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This page is very likely to reveal significant plot points and future story developments so read at your own risk!

Dante is a possible casual Love Interest in Moonborn.

About Dante

Mia meets Dante for the first time at a Benny Bart's concert in Season 2, Episode 2. He is a close friend of Benny and tries to help her finding the information she needs. She won't see him again until Season 3, Episode 4, when the two bump into each other at Xander's hotel in Amsterdam.

Please note: the relationship with Dante is set to be casual by default, as he is not an endgame love interest. Mia and Dante can share a very brief, steamy fling while in Europe, but they can't end up together. Choosing him as a lover will make a couple of more personal scenes available, however his overall presence in the story will be the same even if he remains just a friend.

Also note: If you are romancing Max or Victor, romantic scenes with Dante won't be available to you.

Depending on your choices, Dante has two possible endings. He can survive, but choose not to help Mia in her final battle, or he can disappear, and it's very much implied he died to protect Mia. Either way, Mia will never see him again after Season 3, Episode 7.


Dante is a lawyer who deals mostly with advocacy and legal consulting. He owns a very large company. He is not a millionaire but he's well set. Many vampires ask for his help so he has many connections. He explains all this to Mia in a conversation in Season 3, Episode 4.

We learn more about Dante's past in a diamond scene in Season 3, Episode 5. Dante tells Mia that he noticed that the person he was working for did not age and avoided the sunlight at all costs. He befriended him. One day his boss wanted to sell his law firm because people started noticing that something was wrong, so he confided in Dante and ended up taking him with him. He turned Dante into a vampire and then asked him to kill him, because he was tired of his life. In the same scene, Dante also explains that he no longer has a family. He was never married and he left his parents and sister to become immortal. As a vampire, it was too late to return to them. His parents are old and his sister has married and had kids. He helped both her and his nephews but at some point he stopped because it became too hard to attend yet another funeral of a loved one.

Dante knows a great deal about vampire society and other vampires, and offers this information to Mia in various conversations. In a diamond scene in Season 3, Episode 4, he tells her that being immortal is a great advantage. Whatever you do, after a hundred years you will be a master in your profession. Although they have to change their name often and use fake identities, they can easily become rich. He says that most of the biggest companies are owned by vampires. Mia asks if the vampires are part of a secret society but Dante says that's not the case. They don't have a secret government nor take part in worldwide conspiracies, but they do have connections with politicians. He then offers more information about himself, Victor, Benny, Ethan Wood and Angel Mora. Dante is also quite well known and respected in vampire society, and we have proof of that when people comment on his choice to bring Mia at the opera in Florence, when they go together later in the same episode.

Mia and Dante first met because he is a friend of Benny, but their relationship further develops when he helps her while she is in Europe looking for clues to fight her main antagonist's plans. He is a knowledgeable and reliable ally, however his relationship with Mia will be close only for a short period of time, especially because when he accepts to help her, he does so out of curiosity, and doesn't have a clear picture of the situation. He changes his mind about helping her once he realises how much trouble she is actually in.

Dante 's first encounter with Mia in Season 2 sees them having a conversation about an old and mysterious prophecy. He seems intrigued by Mia's questions but he doesn't seem to believe that something is really going on. The two meet again in Amsterdam in Season 4, at Xander's hotel. Mia is staying there, while Dante isn't, but he visits often out of politeness, as the hotel's restaurant is a a popular meeting spot for vampire society. Mia has already learned a great deal more about her situation, and despite the fact that she is supposed to lay low, she is determined to find out more information and Dante find himself curious too, hence offers to help, suggesting they go visit Fabien, a well known vampire historian he is acquainted with.

But after things take a turn for the worse, Dante starts being worried about his relationship with Mia. In Season 3, Episode 5, he is shocked to find out that there is a hunter after her and seem to regret getting involved. He explains that hunters are like bloodhounds, which are set on a specific task, and describes them as a detective, a courier and a killer all in one. Mia asks if Dante knows any hunters, but he says that he does not know but he can try to find out, although this is very dangerous. Mia tells him not to do it then, but he says he will see if he has any opportunity.

The romantic scenes with Dante don't involve any feelings talk or in-depth emotional connection. They are sweet and passionate, but they are casual encounters and nothing in the story suggests that there is a desire for them to be anything more.

Dante and Mia will be attacked by vampire mercenaries in Season 3, Episode 7. Dante will offer to fight them and tell Mia to leave. If she stays instead, the vampires are defeated. If she leaves, it is very much implied that Dante has been killed. Either way, the two will never meet again, as he leaves, disappears and cuts all ties with Mia. If she did not help during the fight, his disappearance is due to the fact that he was killed. If she helped and he survived, in Season 5, Episode 9 Mia has a chance to call him, since Sofia found his new phone number. He seems surprised to hear from Mia, asks her if she is alright and explains that he had decided to go off the grid for a while. Mia is upset he did not contact her to let her know he was alright and Dante apologises, but also says that he did not want her to know. After he nearly died, he realised he does not want to be involved with ancient mysteries and Prince conflicts, and doesn't want to be faced with the dilemma of saving a girl in trouble versus worrying about his own wellbeing. He says he's a lawyer, not a warrior, and he did not become an immortal to die an heroic death, but he hopes she is not alone. You can choose to react badly and call him a coward, or simply thank him for his help and let him go.


  • Mia (MC): Friend or casual love interest, depending on your choices.
  • Benny Bart: Close friend
  • Victor: Acquaintance
  • Fabien: Acquaintance

Interactions with Dante

All interactions that improve your relationship with Dante have been clearly marked on the walkthrough, but here is a summary. Note: some options will only be available to you have chosen previous romantic scenes with Dante and if you are not in a relationship with Max or Victor.

  • Season 2, Episode 2:
    • Mia and Dante have a conversation about an ancient prophecy.
  • Season 3, Episode 4:
    • Dante Guerra (Free)
  • Season 3, Episode 5:
    • Flirt (Free)
    • He is quite nice (32💎) [Kiss scene]
  • Season 3, Episode 6
    • Invite Dante to your hotel room (27💎) [Sex scene]
  • Season 3, Episode 7
    • Stay and help Dante (34💎) [Fight scene] [Although it's never explicitly said, it is heavily implied that if Mia doesn't help him in this battle, Dante will die.] [Please note: taking this premium choice will save Dante but you will never see him again.
  • Season 5, Episode 9:
    • Phone call with Dante. (Free) [Dante picks up the phone and tells Mia that he disappeared from her life since he is not ready to fight and that he is only a lawyer. He will no longer help and disappear for the rest of the game, even if Mia had a romantic relationship with him.]

Possible endings for Dante

Dante can either die or survive depending on your choices.

  • He can die during the fight in Season 3, Episode 7 if Mia doesn't stay and help. In Season 5, Episode 9 she will try to call him but he will never pick up the phone and it's heavily implied he is no longer alive.
  • He can survive the fight if Mia helps him, but he will disappear from her life. In Season 5, Episode 9 Mia and Dante have a conversation where he explains why he is no longer able to help. (Read the Season 5, Episode 9 walkthrough for the description of this scene)


Please note: Since Moonborn was one of the first books released by Romance Club, there are no official in-game CGs in this story.