Charles Bordeau

Charles Bordeau is a minor character and possible love interest in Wave Patrol.

He's a lab technican with the FBI in Miami and meets MC during the second season. His last name and accent indicate a French-speaking background. Because his older brother is an architect, Charles spent half of his life around blueprints and scale models but decided to become a scientist instead.

Charles likes to spend time alone on the roof of the FBI building and loves cloud-gazing. He's a great conversationalist but admits he felt out of place at the FBI before meeting the MC.

After accidently running into MC, Charles is instantly attracted to her and tries to get closer. He is outspoken, flirty, compassionate and caring. MC can start a casual relationship with him pretty quick but his feelings for her are genuine. He is the only Wave Patrol love interest with a possible happy ending regardless of a high or low reputation.


  • Kim (MC): Colleague and possible girlfriend.
  • George Philips: FBI colleague.

Interactions with Charles

This walkthrough will highlight choices that seem to directly affect the relationship with Charles. Use the main walkthrough for Wave Patrol to see other choices. Gem choices that lead to a sex scene are labeled with a ❤️.

S2 Ep. 4

  • Cute. (You accepted Charles' offer.)

S2 Ep. 5

  • (Leave everything as is.) (Charles is into you.)
  • ❤️ (Give in to your desires.) (💎18)

S2 Ep. 6

  • Of course I like you.
  • ❤️ Let's go. (💎32) (You had a great time with Charles.)

S2 Ep. 8

(You have a good relationship with Charles and you can spend time together.)

High Reputation Path: (Agree.) (💎)
Low Reputation Path: That's a good idea. (💎6)

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