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Hodge Baker is one of the main love interests in the series of On Thin Ice.


Hodge is a good-looking man in his thirties. An ardent businessman, and owner of a night club. He comes from a rich and powerful family. He and his brother Brian always had everything they needed or wanted. But five years ago, their parents were killed by enemies on the return of one of their many banquets. The family fortune went to him, the older brother, and he stared to expand it. He found the killers and after that led a quiet life.


Before their parents died, Hodge was considered a good man. But then something changed. He turned into a cold person. According to his brother, he became cruel, pessimistic, and selfish. For MC, Hodge smells danger and power and his voice is velvety and melodic. The voice of a confident person.

He knows how to get things done without involving the police. But he had like to get to know MC without using his usual methods.


  • Catherine Hill (MC): They meet for the first time at the hotel when she bumps into him on her way out. Later, she finds out Hodge is Brian's brother. He soon shows interest in MC, but it depends on the player's choices whether that feeling will be reciprocated or not.
  • Brian Baker: Brother. They have a cold relationship. Brian doesn't agree with the way Hodge decided to expand the family's business. It may be possible for MC to help restore the brother’s relationship.
  • Liz: Old friends. Liz says Hodge is dear to her like Brian. She knows them since before they had their falling out, and doesn’t judge anyone of them. They became like brothers to her.
  • Dominic: Works for Hodge.
  • Charlie: He is Hodge's right hand, loyal assistant and good friend.
  • Sirius: Pet Owl.


Interactions with Hodge Baker

Below includes choices if Hodge is your main love interest ❤️

S1, Ep. 1:

  • Tell me more about your brother. (This will be useful to you in the future.)

S1, Ep. 3:

  • What do you do? (Hodge is pleased with your interest.) /OR/ Why are you so attentive? (Hodge is becoming interested in you.) (Brian will be upset.)
  • Same here. (Your relationship with Brian deteriorated!) (You’ve greatly improved your relationship with Hodge.) /OR/ Good luck. (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • Here’s a thought. (20💎) (+1 Authority🥇) (You made a step towards reconciling the brothers.)

S1, Ep. 4:

  • No. (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • If you chose "Here’s a thought." in Ep. 3, you get Prompt: Your relationship with Hodge improved. (+1 Authority🥇) and Prompt: Your actions in the past have improved the relationship between brothers.

S1, Ep. 5:

  • Hodge. (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • I’d like to try. (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • Your mood. (You’ve got Hodge’s interest.)
  • (Let him hug you.) (18💎) (Your relationship with Hodge improved.) (CG Image of MC and Hodge)

S1, Ep. 6:

  • But I found the strength to resist (28 Light 😇 required.) (+1 Authority🥇) (You took a step forward to getting better.) [Note: You will get a positive prompt from him and an authority point in the next episode for this choice. But this is not essential to your romance with Hodge. You can be on any path.]

S1, Ep. 7:

  • You seem different today. (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • Something seems off… (Hodge appreciates your constructive criticism.)
  • Can I? (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • If you chose "But I found the strength to resist" in Ep. 6, you get Prompt: Hodge admires you. (+1 Authority🥇)
  • Why are they taking so much time with me? (11💎) (Hodge noticed your attention to detail.) (+1 Authority🥇)
  • You will get a free CG Image of Hodge and Sirius.
  • You helped me. (Hodge  truly wants to help you.)

S1, Ep. 8:

  • Yes, I’d like that! (Your relationship with Hodge improved.) (The brothers' relationship improved.) (You found out the real reason behind the fight.) [Note: If you are on Path of Low Authority🥇 you will need to pay (21💎) for this choice.]
  • If you have a close enough relationship with Hodge, you will get the option to choose a nice dress for free: Mr. Baker's Choice.

S1, Ep. 10:

  • Why are you so worried? (+1 Light 😇) (+1 Darkness 😈) (Your relationship with Hodge improved.)
  • If you have a close relationship with Hodge, Prompt: You have a close relationship with Hodge! And you get the following choice:
  • Come closer to me. (28💎) (Your relationship with Hodge improved.) [Note: He will give you a pendant.]