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Hiro is one of the love interest in Seduced by the rhythm. He is also the leader of the dance group "Hot Gladiators" and later the member of The Icy Hearts.


Hiro is the one who initiated the creation of the original trio (Justin, Brandon and him). He told Michelle (Main character) that dancing is his life (S1 EP3) and he has always wanted to strive for more and learn something new. He wants to win the contest to prove to his family that dancing is not just a hobby but something that one can do professionally.

His girlfriend left him for someone else six months ago because she couldn't stand how much attention he paid to dance and how much time he spent with practices (S1 EP4).

He gets injured after their first round of contest (S1 EP4). After he recovered his injury, he joined Orlando's team "Icy Hearts".


Hiro is a calm, level-handed, caring and trusting person. He always supportive to his friends and family. He is a family man, tight knit with his grandmother and being a loving big brother of five younger siblings.

After the accident, we learned that Hiro is also a soft-hearted and forgiving person. He forgave Brandon's misdoing which caused him injured and unable to prove himself in the dancing contest. "We didn't talk much, but I trust him as I trust myself. " said Hiro. (S3, EP7)


  • MC (Main character): Teammate or possible future girlfriend or wife. The first opportunity to begin romancing Hiro is in S2E4.
  • Justin: Teammate. The original trio of Hot Gladiators.
  • Brandon: Teammate. The original trio of Hot Gladiators. <SPOILER ALERT> In S2, EP9, he revealed to MC why he forgave Brandon's misdoing: When he fell off that stairs and got injured, he thought his dance career was over. And everyone forgot about him, visited him like one time, and then disappeared. He was so depressed. But Brandon came to him every day, supporting him. He knows what Brandon did for revenge. Brandon told him everything and was so remorseful.  He was slowly going insane with all those revenge plans, so he took the wrong path. Luckily, he realized it and began fixing his misdeeds. He supported Hiro, paid his hospital bills, helped him to leave for Europe, and start anew. They become best friends during the Season 3.
  • Orlando: Teammate of the Icy Hearts.


  • He is Japanese.
  • He likes to call MC "Little Star".
  • Zodiac sign: Libra ♎
  • Like: Black noodles, sightseeing tours, water slides
  • Dislike: short-tempered people, talking parrots, fortune tellers
  • On his fifteenth birthday, Hiro's parents gave him a talking parrot that he had wanted for so long. But the bird was already trained to speak, and not at all the way he would like. The parrot cracked obscene jokes directed at Hiro and constantly made comments on his gatherings with friends. Unable to bear it, he tried to release the bird, but it flat out refused to leave the dancer. [1]
  • He's good at playing billiards (S1, EP2).
  • His family are living in The Kayabuki no Sato village, locates in Miyama [2], Kyoto. You could travel to Miyama from Kyoto which takes around 1.5 hours by bus.
  • He has a big family, being the big brother of five siblings.
  • His mother's name: Iwasaki (岩崎 in Japanese) which we could met on S3, EP9. His unnamed father is alive.

Endings with Hiro

  • He will be going back to Japan to his family, if he is NOT your love interest.
  • Good relationship with Hiro: He will stay in the US with Michelle. He will propose to her on S3, EP9. They will get married in two months and having a baby girl on the way.
  • Brandon and him will open a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant together.


Interactions with Hiro:

  • S1, EP2: Play billiards with Hiro. Notes: No prompt for relationship improvement, but you will learn more about him.
  • S1, EP4: Talk to Hiro. Notes: No prompt for relationship improvement, but you will learn more about him.

Hiro will be absent from this episode, he will make a recurring appearance Season 2.

  • S2, EP1: "I'll talk to Hiro." Notes: No prompt for relationship improvement, but you will learn more about him.
  • S2, EP4: (Kiss him on his cheek.)  (💎9) (Your actions made a positive impact on your relationship with Hiro.)
  • S2, EP5: Choose to talk to Hiro. (Kiss him.) (💎12) (Your actions made a positive impact on your relationship with Hiro.)
  • S2, EP6: "I need him." (💎10) (You and Hiro are at the next stage of your relationship.)
  • S2, EP7: Will hang on. (💎11) (Your relationship with Hiro is on the rise.)
  • S2, EP8: If you're currently romancing another love interest other than Hiro, you will be given this option: "I'll leave him/her for HIro." (Your relationship with Hiro continues to develop.) (Your relationship with your original love interest is over.)
  • S2, EP9: Please, tell me. (💎10) Notes: You will learn more about his accident and his friendship with Brandon.
  • S2, EP9: Come with me. (💎18) (❤️Sex scene) (Your relationship with Hiro continues to develop.)
  • S2, EP10: Hiro will bid farewell to you at the airport.
  • S3, EP4: (Move closer.) (💎19)(❤️Sex scene and a CG image) (Your relationship with Hiro has improved.)
  • S3, EP7: (Thanks to your good relationship with Hiro, you have the Icy Heart's support and respect.)
  • S3, EP9: (Thanks to your good relationship with Hiro, he proposes to you.)


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