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Abigail is one of the main characters and potential love interest in Sins of London.


She was born in Africa to a large tribe. Her gift of magic comes from a long lineage of matriarchal shamans. As a granddaughter of one, Abigail was supposed to take over one day, but during childhood always struggled to invoke the spirits and power. Her gift developed only in England under tutorship of Mister Evans. He educated her in the matters of society and occult for a single purpose of harvesting the power one day. They both live in a grand house in London. Abigail is a medium with the ability to willfully travel into Unbeing - the border between worlds, glance into a soul mirror, visit other people's dreams and raise the spirits of the dead through seance. She has also an arsenal of incantations which MC uses on various occasions.

Abigail immediately takes a liking on MC and shows a great deal of concern over her. During their first meeting in the dreamlike world, she rides a black horse.


Abigail is kind, polite and a little bit naive. She sees Evans as her saviour and father figure, blindly supporting all his activities; going as far as denying the fact that he wanted to sacrifice her.


  • Irene (MC): They first met when MC is out cold after being bitten by a monster. In the dream, Abigail tries to help MC to stay alive by telling her to go through fire.
  • Gray. Gray is working for Mister Evans and subsequently for Abigail as well.
  • Mister Evans: They've known each others since Abigail was a little girl. It appears that she was adopted by him.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Abigail doesn't seem to have any strong opinions toward Sherlock.


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Interactions with Abigail

S1, Ep. 3:

  • Raise Dikkers’ spirit? +1 Fame🌟 - ❗Abigail appreciates your wits.
  • Yes, of course, I’ll go with you. (❗ Your words have heartened Abigail.)

S1, Ep. 6:

  • Just take her hands in mine. (❗ Abigail appreciates your empathy.)

S1, Ep. 6:

  • Touching her tenderly. (💎26) 💖

S1, Ep. 7:

  • "Save Abigail" (💎19) (❗ Your relationship with Abigail has improved.)

S1, Ep. 10:

  • (Cheer Abigail up.) (17💎) 💖