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Fyr is an animal character (sea dragon) in the book Heaven's Secret.

The Main Character (MC) of the story Vicky (default name) can choose to take care of Fyr in Season 1, Episode 9. Misselina will tell the MC the dragon has gotten into another fight and that she can't keep him. She asks then if MC can take care of Fyr. It costs (22💎) for the player to keep him. And you will be able to interact with him until the end of the story. You'll take care of Fyr, and he'll take care of you.

In Season 3, Episode 1 if you improve your relationship with Fyr (see interactions at the bottom of the page), he will reveal his true form to you: Loy.


  • Vicky Walker (MC): If MC start taking care of Fyr they will protect each other.
  • Dino: He helps to take care of Fyr, caring of his injuries and hiding him so he won't be sent away from school for his constant fights.
  • Misselina: She takes care of Fyr until Season 1, Episode 9.
  • Seraph Crowley: He is tired of Fyr’s atitude and wants to kick him out of school.


  • Fyr smells like the ocean mixed with something ethereal.
  • He doesn't like it when anyone cries because he will also feel sad.
  • In Season 1, Episode 10 if you are on the Path of High Glory 👑 and kept Fyr you will get to call upon the purifying rain. The first drops of the rain to fall on Earth are the tears of a dragon. By tradition, the best student among angels and the best one among demons have the honor to start the seasonal rain. As usual, Lucifer and Dino have the honor to perform the ritual, as the best students of the school. And this year, they decided to invite the best among the Unclaimed to join the ceremony too. If you do not have enough Glory points, no Unclaimed participates as several names are cited not reaching consensus.
  • Geralt says, "The rain brought by the sea dragons brings relief to the human world. This is our gift to them. Heartache, fear of the future – everything suddenly fades away and ceases to torment mortals. Among other things, purifying rain brings death... For those who pray for it. Death can sometimes be a relief, too."
  • Fyr saves MC from a demon during the war in Season 2, Episode 9. But if the player decided not to take care of Fyr, who saves the MC is Lucifer.


Interactions with Fyr

S1, EP9:

  • (I'll be glad to.) (22💎) Prompt: Now you'll take care of Fyr, and he'll take care of you.

S2, EP2:

  • (Kiss him on the nose.) (Unlocks CG image) Prompt: Your relationship with Fyr improved.

S2, EP9:

  • (Thank him.) Prompt: Your relationship with Fyr improved.

S3, EP1:

  • Note: If you choose the options above, in this episode, Fyr will reveal his true form to you: Loy.

If you want to know the true story of Fyr, his ending, and also see the interactions with his human form Loy, click here.