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Irene is the default name of the main character in Sins of London.


Irene is an orphaned thief who grew up on the streets of London under the tutelage of her mentor, Fagin. He helped her out of prison when she was just a child. Irene grew up to be well-known in the underworld of London; something Sherlock Holmes points to in his deduction. The players can influence her 🌟 fame status and πŸ’° money throughout the game. As the story progresses, Irene may gain power through physical abilities (πŸŒ™ Crimson Shadow) or magical abilities (☠️ Sepulchral Whisper).

Irene loses her arm in a dire fight with Biasd Bheulach (S1, E4), a humanoid creature controlling the undead, along with Uncle Fagin whom she just got reunited with. Her loss is the catalyst to join the fight against supernatural and avenge her mentor's death.

She is provided with a new mechanical prosthetic arm constructed by an artificer and weapon dealer El Mirah. The player can choose from three possible variations. Later, (S1, E11) she can get back her arm and additional magic through deal with Glashtyn, a Kelpie formerly known as the Mysterious Stranger. Both arms are beneficial for each route and will be further improved by πŸ’°money.


Irene is described as very independent, fearless, not easy to trust people and quick on her feet. At the beginning of season 2 she meets Queen Victoria, who despite her crimes rewards her for the "many good deeds in her past".


  • Sherlock Holmes: Friend/possible LI. MC first meets him when she goes to steal in Madame Hammond's brothel (S1E1). She could disturb him or leave him alone; a choice that will affect his initial impression of her.
  • Gray: Friend/possible LI. MC first meets him when she is on the way to leave Madame Hammond's brothel (S1E1). Gray tries to seduce her but she refuses and leaves.
  • Abigail: Friend/possible LI. MC first meets her in an dream when Irene is under the influence of antidote after being bitten by a monster (S1E1). Later on she meets her personally and assists her on seance.
  • Mister Evans: MC first meets him in Mister Dikkers' pawnshop with Abigail and Gray. He appears to be Abigail's guardian. Later on, MC is offered to work for him to retrieve the pendant.
  • Fagin: MC's savior and old mentor.
  • Leslie: Casual LI, friendly barkeeper and friend of Gray.


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