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This page is very likely to reveal significant plot points and future story developments so read at your own risk!

"It's a demon's nature to be mean and brutally honest."

Adi is a demon and a minor character in Heaven's Secret.


As a child, Adi was closed off, secretive. When he realised that he was attracted not only to girls, but also to boys, he closed off even more. He went through years of internal conflict, rejection of himself, before he realised that he was tired of hiding. Like an overflowing bowl, Adi no longer wanted to deal with other people's opinion. In an instant, he stepped over the barrier that he had built.


Adi is a flirty, carefree, and sarcastic demon. But he shows a softer side to his angel boyfriend Sammy.


  • Vicky Walker (MC): She is a friend and classmate, and a one time fling if the player wants.
  • Sammy: His boyfriend and classmate.
  • Mimi: His friend and classmate.


  • Zodiac Sign: Leo ♌
  • Dos: People's weakness, flirting and chocolate bars.
  • Don'ts: Discipline, hypocrisy and goody-two-shoes.


Interactions with Adi

S1, Ep. 8:

  • Let him express his pain. ✅ (Correct option)
  • We'll talk about this later. ✅ (Correct option)
  • (Ignore his request and stay.) /OR/ (Leave, but hug before that.) ✅ (Correct option)

S1, Ep. 9:

  • (Hug him.)
  • (Reciprocate) (29💎) (Sex scene) (Note: This scene will not affect his attitude towards the player nor will he be a romance option in the future.)

S2, Ep. 2:

  • (Focus on the good memories.) ✅ (Correct option)