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"I don't know if I can ever repay you for all your help..."

Bont is the light side of Malbonte and a character in Heaven's Secret.


Bont is the light side of Malbonte. Shepha seperated him from his other half because he could not bring himself to kill the Angel side of him.

Once he was seperated from his dark side Shepha locked him in the tower saying it was dangerous for him to go out, that he was weak and someone could take advantage of that. He could only come into contact with a select few angels.

Geralt says Bont was locked away for his own protection and to shield him from the outside world and that he was so weak he slept for centuries until half a century ago when he woke up students found out about him, but not about his true story. He was only known as "the tower boy".

The school’s laws diddn’t apply to him, so time seemed to have stopped for Bont. The tower blocked his powers and the connection that could arise with his dark side. Rebecca says that Bont has hidden powers, and they can cause a lot of harm in the wrong hands.

Upon meeting the Main Character (MC), Bont comes off as curious and child-like and admits to having no memory prior to waking up. He also says he can't leave the tower due to a spell on it and asks for help. He gives the MC a mirror that turns into a portal.

His liberation from the tower makes it to where Angel Fencio unites him with his darker half named Mal making them become Malbonte again.


Bont is a pure angel, naive with childish curiosity. He does not remember his life before waking up in the tower. He thinks he born there, and he has been its prisoner ever since. Bont is very lonely. He just wishes to fly a little, breathe some fresh air somewhere in the mountains. He’d take a day of real life over hundreds or thousands of years of being locked up


  • Vicky Walker (MC): They can form a friendship or a small romantic interest depending on the player's choices.


  • The first time he woke up he couldn't sleep because he had a lot of nightmares. Because of that, he stopped sleeping. Then one of the archangels began to tell him stories and legends. This helped him get rid of nightmares. (S2, Ep.4)
  • Some of the archangels and seraphim visit him sometimes. They teach and help him to unlock his powers, and ask him to meditate so they can get into his subconsciousness. He doesn't care, because he has nothing to hide. (S2, Ep.4)
  • Bont believes that there’s something special about everyone. (S2, Ep.4)
  • He doesn't like to eat meat because he feels pity for the animals. (S2, Ep.7)


Interactions with Bont

S2, Ep. 2:

  • I agree. (23💎) Prompt: Your relationship with Bont improved.

S2, Ep. 4:

  • (Undress in front of him.) (29💎) Prompt: Your relationship with Bont improved.

S2, Ep. 5:

  • (Smile.) Prompt: Your relationship with Bont improved.
  • (Hug him.)
  • (Kiss him.) (12💎) Prompt: Your relationship with Bont improved. (Note: You only get this option if you chose "Hug him." in the previous choice.)

S2, Ep. 7:

  • Get Bont... Vegetable mix (Note: You don't get a prompt, but he reacts better with this option.)
In S2, Ep.9 Bont became Malbonte again. If you want to know his true story, his ending, and also see the interactions with Malbonte, click here.