 4. Kayla is grateful and flirts with MC, and when they hang out again she agrees to teach MC how to surf.

Kayla is a casual love interest in Season 1. You can get serious with her in Season 2. She is direct, sexual, and nurturing. She drops hints that she has been hurt in past relationships.


  • Zodiac: Cancer ♋
  • Dos: Surfing, staring at the ocean at night, and spicy food.
  • Don'ts: Unflavored tastes, boring stuff, and being told what to do.


Kayla Route Walkthrough

This walkthrough will highlight choices that seem to directly affect the relationship with Kayla. It is adviced to not take relationship improvements with Jake and Shelly and to stay on the path of low reputation to get a happy ending with Kayla. Her route appears to be flexible but it seems she may prefer the Path of Daring ⚔️. Use the main walkthrough for Wave Patrol to see other choices.

Gem choices that lead to a sex scene are labeled with a ❤️.

S1 Ep 2

  • Lie to Shelly.

S1 Ep 3

  • Tell Shelly you went out for a walk.
  • Bandage dress (💎30) Meet Kayla at the bar and she remembers you the next day when you save her from the rip current

S1 Ep 4

  • (Flirt.) / You're very hot, too. (Kayla likes you.) Depends on whether you met Kayla in Ep 3
  • Path of Daring: MC stands up for Kayla. (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

S1 Ep 5

  • I'm in love with the ocean. (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

S1 Ep 6

  • Not really. Your hands are really warm. (💎17) (There's chemistry between you and Kayla.)
  • Sure thing. (💎33)
  • Have a drink with Kayla. (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

S1 Ep 7

  • Path of Daring: You speak to Kayla and get food.

S1 Ep 9

  • ❤️ With pleasure. (💎29) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

S1 Ep 10

  • If you have a good relationship with Kayla, you will go out for drinks with her after arresting Alek.

S2 Ep 1

  • Boring. (You did not like being a lifeguard.)
  • (Say nothing.) (You could not bring yourself to tell Kayla the truth. Your relationship hasn't deteriorated... Yet.)

S2 Ep 2

  • If you have made the right choices on the Kayla route, she will go with you to talk to the Angelenos and you get the prompt (You have a warm relationship with Kayla.)

S2 Ep 3

  • Wouldn't mind some help. (+1 Caution ✋)
  • (Give into temptation.)
  • ❤️ A good idea. (💎30) (Your relationship with Kayla improved.)

S2 Ep 4

  • Would like that. (💎21) (You have a very close relationship with Kayla.)
  • (Accept Kayla's feelings.) (You accepted Kayla's feelings.)

S2 Ep 6

  • I wouldn't mind. (💎23) (Kayla loves you.)

S2 Ep 8

  • Kayla calls you. (You have a good relationship with Kayla and you can spend time together.)
  • ❤️ Low Reputation Path: (Offer Kayla to leave together.) (💎6)