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Beast is an alien pet in Love from Outer Space who shares a mental connection to the prince. It can take on many different forms the player can choose from. It first appeared in Season 1, Episode 1. It is very protective of Ray (the prince) and can attack if it feels threatened or provoked. It gradually warms up to Amber (Main Character) and In Season 1, Episode 2 the player can rename it.


S1, Ep. 2:

  • Strange cat (17💎)
  • Strange dog (17💎)
  • Normal cat (Free)
  • Normal dog (Free)

S1, Ep. 6:

  • Strange predator(10💎)
  • Strange reptile(10💎)
  • Predator (Free)
  • Reptile (Free)

S2, Ep. 2:

  • Alien panda (💎23)(+1 Sports🥇 +1 Style👗 +1 Science🧬️)
  • Alien mini pig (💎23)(+1 Sports🥇 +1 Style👗 +1 Science🧬️)
  • Red panda (Free)
  • Mini pig (Free)


  • S1, Ep. 11: The pet (+1 Sports🏅 +1 Style👗) ❕This choice will influence the battle
  • S1, Ep. 11: Understand my order (+1 Earth🌎) ❕You share a one-way connection now
  • S1, Ep. 11: Tell me what you want (+1 Stars💫) ❕You share a one-way connection now