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Gray is one of the main characters and potential love interest in Sins of London.


Gray used to live in India before returning to London and renting a room in Beverly Street 32. He is employed by Mister Evans to retrieve the pendant. Despite his cunning nature and a questionable morals if MC has good relationship with him, he will care about MC's wellbeing.


Gray, is the opposite of Sherlock, more relaxed and indifferent. He is an adventurer and traveler, accustomed to acting for his own benefit. On his travels, he has witnessed a lot and that made him skeptical towards the world and people. [1] He doesn't shun murder and other dirty deeds. Gray is flirty and is implied to have broken many hearts. MC once describes Gray as a selfish person.


  • Irene (MC): They first met when MC was trying to steal from Madame Hammond's brother. Depending on your choice, MC can be friend or even more.
  • Sherlock Holmes: There's no indication yet if they knew each other beyond being boxing rival. Gray's style of boxing seems sloppy in contrary to Holmes's more methodological style.
  • Abigail: Gray knew Abigail prior to the MC's meeting as he is under contract with Mister Evans. He seems to genuinely care about Abigail.
  • Mister Evans: Gray's employer. Mister Evans hired Gray to retrieve pendant from Madame Hammond's brothel.
  • Leslie: Gray knows Leslie as he is frequent in the pub where Leslie works.



Photo courtesy of (Охота на Грешный Лондон | ЯОНТ & ГЛ | Chasing You & Sins of London)

Interactions with Gray

S1, EP2

  • (Tactfully.) - Gray appreciates your tact.
  • (Support Gray.) - Gray is flattered by your support.
  • (Should I invite Gray in?)

S1, EP4

If you have good relationship with Gray you get prompt: Your relationship is good; Gray watches out for you.

  • Take Gray’s side (💎11) (prompt: Gray is pleased with your attitude.)
  • Lean into the warmth of his arms. (prompt: Your relationship with Sherlock/Gray has improved.)

S1, EP6

❤️ If you have good relationship with Gray, he knocked on your door (prompt: He pays you a visit because you have a good relationship.)

  • "Kiss Gray." (💎33)

S1, EP9

  • (Give in.) (💎29) which can lead to
  • Yes, let's. 💖 (note: You may also decline intimacy without negatively affecting your relationship.)

S1, EP10

  • Sit down next to Gray. (32💎) 💖 (❗ Now Sherlock sees you as Gray’s girlfriend.)

or in case you weren't intimate before:

  • Gray’s support. (32💎) (❗ Now Sherlock sees you as Gray’s girlfriend.)

S1, EP 11

  • Help Gray. (💎8) (❗ This will influence your relationships.)

S1, EP 12

  • (Let myself relax.) (💎34) (❗You’ve become closer.)
  • Don’t even think of pulling back.

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