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Heaven's Secret was the ninth book released on the mobile game Romance Club in January 22, 2020. This book has three seasons and was completed in March 27, 2021. The author of this book is Alisa (also known as Alice), who wrote Shadows of Saintfour and is now writing Arcanum.

Book Summary

I died and got into the Angels and Demons Academy. Hellish lectures, angelic guys, and a temptation to break Heaven's rule - what else awaits in this fantastical yet dangerous world?

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Gameplay features

Most choices you make for your MC in this book influence variables. At the beginning you can follow the path of Angel 😇 or Demon 😈. But starting Season 2 you can trigger a hidden path balancing the points: Path of Malbonte 😇😈. This will shape the way your MC will act and think during the story.

Your choices can also influence Glory 👑 points which can dramatically change the plot of your story and how the other characters treat you. These choices significantly change your game, the interactions you have with other characters, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play.

You will also be able to choose to have a Strong Connection to Malbonte or a Weak Connection to Malbonte. It is important to note that this path is independent, regardless of your relationship with him or whoever your LI is or whatever other path you are on (Angel, Demon or Malbonte / High or Low Glory). Allowing you to create routes with different combinations. You can check how to strengthen your connection with his ideas in Malbonte's personal profile (Connection with Malbonte - Beware of SPOILERS⚠️).


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Book Covers

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Episodes' summaries

⚠️SPOILER WARNING⚠️: Spoilers might be contained in the episodes' summaries.

Season 1

Ep 1 · Finding Wings
January 2020
I died and got into the angels and demons academy. Hellish lectures, angelic guys, and a temptation to break Heaven's rule - what else awaits in this fantastical yet dangerous world?
Ep 2 · First Assignment
January 2020
My first assignment on Earth. Why am I so scared?
Ep 3 · Hardships of Student Life
March 2020
It's time to get used to the new place and learn it's delights...and mysteries.
Ep 4 · Malbonte, Who are you?
March 2020
His name is written on the wall, and now everyone is talking about him.
Ep 5 · The Assignment and The Punishment
March 2020
What has the mirror ot do with Laura's murder? And what's a moral choice?
Ep 6 · Wings Under Threat
May 2020
When you've got wings, it's not your back that gets hit...
Ep 7 · The Flying Tournament
May 2020
The flying tournament will fuel the tension between angels and demons..but what else will it lead to?
Ep 8 · Unable to Let Go
May 2020
The world of angels and demons is full of secrets that keep resurfacing.
Ep 9 · The Exam
May 2020
An exam task with Lucifer himself. Talk about a lost cause!
Ep 10 · The Ball
May 2020
Who wouldn't like to go to Heaven's ball?

Season 2

Ep 1 · On the Brink of Expulsion
June 2020
You're about to be expelled. Time to taste the bitter consequences.
Ep 2 · Hidden Talents and Secret Feelings
June 2020
Who's Bont
Ep 3 · The Apple and the Apple Tree
June 2020
Can a Seraph's an Admiron's trial set the record straight or is everything even more complex now.
Ep 4 · Christmas
August 2020
It's time to find out the truth about at least one Heaven's secret.
Ep 5 · The Beacon and the Bird
August 2020
Become the light for those who need you.
Ep 6 · The Wheel of Samsara
August 2020
The competition of the Unclaimed ends in an unexpected way.
Ep 7 · The Assault
September 2020
Satan strikes back.
Ep 8 · Double Standards
September 2020
No one is forgiven, nothing is forgotten.
Ep 9 · Dance of Death
September 2020
There is no way back. Only war is ahead.

Season 3

Ep 1 · The Calm Before the Storm
November 2020
Malbonte is back. What's his next step?
Ep 2 · Discovering the Citaden
November 2020
The Citadel - what is it like? And who are you to it?
Ep 3 · Training
November 2020
Something wicked this way comes. Only endless training will help you not to be an outsider in the battle.
Ep 4 · Who are you, Malbonte?
November 2020
You must live under the same roof as your enemy if you want to get to know them.
Ep 5 · Bont over Mal
December 2020
When a cage is too narrow, the birds try to escape.
Ep 6 · Mal over Bont
December 2020
The Valley of Death will corrupt your grief and try to kill you.
Ep 7 · Poor Yore
December 2020
Pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place. But the big picture's not looking great...
Ep 8 · Samsara
Febuary 2021
Malbonte attacks the citadel.
Ep 9 · The Final Night
Febuary 2021
You're just one of the pawns, and this may be your last night. So spend the night being happy.
Ep 10 · Malum Necessarium
March 2021
The coin tossed into the air. There's no escaping war, but is it possible to escape the pain?
Ep 11 · Last Flight
March 2021
The fate of angels and demons is in your hands...and in Malbonte's.