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"Our eyes are deceiving, but our feelings are not."

Geralt is a demon and a minor character in Heaven's Secret.


Geralt is a teacher at the Academy of Angels and Demons. As a child, he suffered from a distinctive speech disorder. He did not speak at all, many considered him "retarded", "weak link", "a boy who will not achieve anything." But Geralt wanted to prove that he was no worse than the others. He started working on himself. Over time, he managed to get rid of the speech disorder. He spoke, demonstrating what he was capable of. However, having overcome this, Geralt lost all interest in his career. He became disappointed in people who respected others only for their status. Despite the enormous power, he possesses he chose to be a teacher since he respects strength and not status.


Although he is a demon, Geralt has a soft side. He will often joke, but at the same time, he can be serious. He has a way to get the younger generation to like and respect him. He is strict but fair.


  • Vicky Walker (MC): She is an Unclaimed and his student at the Angels and Demons Academy. Geralt is the first person aside from Misselina and Andy, who the MC meets when she dies. He gives her wings shortly after she acts whether it's jumping into the abyss or running into the forest. They have a good relationship and how he treats the MC in class will depend on the player's choices. If you are on the Path of High Glory 👑 he will distinguish her out of her classmates. But if you are on the Path of Low Glory 👑 he will think that MC is mediocre.
  • Misselina: Is his colleague. It is revealed in S3, Ep.10 that they had a mutual love for eachother they never acted on. And the player has to decide which one to save.
  • Seraph Crowley: He is a high ranking angel and principal at the Academy of Angels and Demons. He has a good and trusting relationship with Geralt. Seraph entrusts him with important matters that should not be made public.
  • Andy: He is an Unclaimed and his student at the Academy. Geralt becomes a mentor to Andy after realizing how he was promising and becoming good at extreme jumps. He is truly proud of Andy and personally trains him.


  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius ♐
  • Dos: Perseverance, people keeping their word and helping younglings gain their strength.
  • Don'ts: Ambition, cowardly humans and immortals, and coming down to earth.


Interactions with Geralt

In Season 1, Episode 10: If you have 15 Demon Points 😈 you can ask questions.

  • Demons must help each other: Geralt says he knew your mother Rebecca when she got the post. He then says he doesn't know who the boy in the tower is. He only knows that he is a birthright angel. Apparently, he is sick and dear to Shepha. Shepha locked him in the tower for his own protection, to shield him from the world. For many, many centuries, he was so weak that he did nothing but sleep. But half a century ago, he woke up. Then everyone found out about him.
  • About why he became a teacher: Geralt says he is sick of the ambition that intoxicates demons and angels at birth. They crave power. He respects strength not status. He also tells MC to not trust her mother and that he considers her dangerous.

In Season 3, Episode 10: If you have 40 Demon Points 😈 you can save him.